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Archbishop Nicholas

March 23rd, 2017
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But at the time of Peter in the tradition of celebrating Christmas tree just came. Where does Santa Claus come? The modern Santa Claus is likely to comes from the ancient spirit of the myths of the Eastern Slavs – Jack Frost. The myths of the spirit is the embodiment of natural forces and has a violent temper and harsh. If anyone read Russian (and Ukrainian) folk tale Jack Frost, he remembers, that those who like to work and take care of Jack Frost will be given gifts, and Jack Frost will not touch them (apparently do not freeze), and those who are lazy and greedy, will be punished or even ruined (killed). Often in ancient tales Happy End might not be. Here such was the Santa Claus of the ancient Slavs. The modern image of Santa Claus appeared about 100 years ago and has been promoted actively by Soviet filmmakers in the 1930s. The most curious thing that the current prototype is a Santa Claus a story of a real person – Archbishop Nicholas from the Turkish city of Peace.

So why am I all? If you look at a retrospective of the last five years under our control, we tried every way to restore the "historical truth ', and strongly reject the entire Soviet and pro-Russian. And what about New Year? How is Santa Claus? It seems that Viktor and soon gets here. And why not? After all, Santa Claus terrible idol of the Communist era, from you want to get rid of. This dedugan – another way of political pressure on the common historical past.

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Julia Roberts

March 22nd, 2017
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Alan was the creative genius of innovative films as, and Joan was the vertebral column of this genius all, supporting and planning creation of each new set of documents, even though risking its proper life. In Wild Africa research presents one structuralized good, with interviews and certifications, to the reading of letters and of the daily staff of Joan had given to the biography a instigante value. In first for presenting the life of a couple that innovated in the cinematography, in second for the history of love between the couple and finally as he is being fast the disappearance of the African wild life. The personal life of the Root couple and the development of the cinematographic career? it is concrete to feel the emotion that the trips had caused in the couple, as well as the probable end of the marriage and of the partnership they are the aspects most interesting, for portraying as close reading of a feeling that never finished as it approaches the beautiful prologue that Seal presents the unconditional love that it always had for the former-husband. However, the description of the period that Joan was alone, and the personal circumstances and politics that had led to the murder become an assay of judicial notice and certifications intercalated with homages to the personal qualities of the ambientalista.

It also approaches in denunciation form, of that it forms the commerce of flowers in the world is causing in Africa. One to open of eyes for many of that they buy if to know of where had been cultivated the flowers found in the markets of the planet. CURIOSITY: The actress Julia Roberts will contracenar the paper of Joan in the cinema, according to site Cinema with rapadura: ‘ ‘ The objective of the film is to show the moving life of Root, that was also known for carrying through documentary with its husband for the whole world. After divorced, Root came back to the Kenya, where it started to want to save the Naivasha.


Basic Law

March 11th, 2017
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This document on the status of the above even the Constitution. At one time (1992), in Dagestan, where it was tough confrontation between the opposition and the government, the Congress had been convened two peoples of Dagestan, one opposition in the face Presidium of the Congress of the Peoples of Dagestan (which was also, your obedient servant), the other – power, led by Magomedali Magomedov. And Magomedov proposed a joint congress of the peoples in the proportions 50% to 50%. Only obstinacy of the radical opposition to prevent a joint congress. However, the adopted solution was removed there in a lot of tension in society and in relations between government and opposition.

Some of the achievements of the Congress of the peoples Dagestan Magomedov MM included in the Basic Law of the Republic. The merit of those breached and I am, above all, power was manifested wisdom and restraint. Well, the opposition, do not go beyond the possible. Maybe if you hold National Congress of the Chechens, this forum will be able to develop good ideas and principles. Synergy, collective brainstorming, will have an effect. So, Akhmed Zakayev also proposed to hold such a congress.

It may make sense to try, despite the significant ideological and personal differences? EH: – Usually, the Congress is convened to legimitizirovat certain ideological platforms of various political leaders together with leaders themselves. Or, conversely, to de-legitimize any already existing modes together with their leaders. So, with these positions Chechen Congress could be required to make a decision for someone or something to support, or someone or something to overthrow.

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Vienna Woods

March 10th, 2017
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” Uh, as it is sweet to the current political moral freaks! Parochial princes. Impudently and shamelessly self-serving, with Sleek-ostentatious-solid blunt snouts … no sorry, faces, beautiful dark abyss yawning hiding – in place of conscience and honor. However, the latter simply unbearable for them, the concept! Trick: No need to fool us young! Who needs it? Who benefits? Personally? How the hell is “it” for it gets? In what currency? And from whom? None, la, rag, or figagashechki about it writes! And do not write ever. Dogs do not bark at his master.

Gogol was right – the Ukrainian language is something. Color. Of course, I tear myself shalyu and take this opportunity to point these things but does not change. One nice here. Here in this “Tale” is there a puncture. Global. At the level of ideas.

Separation idea. Their idea is not even a hundredth part of the support of people in comparison with the fundamental idea of Russia and its people – the unifying and connecting to the benefit of the same people – and a very old idea. Swarmed by offers, Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs is currently assessing future choices. “The Power of Unity!” In our unity of power each – let me clarify the meaning. This idea vyzhivatelna by its very nature and has the unconditional support of the majority, almost intuitively. People – not politicians. Who are they without people? These policies.