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Harvard University

December 27th, 2013
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During his tenure as president of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki rejected the scientific consensus that AIDS is caused by a virus, HIV, and antiretroviral drugs that can save the lives of people living with HIV. Instead, embrace the views of a small group of dissident scientists, who suggested other causes AIDS.
Mbeki remained stubbornly in spite of this opinion that the evidence against them became overwhelming. Michael Jackson together with one of the best duets I know of Each time someone-including Nelson Mandela, publicly questioning the views of Mbeki, his supporters have denounced it with sound. While Botswana and Namibia, neighboring South Africa, providing antiretroviral drugs to the majority of its citizens infected with HIV, not the case in South Africa ruled by Mbeki. A team of researchers at Harvard University has studied the consequences of this policy. Using conservative assumptions, estimates that if the government of South Africa had provided the appropriate medications, both patients with AIDS and pregnant women at risk of infecting their babies, would have prevented 365,000 deaths..


Monsignor Buissas

December 24th, 2013
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From the tenth century, the flow of pilgrims to the abbey where they were the remains of the historic Bishop Marcial encouraging the creation of an elaborate hagiography (biography sacred). Would have come to France, accompanied by his disciple, St. Amador. He was imprisoned and tortured, but survived. For more than thirty years pursued his post as bishop.
Marcial was moved later in time would not have been sent to Gaul by Pope Fabian but by the St. Peter (the first pope of Christianity), and had not only evangelized the only village of Limoges, but all the Aquitania. I do a lot of miracles, among which the most important was the resuscitation of a dead, touching it with a wand that gave St. Peter. Mythology reached its culminating point in the life of St. Martial (XI century) of Ademar of Chabannes. They attribute this to a Aureliano bishop, successor of St. Martial of course, who had witnessed the presence of the saint at the Last Supper and the crucifixion of Christ, and was one of the original Apostles. Ademar did Hebrew birth, and close relative of St. Stephen.
In The Golden Legend (compendium of folkloric beliefs of the thirteenth century), it is said that St. Martial performed many miracles, such as the destruction of armies antirromanos, the resurrection of the dead and mass conversions of entire countries.
In 1854, Monsignor Buissas (bishop of Limoges) I request the Pope Pius IX to give the San Marcial honors disciple of Jesus Christ, but the pope refused. In the twenties of the twentieth century, it was discovered the falsehood of the system invented by Ademar documents (including a former papal letter and an imaginary council in France). However, even today, the legend of St. Martial continuous live in more conservative Catholic circles.


The Irregularity

December 11th, 2013
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With this brief and preliminary statement of samples, it is clear that migration is necessary of existing jobs to new ones. It would be foolish to say that this migration does not entail a fee of traumatic conflict, but the same can be minimized, if the stakeholders are made aware of the need for change and receive training for new job skills. Without saying that the business sector must accompany this process of reinvention that is productive and the internalization of environmental variable.

From the foregoing a “to reiterate the road passing through the outline Case – trying to insinuate about material responsibilities of the tasks of education and training which leads to these unavoidable challenges. It is obvious that we enter the field of education, understood broadly. To begin with can not prevail and there is no information on the matter, or that is currently not doing anything about the individual. The previous sentence is related to the voluminous information that has been produciendoa both international bodies, accompanied by specific actions, and from nongovernmental organizations, transnational corporations and publications. Constraining the Argentine case, and recorded the same level of importance to the history, as the ongoing activities, it can be argued that the precedents of the irregularity suffered institutional characterized the country until December 1983, and that what is being done in the field call it a formacion professional in the days running, is an offer overwhelmed by demand for new skills or working retrained. Often there are people who get upset when not mentioned background, as when he says lightly that in this as in other matters a Oeno is done.


Viola Koklyushkin

December 3rd, 2013
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(Alas, those who are established in country of its power – in the broadest sense of the word, came up with, among others, and a law which simply can not talk about what a single symptom brings together almost all of those who began and the masters of our natural resources, and financial magnates, and the owners of most media, etc., etc., including the received "post" prominent satirists and humorists ) It is unknown if with all that cooking, living in a distant province of Vladimir Semenov genuinely surprised at what is happening. He did not understand how can a well-known comedian called (meaning they concealed from the eyes of greatness), "two of the iceberg" of writing to him and Viola Koklyushkin, creations which did not shine either wit or originality. He did not understand how a mind can be very earnestly breathless chant author who almost his trademark felt impoverished, illiterate and totally unfunny odnostishie "You now send or fax? "Gradually, Vladimir emerged a clear understanding that his humor works much higher intellectual content, wit, literary, literacy, finally Multiple obkatyvanie these creations and loved ones, and strangers (without anyone's specific attribution), and its own analysis of their own and other works inexorably led him to the only possible, but, alas, the wrong conclusion As mentioned above, is capable of Vladimir at the highest level to write any product. But, seeing – what people's love (in any case – so it seemed through the media) popular mediocre authors – humorist and satirist, and representing what (this one could guess without straining), they receive royalties, he decided to become a professional appropriate literary works.


