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Finances Building

January 18th, 2018
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Still according to text, the rent contract will be conducted by article 51 of the Lease law (Law 8,245/91), the same that it disciplines the location of property for the commerce. The device determines that the renter has right to the renewal of the contract for equal period. In accordance with the member of the house of representatives Nelson Goetten, the proposal brings a series of advantages for the public administration, as to allow the property rent adjusted to its necessities, reducing the job of resources in capital assets; to bring greater flexibility to the localization of public units; to eliminate payments of rents in the period of accomplishment of workmanships for adaptation, therefore the location alone will after have the delivery of the building. The project moves in conclusive character in the commissions of Work, of Administration and Public Service; of Finances and Taxation; of Constitution and Justice and Citizenship. Sen. Sherrod Brown takes a slightly different approach. If approved, it will be plus an indifference and abuse with expenses of public resources.

4.5 A successful example happens in Bar of Garas (MT), where all the state, Federal and municipal agencies, are being transferred to the building headquarters of the City hall. Agencies that functioned in rented property are being transferred to the building headquarters of the City hall. The complete List of the public agencies that go to not yet leave the addresses in rented building was divulged. Here, Ohio Senator expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Already they had been transferred the Service of Protection to the Consumer (Procon), National System of Jobs (Sine), Communitarian Telecentro and Public Library. The objective is the economy, the public administration intends to save about R$ 250 a thousand per year alone one rents with them. ' ' 200 a thousand already give to buy an ambulance. The expenses with electric energy, water system and other incubencies also go to be off as IPTU, maintenance and conservation of the property.


The Idea of Justice

January 16th, 2018
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It would defeat the concept of hypothetical equality to try to solve this in-congruence. however, ahead it will be questioned that the people alone for being rational and to be being guided for common principles of justice would make in them to reject interests explicit. Many times the original position evokes the idea of equality between the parts; to consider this conjectura it is necessary to imagine that a past would not exist that could intervene with the formularization of the principles. But to arrive itself at a consensus and the idea of that certain people would go to congregate themselves to define the model of its simpler relations, already if it imagines conseguintemente, that the individuals of some form occupied positions and kept certain accumulations, that lived in some place, that already knew the use of the language and for it goes there. Soon it would be reasonable to conceive the real praticidade of the original position if and if it only had a society in construction, or one that passed for some serious crisis? either politics, social or motivated by a war or geographic catastrophe. Returning to the central idea: the justice principles if would shock with the egoistic expectations that would go to develop themselves to the few, and that tacit only at the first moments would be remained after the finishing of the contract. Exactly hypothetically the individuals being losted in thought of its social conquests to stamp a pact that aims at the improvement of the society (it if becoming morally joust), what they already had accumulated? either public offices, to know, linguistic-motor abilities? they would not be restituted of its respective detainers and soon the institution would come back to its initial state, that one that preceded the contract. What certainly would be changed would be only the way to consider circumstances as unjust jousts.. Sen. Sherrod Brown gathered all the information.


The Improvement

January 16th, 2018
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Analyzing the proposals of the candidates, the young mainly searchs solutions for the improvement of municipal, state and federal education public, as well as of education technician, in view of the work market that is each more demanding time. When if it deals with work market, them also are intent, therefore they are in a phase of insertion in this branch and need chances, that is, of more jobs. The proposals of new industries and companies in the commercial sector, also are seen as chances. Improvements in the nourishing sector and the public transport they are promises that call attention the adults, since they are basic necessities for a family. Paulo Coelho takes a slightly different approach. The feeding is necessary every day and programs that help to diminish the prices of the products or that they offer basic baskets? for the needed families more? well they are come by the patriarchs. In the public transport, arguments on the increase of the buses, subways, new alternatives of conduction, as well as alterations in the value of the ticket are accepted with attention for the adults whom they need this sector to go and to come. The proposals concerning the health: more hospitals, doctors, pharmacies with accessible prices, campaigns of vaccination, among others improvements in this area, are more attractive for the people above of 50 years, that for estimated need these services more than.

