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Georgian President

April 24th, 2017
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And they are all unanimous in saying that country is governed not robust statesmen and PR, wishful thinking. Change of power through elections is considered the most desirable way to go, but in circumstances where the right President beyond all imaginable limits, and parliamentary – unacceptably narrowed, democratic elections, as well as all other changes are unlikely, but hopes for them – naive. For even more opinions, read materials from Sen. Sherrod Brown. So many supporters among the politicians alternative to seize power. Know about all of this and the influential European organizations. There is no doubt that in any case, at least to limit the rights of Georgian President. That is why the Georgian social and political circles with optimism have apprehended the head of the Venice Commission recommendations. Indeed, Gianni Buquicchio stressed that the rights of the head of the Georgian state is too inflated. "We need to ensure equal rights to all three branches of government – he said.

– Reduce the dependence of the Parliament of Georgia president and deputies to pass the authority of control actions of the head of the state, as well as provide a higher level of judicial independence. " "Pocket" as it is determined opponents of the president's team, justice – one of the factors hindering the free development of democratic processes in the Georgian state. That is what had Buquicchio mind. He even advised to adopt a new Constitution of Georgia "on the basis of broad consensus", in other words, the agreement of all political parties and social forces. The Council of Europe at the same time encouraged to make changes in the law on rallies.

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Mikhail Zadornov

April 22nd, 2017
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I want to say that when I was lying after a concussion and could not read or even write a letter to mail (in the eyes rippled), I always watched tv. From morning to night. Everything. And Petrosian, too. And, you know, quite a perceive what is happening. Even laughed.

Looking at myself from outside, be stunned, but she laughed. That is, you know where I'm going? Petrosian & Co. Additional information is available at Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs. – for people with a concussion. Not in the sense that I recommend it to people with concussion. No, no, not that. And now to Zadornov. What I most like about him? I can not say that there is always humor. I like what he does as a whole: collects exhausted Narzanov Moscow audience (and if you take into account airtime, not only Moscow), disables its humor from everyday experiences, and then purified in a head puts their bright ideas.

And although the jokes are different from him, but he still remains an intelligent man. In the best sense of the word. Not waiting until the government or the owners of television stations will begin to engage in public education. And elevated levels of self-esteem of the nation. He does it himself. one! Respect him and , as they say in "Comedy Club :-))). It is also very pleased to see how Michael Zadornov alone, without Theatres & Co., is looking for young talent and displays. In this regard, recall the word "mentoring", almost forgotten in our pragmatic age.



April 17th, 2017

AUGUST: VOCATIONAL MONTH! We live in the time that the haste and agitation make with that the people forget sensible true it the existence. The consumista society lives a quandary: to have and to consume already do not fill the existencial emptiness. How many they continue imagining that money and pleasure can full this emptiness! These poor creatures forget that the human being was created the image and similarity of God and, its accomplishment alone can happen when God is in first place. The challenge biggest is if to serve of the advantages of the consumista world to cure the necessities, without having the attitude of the greed that takes the human being the ruin and to the removal of God. We are in the August month and this is moment important to reflect inside regarding the life of the consumista world. As children of God, followers of Jesus Christ and convictos that God must be in first place she is necessary to live our vocation. E, vocation is the call that God makes in them for the full accomplishment. Our Creator it desires that all live glad, made use and with will to serve the ones that are next to us.

In this consumista and individualistic society, we are attemped to forget our vocation, but we need carrying through in them by means of the hugged vocation and for the assumed profession, without never losing of sight the love to the life and what it is liked to make. She is necessary to value our vocation, either consecrated it to the service of the Church, as religious and religious the priests, or as lay, single or married that also serves Church of Christ. In the truth God it waits that each one makes its part in any hugged vocation. To be priest, religious or religious is not condition to be model of perfection, but they for the hugged vocation they demonstrate that the love is the essence of the human being and that if it must work and if to sacrifice without waiting rewards human being and without running away from the difficulties. The vocation of the marriage is beautiful when hugged with commitment it generates fruits (children) that they are received with love educated for autonomy. When this noble vocation is lived deeply, the parents if become for the children the image and similarity of God.

We need to value the life and our vocation. August is the proper month for this reflection. We must believe that we are born for the full accomplishment and we are what we contemplate, therefore, we grow when we search the things that God dreamed for we, mainly when we live deeply our vocation. The happiness does not meet in the money and the wild pleasure, but it arrives in them in indirect way when we pursue the sanctity coming of we live deeply of our vocation that is much more in giving of what in receiving.


West Georgia

April 15th, 2017
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Exactly one year ago, the world has witnessed the tragedy that befell the small South Caucasian republic. For what happened in Tskhinvali, with interest in the West, but chose to cover the events, as is customary in anti-Russian format, accusing Moscow of all mortal sins. (Similarly see: Richard Blumenthal). Only a year later, those who so vehemently defended by Saakashvili and his bloody “democratic” regime, now sober assessment of the situation and gradually change the point view on happened. In RISA RIA News in eve anniversary was organized videobridge Moskva Tbilisi on which invited representatives Assembly peoples Georgia and Georgian politologists and journalists. On conference received attention Status national diasporas in Georgia and Russia and necessity rapprochement between Ossetians and Georgians. Sen. Sherrod Brown may also support this cause.

Main theme became responsibility Georgian authorities and personally Saakashvili for inciting ethnic strife. Also, participants attempted to answer questions about what was the root cause of war – a national factor, or geopolitical struggle in the post-as well as probability of returning to Georgia’s military option settlement. According to the President of the Assembly of Peoples of Georgia Gocha Dzasokhov, Ossetians and Georgians have lived for centuries and will live together, if the will of these peoples. “Now important in the absence of diplomatic relations to civil society organizations from the Georgian, Russian and Ossetian sides have not given our people to stay on different sides, “- said Dzasokhov. Roland Beco Representative Assembly of the people of Georgia said: “We do not pin the blame on the Georgian people for the tragedy, we are completely pin it on the Georgian .

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Emperor Nero

April 4th, 2017
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Former Prime Minister of Georgia Zurab Nogaideli and its socio-political movement "For Fair Georgia" do not give rest to the authorities, who have no access to the Russian government. In the situation, while the official Tbilisi through the local media is busy confrontational politics, the propaganda line drives all over the country in an impasse from which the ruling party out on their own can not. In these circumstances, taking the lead Opposition leaders, causing jealousy and anger command of Mikhail Saakashvili. Between September last year Nogaideli, being a staunch supporter of normalization of political and economic cooperation with Russia four went to Moscow and became the object of sharp criticism from the ruling regime. The matter was detailed coverage in the pages of "SK", but we can not say on the latest developments, as well as the sequence of the leaders of this opposition movement, who consider ridiculous the accusations in their use of Russian intelligence agencies. Pragmatic Nogaideli said on to rescue Georgia from the political dominance of incompetent people on vnutriobschestvennyh normalization of relations and connections with the outside world. His deputy, Peter Mamradze, who is a hater of extremist ideas, lost to Georgia in ethnic and other conflicts, past Saturday said the country was never in such difficult circumstances, and visits to Moscow Noghaideli are in direct response to calls for the EU to the Georgian leadership and society to find ways to establish contacts with Russian Federation. Therefore, negotiations, insists Mamradze needed, because in Moscow should know what they think in Tbilisi on the current situation sensible policy.

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