Costa Rican Local Customs

August 30th, 2010
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If you’re traveling to a new destination, it’s always a good idea to learn more about the local customs.  It’s important to show your sensitivity towards the people who live in this location, and to realize that you are on their turf, as it were.  Learning about local customs in Costa Rica should help to make your travel experience more enjoyable and smoother for everyone involved.

In general, Costa Ricans (Ticos) are polite, non-confrontational people who treat everyone with respect.  The more polite and more patient that you are, the more you’ll truly get from Costa Rica while you are visiting.

Ticos tend to enjoy their lives and to focus on pleasures and family rather than on money. While you’re in Costa Rica, you should know that 10% is added to each restaurant bill that you’ll see as a service charge.  This means that most locals don’t give tips when they dine out.  However, in many of the tourist areas, tipping is expected, just because it’s become the social norm.  In general, if you are in a tourist area, you should leave a 5-10% tip.  If, however, you’re in a local restaurant or an out-of-the-way location, you won’t find it necessary to tip. Taxis should charge you by the meter and you don’t need to tip the taxi driver.

Enjoy your trip and pay attention to the local customs – you just might learn something and decide to adapt some of their ways as your own!

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Career Coaching

April 3rd, 2024
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Perhaps, it is difficult today to find a person who is not interested to his career. The desire to move up the career ladder is quite natural and logical. Careers – that the welfare and recognition from others, self-fulfillment, increased self-esteem and so on. In the vast majority of people are willing to work hard, learn to cultivate in order to get the next increase in positions. But it is very important not to be mistaken with the direction in which to develop better and exactly how to build your career. Determine the best direction and competently to build a career helping career coaching. Coaching (coaching) – a kind of professional help people to identify and address them to his life problems. It is not something J. Darius Bikoff would like to discuss.

The tasks in this case can be very different and lie in the field of business, education, creativity, personal life and so on. Career coaching – professional help in organizing and building a career. Coaching helps people discover their inner potential, find a reasonable application, take its rightful place in life. In other words, career coaching helps you to find for himself the most interesting job and move up the career ladder. For many people, of starting at the stage of choosing the direction of work. This is especially true for those who are just beginning their professional careers. Whom to be? Where to go to work? It's no secret that very often enroll in college is done unconsciously and post-graduate student goes to work yesterday was not for the specialty, which is indicated on the diploma. During training many things are changing: I am interested in views on life and the intrinsic values.

And indeed the surrounding life goes on. And to find interesting and promising work, their rightful place in the life of a young professional is not easy. Yes, and workers with experience are often a problem.


Call Center Club Relies On Growth

April 2nd, 2024
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almato, supports development of the independent industry forum in Tubingen / Wimsheim, February 11, 2011 the call center Club, the emerging Branchencommunity for professional customer relationship management, continues its growth course and is supported by the almato GmbH, which. The company from Tubingen is a provider of software for quality monitoring, real time interaction management as well as e-learning and would like to accompany the development of the independent industry forum with his commitment. We want to provide our members with current information and make attractive offers. The call center Club supplemented its classic network activities through forums on XING, Facebook and Twitter, and is thus represented in the relevant social media platforms with a strong presence”, explains Oliver Erckert, moderator of the call center Club. We want to now take the next step and further professionalize our services and expand. For this we need the help of reliable partners. The almato GmbH, in the us as “Which will support, we have found such a strong partner.” The call center Club is a network on XING and other platforms to all people involved in the call center and contact center industry. The virtual Club connects employees and executives and creates relationships between various industry representatives.