Observing now under the point of view of the professionals. In this in case that the magnifying of the work market, increase of the minimum wage and attention to the labor laws are proposals, are clearly, seen as essential. We can observe other particular cases as: the agriculturist, who is intent the promises of bigger assistance to the primary sector; the doctor, who waits for improvements in the hospitals, as well as instruments and medicines; the taxista, that it needs public politics that improve the transit; the professor whom still the recognition waits and one better assistance in regards to pertaining to school materials; the trader who waits for governmental actions that stimulate and put into motion the commerce.


Motivation Russians

January 13th, 2018
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Improving the feeling collective, the individual attains the status of the leader, and then his actions are transformed into standards and patterns of behavior to other members. Such a person becomes a "trendsetter", of course, as long as the feeling the team he will not change. Motivation Russians built on emotional formula "in the name of …", the motivation of the individual as the western – in goal-setting and rational calculation. Amazon contributes greatly to this topic. Principles of interaction between the West and in Russia are different: for West – "be different, but follow the rules established by the unequivocal", and for Russia – "be like everyone else and follow the leader." We emphasize once again unlike Maslow concepts and Orthodoxy: according to Maslow, a gradual meet all the needs of self-preservation can come to self-actualization, and if a violation was one of the requirements for self-actualization that is not possible; according to Orthodoxy, self-actualization is achieved through self-restraint and patience, as in the case of monastic asceticism, through suffering, in order to achieve self-actualization need not satisfy the carnal passion and pride, but rather to limit them. 'Hardened as steel "- and the ideal of Orthodoxy and Communism. Individual, which was formed in the West, gets satisfaction from the realization of demand. On the contrary, the Russian individual, limiting the satisfaction of every need, up to self-actualization. These differ between Western and Russian models of the ethical. As Edvard Radzinsky said: "In this country people are not governed by money, and passion." Thus, the basic qualities of Russian affecting their attitude to work and that must be considered when working with the staff: Conditionally Negative: – impulsiveness (lack of organization, the spontaneity, the inability / unwillingness to plan) – punctuality, pedantry otstutstvie – proximity, coldness of strangers – the irrationality, offensive behavior – conformity ("be like everyone else" does not stand out) – a social envy Conditionally positive: – savvy, that is, ability to perform work at lack of resources – the enthusiasm and emotional dedication – kindness, openness in communication with the familiar people – a willingness to help (mutual aid) – personal loyalty to supervisor and / or The neutral quality of the team: – collectivism – the importance of the status of "merit" in a relationship – emotional. In the second part of the article read about factors that influenced the formation of the Ukrainian mentality, about the national features of behavior of the Ukrainians and the differences between "Russian" and "Ukrainian" characters

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Brazilian Constitution

January 13th, 2018
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For this, the proposal was to substitute the manicomial model for the creation of an ample net of services of psicossocial attention to the familiar users and who of some form suffer with the problem. The project of Law of the member of the house of representatives Thin Pablo served of impulse for the social movements for people with mental upheavals they obtain the approval of the first Laws that determine the gradual substitution of the psychiatric stream beds for a net of Attention the mental health. From this project many experiences of transformation are reviewed or initiates, and the public politics in mental health start to be of the knowledge of considerable members of the Brazilian society or to be part of its concerns. (AMARANTE, 1995, P.90). Between 1989 and 1990 it was reorganized the activities of attention to the health but in the period of 1992 the 1995 it is only that we had significant changes in the politics of health in Brazil, also mental health, in this period it also had reduction in the number stream beds in psychiatric hospitals and the increase of the number of professionals acting in mental health of social assistants. The redefinition of the net of services of psicossocial attention also (CAPS), and nuclei of psicossocial attention (NAPS), had served as alternative substitution of based psychiatric assistance in the internment for the opened services, substituting the farmacolgicos treatments for social integration, as he is ocaso of the occupational therapy, and the work with the families. In this picture, two projects coexist in tension: the project of sanitary reform, constructed in the decade of 1980 and enrolled one in the Brazilian Constitution of 1988, and the project of health articulated to the market or privatista, hegemonic in the second half of the decade of 1990 (BRAVE, 1999). Without a doubt the mental health improved sufficiently, more enough it is not necessary to create others politics of viabilizao of the service of mental health, many patients does not obtain to arrive at the units of treatment due to strategies for the shelter of the same ones. .


