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Create New Friction Different Perspectives

April 24th, 2014
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The new Club inporticu e.V. in Frankfurt want the innovation climate by an interdisciplinary network improve Frankfurt am Main, 20 August 2013 there she are everywhere in the world: people who understand change as an opportunity, tackle new challenges with composure and humor. Women and men who see potential and develop together with others. The new Club inporticu e.V. in Frankfurt creates for this change maker’ and innovators now an interdisciplinary network. Behind the idea of the Club is the realization that the increasingly complex problems of our time only through the exchange of different perspectives can be solved. In addition, that the frequency and intensity of change continues to increase in the professional environment.

That requires new skills. The club wants to make an important contribution by from different disciplines bringing together development and innovation skills and further developed. With inporticu, we create a network of people from business, politics, education and science, the is usually not encounter, but their enjoyment of development connects. Their ideas, methods and experiences we bring together and come together to the new solution paths in creative exchange. These in turn can apply to everyone in his environment and pass”, Sabine Amend, in addition to Valeria Berghoff Fluel explains one of the two founders of inporticu, the benefits.

The Club registered in June of this year intends to promote a climate that, in which development processes are designed positive and experienced. The vision of the founders: Change and innovation to succeed in the future easier. Can kick-off event in Frankfurt on the subject be change easily?” To make this possible, organized the Association of dialog events on the topics of innovation, change and development. Impulse will offer inporticu its members for personal and professional development, as well as for the own professional life. Including through the provision of expertise. The first official event of the Association will be from 27 to 28.

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Heinich Art

April 18th, 2014
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Thus: … democratization of the public is about a social possibility of access to the culture of the favored populations less, that the public politics aim at from years 60, particularly for the opening of the houses of culture and the development of the action or still the concern with the not public one (pg 78). In this way this question of the democratization constitutes object of common quarrel for politicians and sociologists, representing two possible directions practical and the theoretician. aesthetic 1.2Percepo Under this aspect the author comments that Bourdieu opens a way interested for the social use photographs of it, the boarding statistics is completed for a more qualitative method, to the base of interviews in depth, that after that it will be used by sociologists of the art and the culture in its works of field. Thus: ' ' the sociology of the reception precedes the sociology of the taste, questioning not them aesthetic preferences, but the conditions that allow to see to emerge a judgment in terms of beauty (or feira, of art or no-arte' ' (pg.82). In this way, as much the objective properties them workmanships with the receiving mental pictures, and the pragmatic contexts of reception are requested in the probability to see an object in aesthetic terms qualified, the description of these changes, and the explicitao of its logics, supplying to sociology a rich program of research in possibilities.

artistic 1.3Admirao In accordance with Heinich, the sociology of the art if inclines to a sociology of values ' ' . it is that the art if becomes object of well bigger investments of what those of that if they occupy the specialists traditionally, when is interested for the origin, for the felt value and of obras' ' (pg 84). Thus an aesthetic one meets not only in the register of values as possible qualification of the workmanships, or of its authors, parallel to the moral, sensitivity, the economic rationality or the feeling of justice.


Juan Iglesias

April 12th, 2014
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For the stablishment the future is tied to these destructive plans that are coming in an advance accelerated to corrupt the majority of youth ruining the wealth, the Treasury and the hope of humanity. According to the strategy you should kill mentally and spiritually three generations and we have already spent two and half of these. THE ROMAN LAW ALLOW? RETURN to LAS FUENTES II ParteDice the romanist Juan Iglesias if Rome’s history is the history of a people launched bregosa and continued to go in search of the eternal, its root must be found in the times more distant, when there was not yet the urbs, but prepared the advent. The principle is in the past that they were thrown out the foundations of Rome, to make Rome the universe.First, elemental question because powerful countries have nuclear arsenals and peripherals rich no, can’t find more balanced to Bush than Mahmoud Ahmadineyad. The atoll of Mururoa was the scene of more than 137 underground nuclear tests carried out by France, annihilating the plankton, altering life marine, today the explosions are replaced by simulations in laboratory. Attacking nature in its intrinsic Providence is auto delete us, but now there are organizations such as Greenpeace who are fighting vigorously against these follies of the large multinational interests. Because the Kyoto Protocol is not signed by the us when it is the country most polluting, ruining part of world globe; No one may arrogate to itself the status of the doctrine of manifest destiny, to be elected by God to govern the universal destinations. There are powers that are enlarged in its territorial extension but become smaller in the conception of subjugation, are regarded with great suspicion and earn the hatred of the invaded countries, when a national dies fighting for his homeland is not a terrorist, he is a true patriot; I reiterate the crimes against humanity is the worst of the flagella, but political realities cannot be seen without an objective assessment.

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