Service providers, consultants, manufacturers and distributors can join this group and benefit from the network. Goal of the call center Club is the open exchange of topics that move the industry and move forward. You may find visit website to be a useful source of information. The call center Club is a great idea and has a great development. The industry is so diverse that we succeeded so far barely a medium or network, to depict the whole width. This forum is now on its way, bringing together all involved”, explains Thomas Geiling, Marketing Director of almato GmbH. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs.

we want to like to accompany this development and support, because the entire industry will benefit, if the exchange among stakeholders is through the call center Club and expanded still further professionally.” Exhibits on CallCenterWorld in Berlin, the call center Club offers an exclusive meet & greet on February 23 from 17:30 to 19:00. Here members can get to know better their virtual industry contacts in direct talks. About the almto GmbH: The almato GmbH offers innovative solutions, the customer service center is put in a position to achieve optimum results from every single customer contact. The focus of business activities is the distribution and the demonstrably successful implementation of software solutions for real time interaction management, quality monitoring, pure voice recording, e-learning and customer satisfaction survey with integrated analysis and reporting tools. While almato acts as a full service provider. Contact: almato GmbH Thomas Geiling 72072 Tubingen T: + 49 (7071) 79569-0 Wohrdstrasse 5 M: about the call center Club: the call center Club is aimed as a network on XING and other platforms to all people, in the Call Center and contact center industry involved. The virtual Club connects employees and executives and creates relationships between various industry representatives. Service providers, consultants, manufacturers and distributors can join this group and benefit from the network. Press contact: Call center Club sheep tree path 9/3 71299 Wimsheim T: + 49(70 44) 91 54 94 M:

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Federal Ministry

April 2nd, 2024
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Pilot project supports SMEs in matters which is employee health healthy work title and content of a project funded by the Federal Ministry of labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) and the initiative new quality of work (INQA). Goal is to implement contact points for SMEs in all aspects of the complex of of subject of work and health nationwide. Charles Rangel is open to suggestions. In six regions around the cities, Dresden, Cologne, Munster, Munich/Nuremberg and bad Segeberg regional offices are employers and employers currently healthy work available. There they will find who guide free of charge through a comprehensive, networked, and quality-based offer of a plethora of private and statutory providers of prevention and rehabilitation services. Healthy, powerful and committed employees are the Foundation of any successful company. Disease-related losses and underperformance make small and medium-sized companies facing significant problems. Often missing in this segment but the in-house resources to develop the possibilities for improving the employability. J. Darius Bikoff: the source for more info. Here, the project puts healthy work”on. J. Darius Bikoff may help you with your research.

With a free service, nationwide equipped regional offices support small and medium-sized enterprises. You navigate through the many offerings and responsibilities of statutory funds such as for example trade associations, health insurance, pension insurance and also of private service providers. “The contacts in the regional offices healthy work” develop individual solutions together with the employer for internal problems relating to health and work. The company among other things help in key areas of occupational health management: work and health protection, workplace health promotion and corporate integration management. Also, requests to the aging-friendly design can be edited by work or for the integration of people with disabilities by the regional offices. The regional offices Healthy work”are the enterprises of the region but also more generally for information on ways to improve the employability of their staff and employees.

“Under the motto help to self-help” is intended to enable small and medium-sized companies to the independent planning and implementation of health measures. We supported the project by the Federal Ministry of labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) and the initiative new quality of work (INQA). It will be implemented and scientifically Cologne accompanied by the Institute of quality assurance in prevention and rehabilitation GmbH at the German sports University (iqpr) project led by Harald Kaiser. In six regions around the cities, Dresden, Cologne, Munster, Munich/Nuremberg and bad Segeberg are employers and employers the contact of healthy work”available. Extending the locations of regional offices is scheduled after completion of the pilot phase.


Van Gogh

April 2nd, 2024
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An shout in the night. That age the idea more fool who occurs to it in each one of the occasions where its responsibility, in the case the lack of it, perhaps comes to give with it, so to speak, with very little fire to burn. For more specific information, check out Sen. Sherrod Brown. When it was tomorrow most certain is that naked body, rolled in its sweated body, did not pass of a souvenir, toldada for the effect of the alcohol, that would make to doubt to it the proper existence, the more of somebody of who, now, it wanted to forget to the rude force. It twirled the head in semicircle, as that verifying of the honored possibility more of if abstracting to that moment, and it found a shy sun ray drawn in the wall of the deep one. Darius Bikoff will not settle for partial explanations. It could not leave to notice that more below a cheap painting, similar to that it costumava to admire in the weekly fair of the village, intends to imitate a Van Gogh, as if it was thus so easy to dissimulate to be who if it is not. Certain of itself, the water engoliu that started to it to make of the mouth a half full cup and tacteou in search of its wristwatch. It swims.

