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More Important

June 29th, 2013
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In recent years, I have listened to many candidates claim that they have sent hundreds of sheets of lives to several companies while searching for work. These candidates firmly believe that the job search is a numbers game, therefore think that among more resumes they send, it is more likely to be hired. Unfortunately, these candidates were not thinking correctly. While it is true that should actively apply to jobs in order to get one, it is also true that sending a resume widespread dozens of employers for vacancies that you are not qualified is a big waste of time. The job search will take much of your personal time, and can be especially difficult for those who already are working full time. If you only have three hours per week that you can dedicate to job hunting, chances are it will go better if you spend an hour to each of the applications well focused rather than take 15 minutes per application and present twelve applications by hour.

Today the competition is tough for every vacancy that there is. Last week I was speaking with an employer who had received 300 applications for an administrative position. Many of the applicants had graduate degrees, but could not find a job suitable for their high-level titles. Against that volume of applications, a resume widespread almost always goes directly to the trash. Your challenge as a candidate is the creation of a cover letter and a resume that really stands out against the director of human resources for each vacancy of jobs to which you apply. The truth is that doing this requires spending a significant amount of time in all applications send.

A solution is to hire a professional resume writer. One of the great advantages of hiring a professional writer of resumes is the amount of time that you save in your search for employment. A qualified writer will spend time learning about who you are as a person and as a candidate. Then, create documents which require only minimal change for each job application you submit. By hiring a professional you make the best use of your valuable time since professional is in better condition to play the numbers game by submitting a greater number of high-quality applications. It is the quality of the applications, not the quantity, that ultimately helps you be hired. Original author and source of the article.


The Morning

June 18th, 2013
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Now I realize account that in the past allowed that the suffering was the source of my motivation, because while I was comfortable not generally towards any effort to improve my life, often waiting long time until a deep despair, to start searching for a better way. Humans act under the culture in which we were educated, because I’ve noticed account when I am healthy not meditate on my body, but as soon I get sick becomes the most important moment of my existence. The holistic education me at lead to find a new threshold because in my served with a bridge between what I thought was my true reality, and all spiritual teachings have allowed to change my life and learn to enjoy to fullness. Every individual on this planet is special and unique; No two equal beings and this is demonstrated with our fingerprints, something that science has not proven yet but that the philosophy of antiquity has taught for thousands of years is that our energy passes through the Centre of the heart made the world so that carries our personal pattern enjoy life more fullycent which I live every moment, I do not expect to pass some commitment and work load to enjoy life, live every day. Each day me more pleasure with meditation that leaves inside me amazing results, has already become a great need in my existence. In as far as possible continuous with my walks in the morning or in the afternoon, at the green field, enjoying each one of the details that nature gives us, enjoying it and feeling it part of myself. There are several changes I’ve noticed to date, I am now more orderly, always have been more organized in my work, in my house, at school etc but what I’m doing now I am surprised by that that makes me feel happy, in order, quiet, but above all with much peace.

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The Present Catering Laurel At Madrid Fusion

June 17th, 2013
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Elena and Lola one year helping in the Organization of the fair Elena and Lola have been part of this fair, which each year raises more excitement and international interest, helping in the organization. They have enjoyed watching how each master chef works with his team and prepares la mise in place, as mounted and designed dishes resulting fantastic presentations. They have also been able to taste new, unknown and surprising ingredients, have made questions and shared nerves along with these artists of gastronomy, before his departure to the stage. Listen to their speeches and congratulate them on their work once completed, before the press devore les, is another of the pleasures that these two businesswomen and delivered to their work they have been enjoying in this culinary fair. Madrid Fusion has surprised this year with high pressure techniques. We have seen how Andorri Luis Anduriz peeled a clip of King crab and a whole lobster, after subjecting it to this technique.

The result was spectacular to being a Shell turned in a fine fabric that is removed as a skin. The hydrogen liquid remains one of the Kings in the kitchen of new trends, allowing new techniques and applications, making true gastronomic wonders, although they are primarily innovations for aesthetics and presentation of the dishes, rather than for the palate. In this Edition, and during the three-day tradition and the new trend have joined to create an innovative cuisine much more than on other occasions. Paco Torreblanca drew up an Apple Pie with puff pastry and pistachio that has caused a sensation in the Laurel. Quique Decasta and Rodrigo de la Calle also showed a few rice dishes with a delicious broth as a base. One of the proposals that most liked to Elena and Lola’s Laurel Catering has been that Senen Gonzalez, prepared a few vegetable plates that will certainly include in their new cocktails, to prepare delicious appetizers that seem rather to maki sushi with seaweed wrapping, although in reality they are delicious snacks with wrapping of vegetables, which are a new form of presentation of the flavours of life with a touch of innovation. Also be able to observe an authentic artist of the bread, Daniel Jorda, with a way of understanding the really ingenious bakery, mixing ingredients such as onion or bacon with the corporate colours of any company.

Madrid Fusion, also has activities unique and significant as the contests that each year are more competitive and quality in the proposals. Mahou lids, canning and Berlys bites, have been providing a great level to this gastronomic event. As a note to highlight this year, Elena and Lola have told us that the great dinamics in this edition have been women and basically the catering industry, which has always been so little valued and that allows to check how each day have a greater gap in the market, increasing its level and preparation, offering also high cuisine. For more information: El Laurel CateringC / cherry, 1128703 MadridTel.: author: Pilar Esteban to be or not to be. Original author and source of the article.


Mexican Revolution

June 14th, 2013
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This credibility crisis and diverted goals invites us to reflect on the true meaning of a revolution, made Assembly that aims to reverse a social order to establish another that improve social conditions. Villegas drew this reflection as a determinant for understanding the origin of the crisis in Mexico, i.e. What were the goals raised the revolutionaries and why it sold out (Cosio, 1972: 103) However, as the author himself points out, the Mexican Revolution never had a draft clear and uniform in terms of its fundamental objectives. This aspect must add that all historical process changes over time its initial purposes: some amending, others remain from the nominal point of view, and some more are mutating Depending on the Caprices social and temporal, but none is absolutely intact to the passage of time. The loss of course perhaps was an eminent result, given the lack of mobility in the spheres of power. The process of modification of the revolutionary principles in Mexico, according to Cosio Villegas, is a special case because many of their original thesis have coexisted with new ones that have gone by appending and sheltering under the revolutionary coat of arms, by paying to the creation of a smorgasbord that lacks the necessary clarity to establish the original objectives that led to the revolution of 1910 (Cosio((, 1972: 104) Despite all this mixture of new ideas and old about the revolution and its purposes, it is possible to find at least three important points: to) conviction generalized towards the indefinite concentration of power in a single person or group of people.

(b) modification of the agrarian system and the consolidation of the labor system. (c) the nationalist function of the Mexican Revolution. Although the education from the Constitution of 1917 has a preponderant role, Cosio disdains its importance, despite the vigorous momentum post-revolution Governments had given education in Mexico.