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The Greeks

July 29th, 2016
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The Greeks are known great achievements in politics, philosophy, sculpture, literature and mathematics, were also fearsome warriors. In those days there were not many units as devastating as the Greek phalanx. In more armored and well trained, these soldiers were able to withstand any opponent. The phalanx was a military unit, consisting of men standing in several rows, the armed large shields, long spears and swords. Greek swords were dual-purpose weapon with a blade listovydnym. Greek swords often have unusual hilt and scabbard, decorated with scenes of ancient Greek. According to the legend completely received a golden sword, only one warrior emperor of the ancient world – Alexander.

The classic Greek sword was worn out a sling over the right shoulder so that it hung almost horizontally. The Greeks called it Machaira or Xiphos. Continue to learn more with: Richard Blumenthal. Made such swords high-carbon steel and quenched twice in order to achieve high hardness needed for polishing. Machiara or Falcata (Another name for these swords) were effective destructive weapon that can cut out bronze helmet half. The Greeks were warriors who were afraid because of the shield and spear, which are their main oruzhiem.Odnako once passed into the melee battle, the sword was the best weapon to attack the near enemy.

Thus, as it is ironic, though possession of the sword, and not taught as a martial art during military training, required much more time and skill to use it instead of a spear. Consequently, there need for additional private tuition in the possession of such weapons. Parents of young Greeks with a good income was more than willing to pay for such additional training. Teachers, known as hoplomachoi, 'fighters first mentioned in literature dating back to the last four of the fifth century BC We know about these five masters: Stesileos, brothers and Yutidemos Dayonizodoros Chios Falinos Stimfalos (later served as a military advisor to the Persian general in the battle Tissepernesa Cunaxa in 401 BC), and Diomilos Andros. The first such weapon is described as a curved sword, scimitar-shaped, the main weight of which falls on the cutting edge by expanding cloth. The handle is sometimes ends in the shape of a figure head of the bird or animal, or bent backward to protect the joints of the hand, forming a kind of brass knuckles. Greeks have used another type of sword, similar in structure to the sword rapier or broadsword. Weapons are characterized odnozatochennym blade, blade of which was either straight or slightly concave, but not curved like a saber.

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Tropical Climate

July 8th, 2016
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) Later, the Tropical Climate, present in the states of the Bahia, Cear, Maranho and Piau. It is the climate most characteristic of Brazil, therefore called Tropical typical. Understanding areas of the regions Center-West, Northeast, North and Southeast. Possessing characteristic marcantes, for the experience of two well definitive stations, as the Summer, with rainy station, generated for the continental equatorial air mass and for the Atlantic tropical mass. the Winter, with dry station. In this period, the Continental Equatorial Mass if contracts, assenting places for the action of other air masses, as the Atlantic Polar Mass and the Continental Tropical Mass.

The polar mass uses the corridor consisting of lands lowest of the region Center-West and approaches the portion south of the Amaznia, when in time C can arrive the 10. also for the thermal intensities annual superiors, needed for the extension of the continentalidade. In last it analyzes, it appears the Half-barren, present Tropical Climate all in the hinterland northeastern and to the north of Minas Gerais. The masses that act for the ticket of this type of climate are the Atlantic tropical mass and the continental equatorial mass. When it reaches to the interior northeast, the Atlantic Tropical Mass loses its humidity, for the mountainous barriers that prevent the entrance of rains, that happen in the coast.

It is a Brazilian climate that possesss the low annual precipitation index. Originating the difficulty of the estiagem, for me the distribution of rains, accumulated in few months of the year. Through its annual rain index it reaches, to the times, being below of 500 mm. Seen by the annual thermal averages and its temperatures that are raised. In accordance with Mendona, through the presence of the half-barren climate, guarantees. Tropical-equatorial climate with nine the eleven dry months. In this climatic subtype, also known as half-barren climate, localities marked for landscapes meet sufficient hot droughts and, exactly that presenting some rainfall in parts of the year.