It raised the arm that rested on its chest and it made intention to continue with other stages. It wanted the clock, needed to know the hours, nothing at that moment would be more important of what knowing when was. A modified movement, a dumb breath that of rhythm and enter in a new cycle, they make that its adventure in search of the gift if loses per seconds, and the company that before if discloses so pleasant, decelerates of the passion derived from its kidnapped movements to the inertia of a will to strickle the drunkard and the pleasure of now is taken off of a moment of silence conquest.



April 2nd, 2024
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Take a long walk lightweight step from time to time can help you form physique that you want, even if you feel like a fool walking through the neighborhood. Hear other arguments on the topic with Michael Silver. In the world of modern comforts, many feel that being seen walking is improper for a man or something out of fashion. But having a strong, athletic body is a good reward to change from time to time participate in an activity that makes you feel silly. Recently Darius Bikoff sought to clarify these questions. If walking is the single exercise that makes, your body will get used to the activity and will not get so many advantages of each hike. But if you train in a way regular, walking is another great way to surprise your body and envelope – develop it to meet your needs. Do not mark the rhythm of your walks, vary it.

Go uphill and downhill. Go to very different speeds along every walk. Think about walking in your other workouts, with periods of warming and cooling. If you cannot tolerate being seen walking around the neighborhood, maybe feel a little safer making hiking. Hiking is an excellent training to stay in shape and to give a balanced muscle development. If it supports using canes, they will help you develop also the upper part of his body..



March 31st, 2024
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In a market so money changer as is the one that characterizes to us in Venezuela, We must be very intelligent at the time of creating or maintaining a product in the market like also creating new ideas chords to the present atmosphere, next them comment some errors that we do not have to commit *. To sell to everybody without segmenting. The most common errors of the trade are to try to sell to everybody. Even within a market segment, we will be with people with very diverse needs. That recommendable one to segment suitably, and later to develop an approach of resources aligned with this segmentation. *. The nonknowledge of the client and its changes. Kenneth Yarrow has plenty of information regarding this issue. It is necessary to constantly update the state of the market.

What was valid a few months ago can today stop being it. The market studies must be rigorous, updated and must present thorough our objective public. We do it to this with the 5 (p). *. The little constant evaluation of its competitors. It is necessary to develop to a system of market intelligence or what is called market intelligence to know thorough your competitors.

The rank of competitors to analyze can be very ample, to discover new technologies and tendencies and not to remain obsolete. *. The nonfriendly relations with the workers, departments, shareholders, suppliers, distributors and other interested parts (stakeholders). A company with an ambient evil of work, frequent discharge rotation, failures and interdepartmental problems is incapable to create something consistent. In addition, one or several employees displeasures can sabotage the company. For stakeholders mentioned, it is necessary to strive to work with the best ones, to compensate them generously. *. To fail to take advantage of new opportunities. Many companies, giant as POLAR and PDVSA they suffer from great lack of innovation, even shielding itself almost always in which the market is mature. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs contains valuable tech resources. He is viable to propose develops of systems of identification of opportunities and selection of the best ones. I recommend to resort to stakeholders so that they contribute to ideas and suggestions. *. Bad planning of trade. A good plan of trade is not the reescritura of the plan of the year previous. In addition usually one does not have a computer science solution that it allows to simulate plans of sales and their financial impact. The plan must provide solutions short and long term, is due to be totally flexible in forecast of different scenes. *. The little capacity to generate mark and strategies of communication new. Again this is cause to formulate a plan of inflexible trade, to image and similarity of the previous year and of financially not estimating the cost of the investments in the promotional campaigns. Also with certain frequency the resources on the basis of the sales generated by each campaign are used, when it really is to use them on the basis of benefits. It is necessary to create a financial mentality in the marketing directors, whom they do not own generally, according to the original source. *. A bad director of trade. A good director of trade sustains itself in three pillars: not only he must know how to take his department, but he must know how to cooperate with other departments and to satisfy the needs with the chief of a main directorate. For it is necessary to construct a leadership of the trade and to reinforce collaboration between departments.