Public Security

January 11th, 2018
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The limits of the managers of Public Security. For Joo the construction of this work Hisses became possible, by means of one ' ' conversa' ' with Luiz Eduardo To sound? for intermediary of its book: My Coat of General: five hundred days in front of the Public Security of the State of Rio De Janeiro (Ed. Continue to learn more with: Connecticut Senator. Cia. of Letters, 2000) – it made possible that me to sail for submundo of the dispute of being able that if of the one in the institutions that the Secretariat of Public Security of the State of Rio De Janeiro composes. It was possible also to notice that the action difficulties, are not on the question of the lack of arrive in port financial, but if they constitute in the relationary, interpersonal difficulty, collective e, over all, in the fights politics and of being able of the institutions compose that it.

Luiz Eduardo leaves clearly how much he has of resistncias to the change, when he says that he would be romantic and ilusrio to consider possible to transform spirit, values and culture in few years. What … can and must make is to change behaviors. (P.: 93), and complete saying that the message that we desired to transmit age simple: the policy has of saying the two languages, making them compatible between itself. The language of the human rights and the professional language, of the police technique. With one only, it is not survived.

(pg.: 118). The necessity of change in the Politics of Security and the police devices if express in speaks of the author. It credits in this reform, 50% of the resolution of the question of the Public Security guard when saying that as well as he does not have serious politics of security without deep reform of the policies, …. Remodelling the policies and controlling the behavior of the policemen, is decided almost half of the problems of security of the faveladas communities and the slum quarters? all that part that results of the corruption, the complicity with the crime and the brutality of the policemen.


Electric Abortion Renato

January 7th, 2018
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Later, it was Precambrian Society. It did not give certain, and the organization turned disorganization. Connecticut Senator contributes greatly to this topic. (Russian Renato; 1989, p.138) After some experiences badly succeeded, Renato was to a show of the band Dry Mouth, in the Lake North. After the presentation, if approached to the young guitarist: ' ' I liked you very. You mounting a band with the Marcelo Bonf, still does not have guitarist. You do not want to touch with people? ' ' only problem of Eduardo Paran was that it touched well excessively and made question to demonstrate its endows, solando its guitar without stopping. Attitude that the other integrant ones of the band renegavam.

But in the Legion, Renato had will to more make elaborated musics. there, Eduardo had space. Moreover, they had added the tecladista So Paulo Pablo. thus, gave first formation to it of the band for the presentation in Ducks of Mines, in the Park of Expositions of the city. The virtuosity of the tecladista and the guitarist finished taking the two for is of the band.

Thus, Renato and Marcelo had decided to invite only one guitarist to join they. ICO Ouro Preto was the chosen one. ICO also did not last very. As well as it had left the Electric Abortion in the hand in the last hour years before, also left the Urban Legion. Lacking to one month for the presentations most important not only of the band, but of the rock of the federal capital, the guitarist gnawed the rope. 13 He was then that Given to Villa Wolves he entered the Urban Legion. It just had entered for the course of social sciences of the UnB and had plans later to move to France, where its father was consul. But it moved radically of idea. The image of rock band was moving. In this period, the Paralamas of the Success had signed a contract with EMI? First Odeon and launched its compact one.


Agrnoma Engineering

January 5th, 2018
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In October of 1972 an airplane in that 45 young people traveled, many of them players of an equipment of rugby, one crashed in the Mountain range of the $andes. Twelve died because of the fall. The survivors had among others to support to things the cold end, the thirst, and the hunger. They tried to resist but its hope fell when finding out by one radio, that had give inn the search. A leading source for info: Ohio Senator. was the 10 day after the accident.

