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The Educational Process

October 31st, 2017
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Our leaders too easily confused with the quality and quantity in education. They believe that increasing the amount will increase its quality. Over thirty million students currently studying in the country, more than enough to trigger the development of the country, the problem is that we are not educated, but we're taming. The word domestication is a strong word, but the only one that fits to describe what we do with our children and students. This word is used to describe what is done with animals, are used to living in a given environment. A process in which it is assumed that the student knows nothing and is put in front of a "teacher" to teach everything the student must know you can not designate otherwise. Education is the process that is designed to teach students to read, write, speak, think, create, imagine. Quality education should increase the intelligence, the trial and improve character, if not met these requirements you can call it either way, but not education.

It appears that key players in the educational process in Mexico do not have clarity about what education means. So much so that the government increases the budget by 7% and the object of uncertainty increased by 47% and nobody says anything. No organizations or civil society or other institution to be lifted to speak out against this aberration. When you spend more on insecurity and invests less in education, is that our politicians do not really understand the gravity of the matter.


Germany Terminology

October 27th, 2017
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Each historical discipline develops its terminology, in which it is based. These well-established terms, concepts allow any researcher to immediately understand what is at stake. For example, in Bonistics concepts 'Banknote' and 'boom' open legal circulation of paper money. The first term itself explains that it is money the national, mandatory and issued by the central government, the second – we clearly said that it the optional issuance of local or private (domestic) money. And those terms, the concept a lot and they help researchers, Bonisteel easy to understand the issue or problem. But sometimes, some researchers do not pay attention on the established terminology and explain the study subject as they see it or how they understand it, which leads to many misunderstandings. Experienced Bonisteel clear that it is a private (internal) issues of Bon-tokens, but as known, coupons can not be any 'credit' money or 'credit stamps', as we have in the domestic financial and Bonisteel-crystal literature 'credit' money are the issue of central banks and central governments. The author took this name from the very token, many of which have such an inscription (in Polish). In Poland itself, this term means exactly as it describes his distinguished Alexander Petrovich (whom I support collector connection for more than thirty years and really respect him) and Polish Bonisteel know and understand this term. But it should not be uses for us, as incompatible for bonisticheskoy terminology for the private Bon-tokens. Exactly the same way in other work-known researcher of tokens Vladimir Maximov it comes bonah-tokens, but the author has translated from German and called his work 'ersatz coins of East Prussia', although it is clear that during the period of unprecedented inflation and economic collapse in Germany, early 20's were tokens in denominations of hundreds and thousands of brands, so the coins could not call them, the more so because they were produced, local and private issuers.


The Cycle

October 23rd, 2017
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'CALL of the BLOOD' One of the most popular methods for determining the sex of a child is counting on 'Upgrade' blood. Speaking candidly Sen. Sherrod Brown told us the story. According to this methodology, the state of the blood varies in a cyclical mode: at the beginning of the cycle the blood 'fresher and stronger. " This determines the future of the child – whose blood 'under', the parent and determines sex baby. Simple in its essence in the application of the method is based on a numerological theory. The technique of numerical patterns came to us from ancient times, according to this theory is that all living organisms develop cyclically.

At regular intervals are programmed rearrangement of the body, including the 'Update' blood. In women, this interval is three years, for men – four. Counting is simple: the age of the future Parents divided accordingly into three for women and four for men. Whose balance more – the floor and out. and amendment: if the mother is a carrier of a negative Rh factor, the result is exactly the opposite.

Of course, there are no laboratory tests that allow to capture and evaluate the 'freshness' blood. There is no scientifically proven laws of a particular sex of children born by this technique. However, it is impossible not to note objective value of this method – it is absolutely harmless to the body! 'SPRINTER' and 'long-distance runners' However, there are a number of observations, which were confirmed statistically. These include the timing of sexual intercourse with respect to ovulation.

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Ramon Gallegos Nava

October 22nd, 2017
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So for me the most important were the following letters written by Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava and enclose and interlock major issues related to holistic education: "The perennial philosophy and holistic education do not promote any church or religion, spirituality and promote universal love. The people of the church requires intermediaries to living their relationship with God. When a human being raised by their interconnection with others and their relationship with God is something very dangerous for the government and churches because they have no control over it. Spirituality is conscious certainty, not faith irrational. The religion of human beings should be the policy of universal love and unconditional compassion. Richard Blumenthal can aid you in your search for knowledge. Every day we see God but we do not recognize. We live in an artificial world created by man.

