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Airport Of Panaba City Of The Piau: In Progress

June 29th, 2012
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As consultation with the INFRAERO, on the course of the workmanships and possibility of functioning of the International Airport of Parnaba, receives it the following news, considered positive for the persistence to create a company NOAR who goes to make possible regional lines and to integrate the Brazilian Northeast with popular means of transportation, dream of Santos Dumont, wanted to see the people having access aviation as half of transport, it he is protector of Brazilian aviation and significant for world-wide aviation, it had a will to see to popularize its I invent with poor in everybody. It follows the reply in integrates of the responsible one for the positive information for the people of Parnaba.

Subject: Airport – commercial flights. ‘ ‘ Prezado Sir, In attention to the Story of here treat Attendance, heard the northeast Regional Supervision, International Airport of Parnaba/Mayor Dr. Joo Hisses Son, by means of the following forwarding registered in the System of Ouvidoria, thus was informed: ‘ ‘ It was concluded, in janeiro/2010, the magnifying of the Track of Landing and Take-off and Luminous airway lighting of this Airport, considering that the INFRAERO is responsible for Infraestrutura Aeroporturia.

We also inform, that the Government of the State of the Piau, by means of the Secretariat of Tourism, is keeping contact with the regional airlines, aiming at to reestablish the regular flights for this locality, as propagated substance. SUBSTANCE: ‘ NOAR must make airline for Parnaba and cities of the NE – in 21/02/2010 09h20 – All know of the difficulties of aerial interconnection between cities of the states of the Northeast region, also Parnaba the Teresina and $fortaleza. The subject comes back to be negotiated. Presented in the meeting of the week of the CTI (Commission of Integrated Tourism), with the governments of the nine states northeasterns made use to the concession of tax benefits so that the NOAR acts exclusively in the region.


Insist Voter

June 27th, 2012
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Which the origin of the politician where we deposit our vote? Of where they raise, for where goes? Who is it? Its resume? The voter in its grandemaioria nor bind exactly. The politician adores everything this and is little selixando for our opinion, any that is it. I also see centenasde politicians engalfinhados until the neck in actions at law. Elesfazem what they want! Beyond what these ' ' pesquisas' ' they eleitoreirasinfluenciam excessively in the favourite target: The majority. The more acomodadoo voter will be, more accepted all passively. If it forgets that todossomos victims, all we we suffer, either with the lack of security, deficit education, chaotic public health, beyond, of the many taxes, etc. The staff is if becoming indebted excessively. Speaking in he would mdiadeveria it to this to divulge the amount of cars that the banks take for month, because not heim? Exactly knowing which to the reply I ask thus exactly.


Brazilian Vianna

June 26th, 2012
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It is whom he impels, little by little, as he sees yourself, our colonial aristocracy for the isolation of the devices, for the rustic life and tranquila of the farms and the fields of criao.' ' (Vianna, 1938, 4. Ed., P. 19). The passage covered between field, city and in return to the field is understood. However the continuity of the social formation, estimates the germ left in the cities for the convivncia and the heirs who in it had remained. Thus what it is happened later brings arraigado in its cultural and social target, the characteristics gotten there.

2.2. Transistion of the field for the urban centers Gilbert Freyre (Sobrados and Mucambos, 1977, 5. Ed., P. 7-8) makes a link between this decay of the agricultural patriarchate and the urban development, when it affirms that, the urban residences were ' ' an allonge of house-great agricultural the half-agricultural ones, that some of these magnates were also given to the luxury to possess (…) ' '. It is perceived here, a sequncia of the Brazilian social thought between the authors, how much to the subject social formation. While Vianna, searchs to characterize very well that ' ' gnese of the clans and the spirit of cls' ' (Vianna, 1938, P. 177), it is fincado in the field, Freyre searchs to distinguish as and who populated the urban centers (Freyre, Sobrados and Mucambos, 1977, 5.

