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National Congress

May 22nd, 2012
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(New writing given for the EC n 16, of 1997) 4,4 Of the ownership, Impediment and avoidance of the Positions of President and Vice-president (Federal Constitution) Art. 78. The President and the Vice-president of the Republic will take ownership in session of the National Congress, giving the commitment to keep, to defend and to fulfill the Constitution, to observe the laws, to promote the well general one of the Brazilian people, to support the union, the integrity and the independence of Brazil. Only paragraph. If, passed ten days of the date settled for the ownership, the President or the Vice-president, saved reason of bigger force, will not have assumed the position, this will be declared vacant.

5 – Measures of security to Former-President of the Republic, SYNTHESIS DECREE N 6,381, OF 27 OF FEBRUARY OF 2008. Published in I GIVE of 28.2.2008.Regulamenta the Law to it in the 7,474, of 8 of May of 1986, that it makes use on measures of security former-President of the Republic, and the other steps. The PRESIDENT OF the REPUBLIC, in the use of the attribution that confers it art. 84, interpolated proposition IV, of Constitution, and in view of the made use one in the Law in the 7,474, of 8 of May of 1986, DECREES: Art. 1o Findo the mandate of the President of the Republic, will have exerted who it, in permanent character, will have right: I – to the services of four servers for activities of security and personal support; II – the two official vehicles, with the respective drivers; III – to the advising of two occupying servers of transitory governmentg positions of Superior Group-Direction and Assessoramento – OF, level 5. Art. 2o the servers and drivers the one that if relates art. 1o will be of free choice of former-President of the Republic and nominated for transitory governmentg position destined to the support former-President of the Republic, integrant of the picture of the transitory governmentg positions and the gratified functions of the Civil House of the Presidency of the Republic.


Social Educational Contexts

May 19th, 2012
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Socieducativo national congress in Malaga II the National Congress on Coexistence and Resolution of Conflicts in Socio-educational Contexts will take place in the Faculty of Sciences of the Education of Malaga, during next days 24, 25 and 26 of March of 2011. With this encounter it is tried to develop a forum of reflection, dialogue and formation around the problematic one that raises in the diverse socio-educational scopes the boarding of the intercultural education and the proposal of dynamic and improves of the coexistence. The organizer of this congress determines like main targets of the same the deepening to the practical routes for the development of the improvement of the coexistence to socio-educational contexts, in which the conflicting situations from the negotiation, the dialogue are approached, the pacific resolution of the conflicts and in which it implies all the educative community and the social realities are contemplated. Its lodging to attend to this can realise it congress in one of the hotels in Malaga with category of 4 stars superior, our Hotel Malaga Mount, that stops this occasion offers rooms to him to the assistants to this encounter. In order to realise reserves in our hotel, where we will apply to TARIFF REUNIONES/EVENTOS with prices from 98 by room and night to him with breakfast buffet and IVA including, it only must make click in the following connection: TO RESERVE ROOM IN the HOTEL MOUNTS Important MALAGA: In order to take refuge in this tariff it will be essential to present/display in the reception of the hotel the up-to-date documentation that credits its attendance to the CONGRESO/EVENTO/REUNIN.


Local History

May 10th, 2012
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What the people carry through, live deeply, construct and feel. This history to be studied can represent the behaviors, the economic relations, the positions politics the styles of life and behavior of the societies. E, to make this study, we use the documents, which can present it we of physical form, as a text of a periodical, a photograph, a plate of inauguration of a school, or an official document, dating the creation of this school; or to represent elements of the culture, as a music or one determined typical plate of a region, a popular party. The study of history can be developed from these elements or of its interlacement, searching the convergent points between the plate, the photograph and the official document Remembering that the elements of the culture in such a way can come from crystallized manifestations already and that they are disclosed in different the practical ones and social positions: parties, customs, legends, elements of the culinria or the folklore, events and in the depositions of the people. when we speak in Local History we can being valid in them the memory of the involved people in the locality; we can basing in them you say on them of the personages oldest and that, therefore, they possess a bigger volume of experience of life in that community. This implies to say, and to repeat, that we study not it fact in itself, but the interpretation of the facts. Being interpretation, history will be always a version of the fact. The first interpretation will be that making for who lived or had access to the fact and it absorbed it from its conditionings and life expectancies. Here the question of deep would have to be: why the informer presents this version of the fact? Because it remembers itself of this aspect or this fact? The second interpretation will be that making for the researcher from the information supplied for who lived the fact.


FHC Benefits

May 1st, 2012
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Who retired has thirty years oumais, given to the galopante process of general imbalance of the paid benefits official pelaprevidncia, suffered to a great consuming from its purchasing power in facede diverse factors, amongst which most serious providence for application without return in other sectors was the illegal shunting line of recursosda. Nogoverno Sarney had a pause in this consuming and a small improvement. But during the governments Collor and FernandoHenrique this situation of imbalance became if to aggravate. I remember that president FernandoHenrique Cardoso, in an uprising that made to this respect, beyond admitiresse shunting line of mounts of money saying that its government alone recognized fifth parteda total debt of the Union stops with the providence, affirmed that would not go cobriresse deficit of the previdencirio capital, nor of its government nor of the previous ones. in function of this tragedy in the accounts of the providence, the people who haviamcontribudo during many years on 5, 10, 12, 15 or 20 wages, as basede contribution where if they fit in time, and that they had pensioner maisou less in these platforms, they turn its benefits to fall down disastrously from a high place less for valoresequivalentes to of the half in face of the application of readjustment indices inferioresao that it would be necessary for recompor the accumulated losses. Masa to leave of the government of president Lula, says what to say its enemy eopositores, this imbalance diminished considerably and the readjustments partirde then, despite they very left to desire to recoup the losses sofridasanteriormente, had been kept in more or less compatible levels with ainflao and the purchasing power of the national currency. In way that, instead of continuaremdiminuindo, the benefits had gotten previous significant real increases in relation spolticas, and this, definitively, does not have as to deny, despite dapresena this great institucional enemy that if calls Previdencirio Factor, bred in the government of FHC with the objective to reduce the benefits and arrebentarcom the pensioners.

Therefore, if we find the current situation of the pensioners and pensioners bad in validity dogoverno Squid, much more worse would be if the government was in hands that were not asde a former-laborer, worker and syndical leader, who, having lived in prpriapele the critical situation of the Brazilian wage-earner, knows well what lutaantiga and permanent in different conditions is this against whom they want, qualquercusto, to undeserve and gradually to finish with the conquered benefits Brazilian Working peloex-Break (original), under the inspiration it commands and it deseu leader greater, Getlio Vargas, whose ideals the Squid, in the practical one, and soboutra acronym, let us want or not admitiz it, is currently last and maislegtimo representative, inheriting and defending. Seriainjusto not to remember the reiterated one I appeal saudoso Stolen Celso economist aossucessivos governments so that benefits of the pensioners dealt with recompor the capital of the providence eos, and that it only seems to have joined support in governode Squid. President Lula, happily, aindaconta with a great ally in the defense of the interests of the epensionistas pensioners, who Pablo Paim is the petista senator, and a honest and powerful parceirointernacional as for the public and social politics, that is opresidente Barack Obama, that arrived to recognize it as ' The Cara' , in suasintenes and accomplishments. (Luciano Axe)