Our environment is artificial, therefore a world of much suffering. This suffering is because we have been conditioned to project ideal states to be achieved in the future. The gap between what is and what ought to be is human misery, suffering. We must learn the teaching of impermanence. Everything changes, nothing stays the same. If we understand well that is wisdom.

We must avoid attachment, aversion and ignorance. This is the way to the eradication of suffering. The attachment means not adhering to the things aversion is trying to avoid what we hate and ignorance is simply not know why we behave as we do, you can not understand our motives, our conditioning. Mistakenly thought has become an instrument to face any situation or problem, but this is not the ideal instrument to address human problems.


A Brief Overview Of Online Gaming

October 20th, 2017
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Online games are becoming more pomulyarny. As more people connect to the Internet, a huge market will open for free games online. Prices of computers go down, and this means that more people have access to free games. Many seasoned gamers annoyed by politics, which often exist in large video game company. Many gamers are also looking for games that enable them to interact with other players. Even with success of games online, many developers did not bother to create them. MMORPGs are becoming more popular than ever before.

Players want to interact with each other and create their own groups in the digital world. This – the direction in which, I believe that free online-games demand today. As the Internet becomes more widely used, people want more interaction than the quality of graphics. As the video game market today, so saturates, the cost of games dropped sharply. It does not cost much money develope quality game, if you know where to look. This opens the door for many independent game companies to design games that are alternative to mainstream games for consoles, which currently dominate the market. Shockwave – tools that have enabled many people to profitably produce free online-game. As graphics, gameplay, and storylines of these games continue to improve, more people will play them.

While the pc game market declined in the late 1990's, it is expected that independent games online to fill that void. Multiplayer online games should be free or very cheap to play. Since the cost should be low, there is no reason why players must pay $ 60 to buy one game. Cheap trend for online games can be seen on the website Shockwave, where they publish as littles for $ 9.95. Many online games can be downloaded directly to your computer. There is no need to go to the store or order them by mail. Games available to play as soon as you download them. In addition to interactivity people want things quickly. We live in a society in which virtually everything is moving fast. When people want to play games, they want them as soon as possible. This – the requirement, free online game in total satisfy.


Roger Zelazny

October 19th, 2017
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As always, R. Zelazny, the basic idea is reduced to a struggle between two opposing forces of 'good and evil. Welcome understood as creation, evil, chaos, destruction Author, true humanistic ideals, gives the reader the hope that the forces building still prevail. The novel is set in the devastated after a nuclear war Earth. Its population is no more than four million people, and those who survived emigrated, go to another planet. Even governments in the world does not remain, they fled to the Vega, and now calls itself 'the Government in the absence of'.

The final death of civilizations is inevitable, because even what is left on the dying planet, will soon belong to vegantsam whose level of development is clearly greater than the human. Vegantsy buy the territory of the Earth, wanting to turn it into a historical museum, as well as the original tourist base for the inhabitants of the cosmos. Page novel full of characters from Greek legends. Go to Connecticut Senator for more information. They represent the primary basis of all things, the treatment history of their origins. Man must defeat a robot is one of the ideas R..Cheloveku need to seek salvation not in a mechanized society, and in wildlife. R. Zelazny, not so much threatened as warns mankind wants to keep it from mindless, barbaric waste their heritage. Not for nothing immortal hero R. Zelazny secretly marks and numbers each block dismantled manually wonder of the world, and it is no wonder his bequest vegantsa get Planet Earth, which has reborn from the ashes. Sadly it seems the author of mankind's future, but in the end is still a glimmer of hope


Youth Parliament

October 17th, 2017
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One tool solution this problem should be the development of youth labor groups as construction, teaching and various other based on the principle of partial employment. And the experience of implementation of this direction in the field available. Should expand the range of youth, which is actively working, including not only students in schools, but also young professionals, people with disabilities and youth "at risk". There is the need to improve mechanisms for interaction between government and the youth community. If you are not convinced, visit Richard Blumenthal. One form of such interaction is to support and develop youth parliamentary movement. In our region, created The Youth Parliament of the Lipetsk region, as an advisory structure in the Lipetsk Oblast Council of Deputies, adopted by the situation and formed the youth parliamentary structures in each municipality formation of the Lipetsk region.