Ed., P. 8-29). Oliveira Vianna dislocates its argument of the dichotomy between private public/for the binomial integration/disintegration. The predominance of the private order on the public order, is a barrier to the integration of the country. This approach of Oliveira Vianna has repercussions, on the way as it deals with the question the formation of the nation, with emphasis in the paper of the State as instrument of national integration. From this, point already verifies that Oliveira Vianna, possua a vision of that the representation in the institutions, when its representatives are raised it for elections, always will be tied with a group of interest, therefore the process does not have representative legitimacy, and the representative of the crown (been), will be able to present much more imparcialidade.


Argentine Congress

June 23rd, 2012
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Weekend, I found with my friendly (it is that Sunday in Argentina celebrated day of friend) and economy not could to be absent between subjects of conversation One of my friendly asked me about inflation in Brazil since not understood how it continued increasing, if I said that Another one of my friendly was applying the correct policies to contain the rise of prices, with certain formation in economy said: Hay countries like Argentina that are delivering really very few attacks to contain the inflationary pressures. Notwithstanding, their inflationary indices stay in a digit although the inflationary pressures stable are increased anywhere in the world Strange, no? first that I hit upon to say for the case of Argentina was something thus: This phenomenon that happens in Argentina explains of a unique way that is through his suspected indices prices that they are generating more than a visual distortion since in addition, it produces underestimation of the poverty levels and poverty while it overestimates the growth of the economy. As with the famous hand of Diego Maradona against the English, it seems that there is another hand (not so famous), doing of his in the indices of the Indec. Thus, it makes believe the Argentineans who in the economy all march on wheels when for short while the economy has been derailing. On the future, I tried not to be pessimistic: Until the moment, the Argentine economy march as if the autopilot had position since he does not show much reaction against the different disadvantages that have been appearing. But the approval on the part of the Argentine Congress of the movable retentions has not generated a flexion point in the Argentine government who must decide which is the way to follow. A necessity exists to generate changes and to seriously face the problems that afflict to the Argentine economy According to describes site Argentine Total News, after the misfortune which it caused the Argentine president to him, Cristina Fernandez of Kirchner the rejection in the Congress of the movable retentions, called it to Lula to support it and to offer its prescription to him anticrisis (nevertheless, the news soon was denied).


July Monago

June 21st, 2012
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Monago will make a Government of seven councils and will count on independent. One considers to end the provincial delegations of the Meeting. The keys of the conflict of Left United in Extremadura. Foreseeable the next president of Extremadura, Jose Antonio Monago, announced east Wednesday to the leader of the PP, Mariano Rajoy, that will train a Government of seven councils made up by personnel of its equipment and independent. In addition, Monago, in declarations to the journalists, abri the doors to modulate the tax of successions in the region and to restore the tax of patrimony to the lifted rents more. It announced it to Monago after the interview that maintained during almost two hours with Rajoy in the office of this in the Congress. Thanks to the predicted abstention from the three parliamentarians obtained by IU in the region, the candidate of the PP will become the new frontier president foreseeably once completes the debate of investiture, days 7 and 8 of July.

The tax of successions is competition of the Meeting, and the idea of Monago, a priori, it consists of modulating it according to the amount of the inheritances. The tax of patrimony, however, depends on the central Executive, although the intention is the one to burden the most well-off rents to avoid than ” especulen”. Monago stood out that such pretensions are comprehensible for the PP although they are turned aside of the fiscal plan of the national direction, in favor to smooth out the tax pressure to stimulate the consumption. The leader of the popular frontier dwellers also considers to end with the provincial delegations of the frontier Meeting, as well as the excess of advisers del that prepares the frontier president. The possibility of ending the office of the ex-president of the region, like which it has Juan Carlos Rodriguez Ibarra, is a decision of the Table of the regional Parliament, remembered. People of Monago confidence want to have, at the most, to a ten of confidence people, she said to the journalists, and that body not only will integrate leaders or positions of the frontier PP, but also professional other people’s to the party. Thus, the Presidency that he heads will abrir the possibility to the best university and professional files of Extremadura to that they are united to its equipment.

