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June 28th, 2011
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Meanwhile, the risk is very important and often leads to total loss of the car. Or, for example, in some insurance companies pay for the risk of "Theft" is made in view of wear, and within the first month of operation of the new car can lose up to 5-7% of its value. – What are the nuances worth more attention? – First, be sure to check for themselves the moment at which the insurance company begins to bear responsibility for the insured car. For some companies this responsibility comes only from the time of the tc be registered in the traffic police. Accordingly, problems may occur because a car without number plates – a bait for thieves. Secondly, pay attention to is whether the liability insurance company for damage paint without damaging the body parts. Third, note the additional requirements, such as whether the company requires mandatory installation of any alarm, and whether for this discount. Fourth, check whether the contract included a mandatory deductible, considering it can cause problems for the payment.

– But insurance agents need to explain these nuances to his client? – Agents are different. "Conscious" necessarily tell about nuances, and those who want to make money, get money from the client – this may simply "forget". So no need to rely on the agent's consciousness, especially sort things out for themselves what it is you buy. Because when the insurance case is not the agent will ask for payment, and you. – Then the logical question: why do you, as an insurer, raised about this? – Now people are chasing cheap insurance, without going into details contract, but would pay less. But do not think that if something happens, they can refuse to pay because this insurance case is not covered by the contract. And if you do not talk about the pitfalls of insurance, not to explain to people the nuances, it would appear negative. Not only to a particular insurance company, where people bought the policy, and to insurance in general. We walked a very long time to make people understand that the insured necessary and related to this positively. Moreover, our company manufactures products aimed at specific audiences, including those who want to save, but we always stipulate "pitfalls" to avoid differences in the payment process. Thus, we have the insurance "Avtoobereg" with the rate 3.49% – only insurance against theft and total loss of vehicle, m e of global risks.


The Advantages

June 8th, 2011
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It should be noted that the mechanism of the device removal of moisture affects another, and angle of the roof, is considered the best 20-250. If you flatter roof to change the structure of the roof of cake (to think of additional drainage and drainage). If the roof is steep, then there risk of slipping into the soil during the rains and snow melt. In this case, the device roofing pie, too, requires changes (additions) – instead of lot better to use turf. In the normal slope of the roof as topcoat, you can use regular ground. Her stamps in packing and then loosen the already directly before sowing seeds.

Topsoil in Norway for the device green roofs used pallets from the torfogrunta that are placed on a prepared base. For landscaping use the most ordinary grass. Or that occurs more frequently admired the fact that the rise itself. Therefore, the roof on the Norwegian homes, often, "shaggy" "Wrong", but very colorful. Our same landowners like the right shape, smooth corners, so the roof is most often possible to see manicured lawns. What are the advantages of green roofs? First of all, it is beautiful.

But apart from the aesthetic appeal of such a roof has a lot of other advantages: environmentally friendly, not a fire risk, reduces background noise, eliminates heat roofing materials and helps create a home more favorable climate. And most importantly its advantage is that it minimizes the negative effects of shrinkage of log cabins. Shrinkage occurs due to shrinkage of logs (in log diameter is reduced by 4-7%), and due to their cracking, and this process lasts from one to two years. To frame a good standing, the shrinkage is predictable and held in the shortest time, the roof should be heavy. Earthen roof of the heaviest of all currently used: one square meter of wet turf can weigh from 100 to 300 kg depending on its thickness. Green roofs will not require repair as many years as will provide waterproofing – some manufacturers offer a guarantee on its products already up to 50 years. If you decide to do this arrangement of the roof, remember that the credibility of this work can only be professional and in no case can save on the quality of materials used.


The Original

June 8th, 2011
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Limited in the manifestation of of a natural instinct for men ', refuse to reproduce. Their territory, and women occupy other men who have not lost their natural environment hunter and miner. Modern a man who does not have a true desire to achieve something, often feel 'squeezed lemon, chasing a chimera of external success to anyone but themselves. In this case, there is a sense of limited resources and funds, and increasing the number of competitors with whom we should fight more sophisticated ways, as open aggression is illegal. As a result, driven to the depths of the soul natural male aggression finds a way to alcoholism, depression and disease, impotence, household petty disassembly, or refusal to do something to achieve success, lesson, 'feminine' position, dependent position, or breaks in the non-constructive aggression pursued by the law. All of this – from not feeling their own source of energy, or leading idea, which would be a natural way to clear a space for your initiatives, contribute to the success.

But you can find a path to the source of his personal power. And this way you can get in this course, during which join the original source of the male Yang forces. test How to identify the lack of male Yang energy? 1. The first signs of lack of – a strong dependence on the estimated konretnoy women (other people in general), the desire to make it (they) continually proven to you how they appreciate how much you mean to them.