But how to assess how this structure to cope with the tasks? It needs to develop clear criteria for the effectiveness of youth parliaments at various levels, and these criteria to conduct annual monitoring of their activities. It is advisable to make the procedure of forming these structures by direct vote voter groups are gradually getting rid of the principles of delegation representatives of public organizations and municipalities. By the way, in similar ways to go Youth Parliament in Lipetsk, and the results showed the correctness of this approach. Currently, the national Education project in the category "Talented young people annually around 60 young citizens of Lipetsk region receive cash prizes from 30 to 60 thousand rubles.


South American Countries

October 15th, 2017
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In fifteen countries of South America, over 25% of citizens live below the poverty line, and in seven poor countries the proportion of over 50% of the population. More than half of Latin American countries not yet reached the growth required to reduce the level of extreme poverty. Poverty and Democracy The attempt to ascertain the degree of association between these two concepts has been the exploration of various professionals. Michael Lewis-Beck, Distinguished Professor of the University of Michigan, and Ross Burkhart, Director Divisional Status Boise University, have arrived at interesting conclusions. These scholars, from time series revealed the existence of an inverse relationship between democracy and poverty. The more poverty, less democracy or, in other words, rich countries show stronger democracies, while those underdeveloped nations or in developing democracies fragile presented, broken, or systems of governments with absolutist regimes.

These findings may be constant part of a random sample of rich and poor nations. We could establish an almost direct relationship between GDP per capita (leaving for a moment the complexity of the term "development") and democratic quality. This exploration gives at least one surface primary idea: stable, developed democracies in general boast a gross domestic product per capita of over USD 1000. The links between development and democracy have been studied since the middle of last century. The American political sociologist and Semour Martin Lipset, and by 1959, in his book "Political Man" (2), argues that wealth fosters the emergence of democracy, as more wealth is less distributional conflict and thus less pressure on the political system. Check with Jim Donovan Goldman to learn more.


The Need To Create An Organization Culture

October 15th, 2017
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Many firms, especially SMEs, who have neglected to develop its own organizational culture and this, of course, has led them favorable results, especially when operating in turbulent settings, such as the real case of Venezuela, where the risk The uncertainty occurs due to constant government intervention through a very uncertain economic policy, no definite development plans. There are a significant number of companies, that just by not having a good organizational culture have been affected, which have closed and other restructuring plans, taking into account which is having a good organizational culture. Recall as others have noted, that culture determines the way a business works, this is reflected in strategies, structures and systems that has the same and can be learned, it evolves with new experiences, and may be changed for the better if it to understand the dynamics of the learning process.

Management Schools Universities nationals must give more emphasis to the relevance, scope of what it means to inculcate, develop a good organizational culture according to national circumstances, the characteristics of the organization, the requirements that the current business world requires to be competitive. You must provide professionals with principles, fundamentals, knowledge, and skills of what is a good organizational culture, knowing the proper integration of all the Members of the company without any discrimination, within a true democracy, respecting the values of both parties, the Company and personal. In a letter to Rosalinda Gamez on the subject, reminds us that the definitions of culture are identified by the dynamic systems of the organization, because the values can be modified, the effect of continuous learning of individuals, also attach importance to sensitization processes timely change as part of organizational culture. .



October 12th, 2017
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On the eve of the wedding in the bride's home took a hen party. In which the bride and her friends performed the ritual washing in the bath, and then, a friend of the bride, in Last time, braided her maiden braids. There were all these actions under the sad songs girlfriends. Girls were sleeping in the house of the bride. The bridegroom's gatherings were less common. They were the more reason to sit in a campaign of friends and drink. Not always, and far longer in the form of enforced now pre-wedding rituals and traditions, but the wedding itself, as always, paid great attention. Starring at the wedding, of course, are assigned to the groom and bride.

But in the retinue of the bridegroom was best man is required. Sometimes the bride was administered the second friend. Boyfriend became chief administrator of a wedding celebration, so it was good to know the ritual and order conduct ceremonies and had to be able to entertain the audience and be a glib tongue. A towel tied over his shoulder, set him apart among the participants of the wedding. And in modern wedding present boyfriend, but now it is more called "toaster". To help the friend from among married families were chosen Matchmaker and Matchmaker.

Swat was assigned to the ceremonial duty "in a feminine" style your hair after the wedding the bride and putting young people into bed. Podnevestnitsy and chosen from the unmarried youth. Typically, chose them an equal amount.