Although the deficit of the independent community is not of highest of Spain, Monago will foment an economic policy of saving and containment and will give more protagonism to the company deprived, so that it will be able to occupy scopes until now only reserved to the powers public, for example in agriculture. In words of the frontier leader, Rajoy has given an ample manoeuvre margin him and it has entrusted to him to always use ” the sense comn” with so favoring the economic recovery of the region. The president of the PP already knows the names the equipment of Government of Monago and has given the approval all of them. The frontier candidate, however, did not need the names. Yes it pointed that they will be seven, that some do not have party membership card and that the chosen ones already know, by he himself, that Monago has them. Source of the news: Extremadura will study to restore the tax of patrimony to the lifted rents more.


Dominican Republic

June 20th, 2012
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Rather often, it indicates, a lobbying company/signature will subcontract to a company/signature of public relations the work with mass media. As example we remember the intense loose informed offensive on the occasion of the Agreement of Free Commerce with America Center and Dominican Republic (ALCA). The agreement, that would abrira to the commerce between the United States and several countries of the region, needed the congresional approval to enter vigor. In the countries subscribers in these agreements also lobbying campaigns were developed to forts to obtain that the congresses of each of these countries approved the company/signature, in the middle of serious and sustained campaigns of the popular organizations well and of left that were against adducing more damages and asymmetries than benefits in the economies of the small countries in comparison with the United States. Equal activity lobbyist or of lobbying is at the moment carried out in the countries that they look for to subscribe the Alternative agreement Bolivariana for the Americas (WHITE), formed by Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Martinique, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Honduras. There is action of lobbying in both sides: Those that agree and the opponents in each country.

In summary, the lobbying is a process: Through what one looks for to reach specific changes in institutional policies. In that it is possible to involve to several organizations and individuals. That it is abierto generally and public. In which the groups of citizens make merit their right to try to change the society. In that the democracy of integral way recreates. In that one becomes qualified to the citizens for the political influence. Educative in that they are rescued, as much saberes professional and practical of the citizens. That it foments the work of network between civil, social and political groups or instances. In synthesis, the lobbying looks for to influence in the takers of decisions at governmental and political level of a professional and strategic way. It is all a profession that becomes popular and necessary nowadays in the scope of the Latin American countries.



June 20th, 2012
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Following the standard of the previous government, but with caution, it diminished the aliquot ones of importation of diverse products. The new Brazilian currency in circulation it arrived to be quoted above of the North American currency. It was the start of the stability of the currency, economic growth and of the fall of the inflation. It implanted the Provisory Tax on Movimentao Financeira (IPMF) – tax this that later, in the FHC government was substituted by the CPMF, becoming definitive. A positive point of its government was when in January of 1993, it was congregated with presidents of nineteen parties, in the intention to establish a governabilidade pact and to guarantee support of the Congress. Another factor of important neoliberal characteristic was the retaken one of the process of privatizations, that if became necessary due to the high cost of maintenance of the state ones for the public coffers.

4. Election of a successor With the apogee of the Real Plan, Fernando Enrique Cardoso, then Secretary of the Treasury did not have difficulties to choose itself soon in the first turn, as the new president of the republic in the three elections of October of 1994, conquering 54.3% of the valid votes. The challenge alone was initiating, its government would have that to guarantee the stabilization of the currency and at the same time, to promote economic the growth so longed for. FHC during its government, that had in economic liberalism its stronger characteristic, presented the following proposals: the State would not have would fulfill functions enterprise, that would be transferred to the private initiative; the public finances would have to be balanced and the stimulatons right-handers given to the private companies would be parsimonious; it could not more support privileges for categories of employees; in place of the enterprise functions, it would have to develop social politics more intensely; the country would have that to extend its integration with the Exterior, but with priority for the deepening and expansion of the Mercosul.