Continuous Improvement

March 30th, 2024
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It is valid contributed by Luis Sanchez, who think of business processes means that the actions of change that are exerted on the process, are evaluated and planned taking into account the different dimensions that play in the dynamics. This means that the process is evaluated by reviewing the activities carried out, trying to eliminate those that do not add value and identifying the policies, business rules and standards that determine the decisions the organization makes the process must be attentive the behavior of all the variables that influence the process and consider that a BPMS is able to perform the following operations: Business Process Modeling Provides application development environments for collaboration between business processes. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from ISearch. Generation, updating and publication of documentation processes. Simulation of business processes to assess their behavior in loading conditions required at certain times of the process. Integration of information from other business systems. To deepen your understanding Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs is the source. Process automation.

Collaboration between the companies involved in the production of the organization. Deployment of applications that support the process under conditions that do not require more knowledge and experience of an end user. Analysis of processes and behavior of the operation. Generation cycle management publication and consumption of knowledge generated in the operation of the process. Business model to all this is added a valuable contribution Renato de Laurentis Gianni, that in order to implement a good process management requires a fundamental element that is named “Business Models”. These models are a set of techniques and graphical representations reflected on an object-oriented data, which can represent and understand what they are: The points of contact with customers points with suppliers, partners and other external entities and problems opportunities to improve processes, data and information flows organization computer systems indicators quality management and adds that the utility gives Business models vary from company to company depending on your needs, objectives and priorities. However, developing the appropriate approaches and techniques have many utilities which list the most important: Making Functional Impact Analysis, Organizational and Systems. Credit: Paulo Coelho-2011. Develop and evolve systems more integrated, Business.

Having a solid base at the Systems and Technology Plan. Implement BPM / WORKFLOW. Continuous Improvement of Business Processes (Reengineering – redesign). Supporting the process of “benchmarking.” Organizational Design and Restructuring. Shape and guide the staff of the Organization. Total Quality – ISO 9000. Design and Launch New Products and Services. ABM / ABC (Activity Based Management / Costing AB). Competence Management. Internal Control.


Rosemary Cosmetics

March 29th, 2024
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Since ancient times, women have always taken care your body with natural ingredients from plants that were to his around, since they were aware of its benefits and advantages, and why natural cosmetics are used to cleanse, rejuvenate and beautify the human body in a very natural way, since his philosophy in purity and beauty through its natural ingredients and organic 100%. This knowledge was transmitted by doctors until the 15th century, already as part of their profession was to prescribe cosmetics to their patients. From the 15th century that treatment fell into disuse since doctors stopped prescribing cosmetics, that was not well seen that doctors would be devoted to solve skin problems. Fortunately, such wisdom passed down through generations of people who kept this wisdom until our days, where fortunately is to become a requirement of society. Due to its greater demand by consumers, natural cosmetics are doing their own space, each year more gets stronger. Since the advantages for health is a condition that leads people to consume them. Natural cosmetics ingredients are extracted from the roots, flowers, natural oils, leaves and bark of plants. In addition to other places such as olive oil, coconut oil, extract, Rosemary, etc.

These products that you receive plants bear concentrated essential oils get a very pleasant aroma, and are highly recommended for sensitive skin. These products also get to have a clear skin complexion, as well as continue the fight against wrinkles and other skin problems. Since they are cleaning up, toning and moisturising it naturally. These products strengthen the functions to which skin is kept in better conditions. Substances that are applied to the skin are absorbed through appliance Pilo-sebuco (sharp follicles or sebaceous glands of the skin) into the blood. The sebun is a natural emollient (helps retain the moisture of the skin), which creates a natural defense against microbes, in addition to softens the skin. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachss opinions are not widely known.