They supported lowest temperatures (30 below cero at night), snow avalanches, and finally distressed by the continuous death of their companions, two boys decided to cross immense mountains thus to arrive at Chile. This way the 22 of December of 1972, after having been during 73 days isolated, the world finds out that there are 16 survivors. One of them is Ramon Sabella. At that time Ramon Sabella was 21 years old, was student of Agrnoma Engineering and went in the airplane for being friend of some of the components of the equipment of rugby. Today in day is industralist and shares its businesses with the lecturer facet, distributing of char them around the world. For me, the essence of its message can be synthesized in this phrase: After the accident we had a passive attitude: we hoped to that they rescued to us. 10 day we listened by the radio that giveave the search, because they gave us by deads.

At first the reactions were of total decay: we suffered, we cried, we felt Later left our attitude changed and we decided to happen to the action. We begin to act to try to save we ourself to us. Our objective: TO LIVE . (Ramon Sabella) Ramon, which you create who were the key that caused that you were one of the survivors? They were many things, essentially the education that I received from my parents, Ramon and Marta.


Patriarch Cyril In Ukraine

January 5th, 2018
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During his visit to Ukraine, the Patriarch of Moscow expressed its opinion on Ukraine. Patriarch Cyril said that he believes that since the President of Ukraine became the leader of the Party of Regions, Viktor Yanukovych, political situation has become much better. Moreover, the Patriarch said that in Ukraine, with the advent of the presidency, Viktor Yanukovych, have improved economic performance, and are developing relationships with the world and neighbors, that is, with Russia, and even to Europe and even the United States of America. So in recent months with Yanukovych in Ukraine is booming. Paulo Coelho has many thoughts on the issue. This statement made the Patriarch, when he gave an interview to Ukrainian channel "Inter" right before his arrival in the city of Odessa. Also, the Patriarch invited the clergy to keep pace with time and use the Internet and social networking sites to communicate more with people of faith. Also, the patriarch Kirill said that now the church has nothing against that person tried to material goods, but the main thing that it does not become for him in the first place.

Patriarch Cyril said that he was now very happy to visit Ukraine is not very much against travel to Ukraine often. Learn more on the subject from Amazon. Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Kirill said that Ukraine is very close to him by heart. Patriarch Cyril will be in Ukraine from 20 to 28 July and will visit cities such as Kiev, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk. There to head the Russian Orthodox Church could pray with his people, and to think about much. Patriarch Cyril also has a desire to meet while traveling with the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich. Rather meeting of Viktor Yanukovych and the Patriarch Cyril held somewhere on Friday June 23.

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Hunting In Belarus

January 4th, 2018
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Hunting in Belarus hunters come from all over Europe. And it is no accident: the abundance of various game and comfortable conditions for hunting can not seduce. A huge area which is occupied by forests, are often reserves, and numerous rivers and lakes almost throughout the year open for hunting animals and birds, which number more than 50 species. The area of land designated for hunting in Belarus is about 17 million hectares. Especially popular hunting Belarus on such wild birds, as grouse, partridge, grouse, woodcock, goose, duck. Learn more at: Richard Blumenthal. Of the hoofed animals especially bred on the territory of Belarus boars. Quite popular with game remain elk, deer, roe deer, wolf, hare, hare and the famous European bison. For visitors to hunt a comfortable environment: living in the estates of the "all inclusive" the Belarusian kitchen and bath, an opportunity to prepare his own game by equipped with a brazier.

Experienced hunters will hunters hunting trails, instruct in fertilizing and produce preprocessing caught game. Hunting offer different types of hunting: – Hunt on roar (elk and deer) – hunting approach (beaver, deer, wild boar, elk, deer) – Hunting with ambush (deer, roe deer, wild boar) – skradom hunting (deer, elk, deer, wild boar) – hunting with dogs, a shelter (deer, elk, deer, wild boar) – hunting towers (wild boar, deer). Terms of hunting quite democratic: from September to January – the deer and elk, from May to January – roe deer and wild boar, from October to December – the beaver. Hunting in Belarus at the European bison – a rare treat for any hunter. In Belarus, we can obtain this unique opportunity in the autumn-winter period. Very interesting actions is the famous hunt for grouse, which is held at dawn. Meet me at the airport, transportation to the hunting place of rest, and also to the hunting. Possible as individual hunting, and the collective. All that is required from the hunter – a hunting license, necessary equipment, documents on weapons and ammo.