United Nations

June 19th, 2012
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It without including the enormous sums injected to the banks in the USA. You calculate, nothing else with the first 700,000 million dollars approved by the Congress of the USA to rescue to the bank (without including the used later 500,000 and the thousands in Europe for the same aims): divdalos between the 6,700 million Earth inhabitants and you to each member of the human race with 104 million dollars will obtain! All rich, if the wealth consists of having money, which is a subject of coqueteo in the present reflection. the USA only, with 4% of world-wide population, generates 25% of the planetary contamination due to the industrial gas emission with greenhouse effect The amoral vision of the humanity gets worse when it has the certainty that the aforesaid one to be able at any cost economic, Zionist, capitalist, right angle of the policy, is realising businesses with the crisis, same generated by him. Like saying, rottenly, assassin and soon I take advantage the raw material of corpses to commercialize. So she is what it has happened with the crisis, the bank, the behavior of the great capitalists, with the model in himself during all their life, with the meeting of the G-8 in London, the one of the G-20 in Pittsburgh and as it seems finishes happening in the recent Conference of the United Nations on Climatic Change, Copenhagen (in present course), where the rich countries (according to it is accused) subscribed a secret agreement to only realise industrial emissions they, excluding the developing countries, to those who want to them to deny any possibility of operation of its resources for its advantage. Because thus it is the system of the capital: omnipresent, opresor, individualistic, segregacionista, splitter of classes. It has presence and until purchase with its money and political power the decisions of summits in environmental matter, since they are the main people in charge of the polluting emissions of the world and, as we said, do not seem to have another cultural option of development that is not the one of the operation energetics and the natural resources, incompatible consumer vision with their saving and the same preservation of the species of the human species, not to speak already of other species, that disappear by piles.


Nationalistic Senators

June 19th, 2012
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Altogether 18 transactional amendments have been gotten up, 9 of PSOE, 10 of CiU, 1 of PP and two of Nationalistic Senators. Before giving its approval with total legislative competition, the Commission it rejected the three amendments of I veto presented/displayed to the project of law of reform of the pensions by Nationalistic ERC, ICV and Senators. Between the amendments agreed also it emphasizes rrida to that with ctos of the 1 of January of 2012 the subsidy by temporary incapacity, in case of common disease or nonlabor accident, is paid as of the ninth day of the loss in the work, being in charge of the employer the installment of the benefit from days fourth a eighth. The text amended in the Senate must now return to the Commission of Work and Immigration of the Congress of the Deputies, where – also with total legislative competition the norm will be approved definitively, that the Government has agreed to with supervisory Ceoe and unions CC.OO. and the UGT. The main new features that are introduced are the elevation in two years – until the 67 – of the legal age of retirement, the increase of 15 in 25 years of the time that considers to calculate the benefit and the one that will be to quote 37 years two more – than the present ones to receive the 100% of the contributing pension. Source of the news: The Senate lifts to 5 years the time that will be able to be quoted by the care of children


Brazil Meeting

June 18th, 2012
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To the few the reality of Brazil in relation to the field went appearing. Some agricultural workers came being expulsos of some devices. What indignation of a section of the Church occurred, that organized the Commission Pastoral of Terra (CPT), that together with these workers organized an occupation in the Rio Grande Do Sul. Many meeting, meetings and debates had been carried through by these workers to revert this question. However tired of promises, they will be joined and they had decided to demand the land. In January of 1984, in the city of Rattlesnake in the Paran the first National Congress of the Agricultural Workers Without Land is carried through. In this period the extreme West of the Paran, met in relation the fights for land critical, a time that, many agriculturists had been dispossessed of its lands of unjust form in favor of the construction of ' ' maior' ' plant hydroelectric plant of the world, the Binational Itaipu, that little was worried about these agriculturists, wanted the cost all ' ' progresso' '.

The meeting in Rattlesnake, marked the movement definitively, therefore it was in this meeting that officially it became the Movement of the Agricultural Workers Without Land, and already from this meeting, directed diverse people for diverse encampments, that is, the meeting marked the beginning of its history of fight for the Agrarian Reformation and the construction of a society more joust, without explored nor exploring. Today the movement is organized in 22 states and follows with the same objectives defined since the principle. The without-land today, is not alone an individual characteristic of land lack, is an identity socially constructed of a new social citizen. Because to say of all this history? To understand the fight that less the most favored already they had stopped in this country for its rights. The promises that had been never fulfilled, the provocations as Luis says Fernando Verssimo in its poem Provocations, when decided to react, say that it is reacting with violence.