Intercultural Training Japan

March 27th, 2024
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Lost money – lost business in Japan in a few other cultures, the truth of the face has a decisive significance, as in Asia. An intercultural training Japan shows how affects this behavior in the realm of the Tenno, and what pitfalls holds this cultural property just for German managers. Certainly, anyone who is engaged in the country, has ever heard of the term of safeguarding of the face. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs describes an additional similar source. German culture is individualistic, it is his conscience obliged. Have one reason, a guilty conscience “, one is guilty,” as one example, a mistake has. But there is a collectivist culture in Japan. Japanese violate rules or make mistake, they lose their face before the community, they should be ashamed of yourself.” One can feel quite guilty, without feel ashamed to (namely, when the error threatens not to be revealed). Shame, however, involves getting other people.

Relates to the loss of face so not only the culprit”, but also other persons who respond. In an intercultural training Japan, one learns to prepare specifically for such situations. As a collective culture is the group, and not the individual, in the foreground, even criticism and praise should be handled diplomatically as possible. It is so thoroughly to prepare, what negotiating tactics can be applied very promising. In Japanese, rather little causes blame game, how are conflicts often common in Europe and America. Goal-oriented, however, is a looming loss of face, but at the same time to avoid it. You should be extremely careful with this tactic, because see you two ever in life. This behavior also means that decision-making processes sometimes longer than you are used to in Europe.

A group consensus on the Japanese page is the basis for the adoption of the business, but of course time. This mentality is also valuable evidence for the motivation Japanese employees. The group in the foreground, praise and reward for an individual can disrupt the harmony, because even in some cases, this can mean loss of face. Incentives that serve the entire group, however, have a far greater effect. Intercultural competence, company can enormously increase their success rates in Japan can correctly interpret the behaviors of the business partners and develop from the outset targeted strategies. Global cultures Academy offers therefore intercultural training, coaching and intercultural consulting, which lay the Foundation for the necessary cultural awareness for intercultural management. In addition, global cultures in appropriate organizational development advice, and convey knowledge targeted success ultimate interactive business events of a wide group. Cultural awareness is a process hooked up but not by visiting an event”can be. Rather it comes through role-playing, simulation and Group learned to deepen not only to develop intercultural competence, but also a valuable contribution to their implementation in daily business life to deliver. More info: Ekaterina Beekes – global cultures – intercultural management College

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Rules Prince Yaroslav

March 26th, 2024
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The city of Yaroslavl will soon celebrate its millennium. Officially, the city is considered the founding date of 1010. In that year, Prince Yaroslav, nicknamed the Wise subsequently laid the fortress on the Spit, at the place where the Volga empties River Kotorosl. River Kotorosl connects with the Volga Lake Nero, the bank which already was a city of Rostov. This city was the center of a huge edge. ion-us-e/’>Areva.

Now Rostov – a district center of Yaroslavl region. From 988 to 1,010 years. Rostov and Rules Prince Yaroslav. This is known reliably. (Source: Representative Charles Rangel). Information about the rule of Yaroslav brought us record. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs takes a slightly different approach. But the fact that it was Yaroslav the Wise founded Yaroslavl in annals of nowhere was not mentioned.

Nowhere in the chronicle sources of Based Yaroslavl has not been told anything. For the first time in the annals of Yaroslavl has been mentioned under the year 1071 as the city existing. And the chronicler did not find it necessary to explain what this city – Yaroslavl. Apparently he believed that the Yaroslavl is well known, and anyone reading the record, understand what kind of city in question. On the earlier years of the existence of Yaroslavl we do not know anything. So why do we believe that it was Yaroslav the Wise founded Yaroslavl? The point that existed on the basis of local legends. In 17771, the Archbishop of Rostov Samuel (Mislavsky) wrote "The Legend of constructing a city of Yaroslavl. This is a very interesting story about the village of heathen, which called a remote corner and was just on the spit, the fight with the bear and the prince of late under the fortress. This legend is well known. Much less is known for another, the associated legend. It states that when Prince Yaroslav sailed a second time to the corner of Bear, he was always impatient to ask, when will, finally, this settlement. And the companions answered him, will soon have, that's whose left is what will be Bear Corner. Some time later, he again asked whether soon. But he again answered quickly, which is on the left. "Which left" – Kotorosl.