Political Tools

December 3rd, 2013
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Let us not make the crisis a political tool to wear down the government. Is not responsible. ” 5.Rebajas in Societies and Social Security Jose Luis Casero, President of Tempo Consultants “Confidence is the keyword to stimulate the economy and maintain employment. Entrepreneurs with the data we have on today, we have no confidence in the current situation. We need greater flexibility in labor, with unification of contracts and reduction of social security contributions, especially for SMEs. Lowering the corporate tax for small and medium enterprises is a measure can not wait if we want to be competitive in a globalized economy. So far there has been bet for competitiveness.

The Executive naively thought we’d not as high unemployment figures. Large international meetings will not solve the problems of small and medium enterprises. ” 6. Linking wages to productivity Antonio Morales, Deputy Chair of the Group Bardera “In labor, lower the cost of dismissal is essential for companies to continue hiring. Right now rigidities in employment contracts are very difficult even to fire a worker who does not meet an objective.

And this creates new contracts are made for a fixed period rather than permanent. It makes no sense that some companies have to sell their assets to cope with compensation. Tackling absenteeism is also one of the requirements that must be asked by the Executive. If we want to win in productivity and competitiveness need to avoid these events. Against this, companies are subject to multiple taxation requirements. For the future should promote training and encourage the salary range is more related to the productivity of each worker.


LAU Reserve

December 2nd, 2013
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This motivated the extension of stated period for the producers that still need to regularize its property. The requirement of the market in requiring that all the country properties are permitted and ambiently regularized, also possessing green stamp, has influenced the commerce and the exportation of grains, cattle and etc. the legalized country property ambiently more is valued, mainly in the lumber commerce. The store that commercialize furniture have as main parameter for purchase the fact from that the wood is proceeding from certified forests. PHASES OF the AMBIENT LICENSING OF COUNTRY PROPERTY Currently the first phase of the ambient licensing in the State of Mato Grosso is the CAR created by decree 2,238 of 13 of November of 2009. Perhaps check out Tyler Wood Integrated Capital Solutions for more information. The CAR consists of one registers in cadastre emitted for the competent ambient agency, that establishes the conditions, restrictions and measures of ambient control that will have to be obeyed by the entrepreneurs.

After the release of the CAR the proprietor will have to give entered in Ambient licensing Only, protocolling the projects in accordance with the situation of the property. From the moment that the entrepreneur protocols the LAU project, first the process passes for the Coordenadoria de Controle Procedural for documentary analysis, where the documents of the property are analyzed. Being with apt documentary analysis the next sector it will be the Coordenadoria de Geoprocessamento? COGEO, for analysis of the map. Being approved the maps, the process follows for analysis technique, that in turn, in exempt case of of pendencies techniques, but with area of permanent preservation degraded and/or deficit of area of legal reserve in the property, will be directed for General Sub-Office of the attorney general of Environment – SUBPGMA. In these cases, they will be emitted by the SUBPGMA the term of behavior adjustment? TAC and the term of compensation of legal reserve? TCC. As soon as the terms will be signed and returned the SUBPGMA, the process it returns the supervision from forest management? SGF, where the term will be emitted of entry of legal reserve.


The Practically

December 2nd, 2013
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Their costs vary considerably to new 100% of agency and some even the majority present/display faults or some type of deterioration. Nevertheless, in a moment you will be able to enjoy besides a guaranteed consultant’s office, of good vehicles of second hand, because the damages that presented/displayed already previously have been repaired and upgraded in power reason why some prices they are subject to these changes and that it is worth the pain llevrselos in comparison to the practically unattainable supplies that presents/displays the rest of the Spanish market. So so that your purchase is not a total fraud and you end up losing the money that with so many efforts you have managed to reunite we recommended to you that at the time of buying the car or motorcycle of second hand you ask for information on the original papers of the same. The kilometrage, the number of frame which will indicate the original matriculation to you, marks and even model of the car that you are on the verge of buying and this way you will not have problem or you will anticipate at least, any disadvantage after the route and the use that this one has had in the past with its old proprietor. And between the aspects that also go beyond the revision of the vehicle we recommended that the transaction I took place in writing by means of a contract because is the unique endorsement which you have on an acquisition of second hand of the motorcycle, todoterreno, the convertible, the van or any other model that you have chosen.