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Magna Carta Revolution

May 19th, 2013
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FIRST chapter: The revolution English prologue La revolution English, also known as the glorious revolution, is a long process of more than half a century, which culminates in 1688 enshrining the power of Parliament, rooted in the English tradition, against absolutism represented by the Stuarts and supported the work of the Leviathan Hobbes. It is the antecedent of the nearest of the constitutional monarchy, achieved through an unusual fact – the expulsion of the own King James II–that will find its justification in the works of Locke. Not in vain to the 1628 petition of rights, although improved and approved sixty years later, is known for its importance as the second Magna Carta. However, monarchs that predated the Stuarts were not too away from despotism and gave Parliament ephemeral holdings. The glorious revolution was also a holy war, because resistance to absolutism, brought with him the need to eradicate definitively to the Catholics of English politics. I. Introduction: the English revolution (1) is a long process that extends for more than half a century and represents the final triumph of Parliament (2) on the absolutism that the Kings of the House of Stuart had wanted to impose during the seventeenth century, against the spirit of the English tradition, which since long time ago, had consecrated the limits on Royal power with the Magna Carta (3).Although for the majority of the authors the English revolution covers the period extending from the year 1642 until the year 1688, the beginning of the same must be some years before, precisely in 1628 when occurs with the petition of rights (or bills of rights) of the Parliament, a background that represents an important historical expression of opposition to absolutism.The change was not going to produce immediately because they were going to happen several stages which roughly can be defined as a civil war, the regicide, parliamentarism, the Cromwell dictatorship, the restoration of absolutism and finally the dismissal to the absolutism of the Monarch, which is the moment where the English revolution reaches its climax.The revolutionary process has not enjoyed the largest of the legalities (4) but the passage of time and the work of Locke (5) knew how to give legitimacy and necessary historical justification.Finally the glorious revolution had success without bloodshed, producing the definitive transfer of the sovereignty of the King by Parliament, consecrating the victory of the principles defended by the Liberals, who argued that if Catholics could not be Kings, no monarch could not be absolute, ambition that was captured in the Act of settlement.


English Industrial Revolution

May 12th, 2013
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Thereon has been highlighted as a significant allegory of those limitations the novel by Michael Crichton Jurassik Park (1990). Draws attention, as having started the questioning of parameters formalized by Newton and Descartes among others, at the end of the 19th century, and explicit in the three first decades of the century that ended recently; called the attention we repeat (and take this opportunity to place on record that our discursive style employs the US, as if you were the first person singular) that organizations assembled from modernity and clamped together from the convergence of the English Industrial Revolution, the American independence and the French Revolution, will consolidate and expand until our days, however the advances or prodromes, that were made repeatedly on its claim to hegemony and its limitations. We share the opinion on that is not ruled out drawing all contributed by the so-called assymetrical culture or Western, but put it on an equal footing with other cultural possibilities that could survive the onslaught called Westernizers; including admit syncretic alternatives that are in fact occurring. In that regard, and confining us to the Argentina, questioned parameters, with the usual exceptions, give sustenance to formal instruments of public authorities and of culture, particularly in the educational system. This does not removes, which by that which every man (person) is a world, every Argentine depending on your specific comprehensive situation, go processing happening in his own inimitable way. This call inelasticity of Argentine educational and cultural institutions, entails an increase in the cost, in what makes response capabilities or replica of the users of its services. Anyone surprised that a technical or professional, just beginning to put in cars of the realities that must face from his graduation, and the integration of knowledge with the circumstances, takes a long time and this increases the Argentine cost, although this labeling has been coined for other historical contexts.


Mexican Revolution

May 4th, 2013
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Legislators are symbols of inefficiency, corruption and lacking in all prestige (Cosio 1972: 110) another point of great controversy in the essay Crisis in Mexico is the scathing signage that Cosio does agrarian reform during the first decades posrevolucionarias. Give to the farmer, says the author, a piece of land in property was not the solution to the problem of the Mexican countryside. Towards lack also consider the performance and productivity of the land. The federal Government never bothered to create mechanisms that facilitate this performance; of this so there was no way that the economic situation would improve for small new owners. I.e., the new legal status of the land not resulted in substantive improvements for the peasantry (Cosio, 1972: 110) not only Villegas puts in evidence the agrarian reform, but also paragraph 123, Constitution, reflection of a clear paternalism toward the workers. Virtually all legal constraints favored employee. This, however, has created over the years a dependence of the worker towards the Government, relegating it to a mere governmental Appendix (Cosio 1972: 112) the Mexican Revolution, according to Cosio Villegas, destroyed an entire political, social and economic system but it never bothered to create a new one, without flaws and contradictions of the first. What happened at the end of the day, was the rebirth of that same system, perhaps with another name, but in essence with the same characteristics (Cosio 1972: 113). This assertion can be framed better in the light of the Gaetano Mosca theory about the political class: the end of an elite represents, in the majority of cases, the uprising of another that is in new appearance, but in fact uses the same power mechanisms implemented by the previous (Guerrero, 1975: 117). Under this order of ideas, a new revolutionary Government only could have been established de facto, since it was developed following the model of previous Government.



May 1st, 2013
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In the golden era of 8-bit, Nintendo Entertainment Console was the opponent to defeat, and clear, nobody could do it, not even Sega which also had a successful system. Time passed and the days of Nintendo ended before the arrival of PlayStation 2, reason why it was believed that the next Nintendo, Wii, platform would not have opportunity against PlayStation 3 and today, in hindsight, we know that things are different. When Nintendo lifted the veil of their fifth home console, known as code Revolution, the company had in mind revolutionize industry and succeeded. Wii was the first platform to include a control with motion sensor which user can imitate the actions of the characters on screen as aiming a gun or hit with a sword rather than just control everything only with hands.It is true that Nintendo was original to incorporate the channels and the control system with its new platform motion sensor, but it is also true that borrowed the idea of your competition to add online and game, rather than a step forward, gave one back because it has no waiting rooms as the other consoles. Since the Wii Remote is not a conventional control, console drew the attention of the audience that stayed aside from video games for more than two decades. Both children and the elderly of the House were attracted by the innovative game experience created by Nintendo.Nintendo laid the foundations for the controls with motion sensor and now Microsoft and Sony have their own. The high commands of the great N believe that the software will be the factor that follow giving the advantage to Wii, but in a world in which the majority of the games come to all consoles, Wii is in trouble because it has serious technical limitations compared to PS3 and Xbox 360.

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