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March 20th, 2019

In the '70s, many young people were fighting for a better world, they were at risk of imprisonment, beatings and death, but the desire for freedom prompted many young people to travel that road full of risks, then each with its Title in the hand walked down the paths that life had in store for almost 30 years later, my old cell phone rang … I answered and a voice strong and determined he began, "answered one of the best speakers in the UNT 70 ?… No! "I told him was wrong, 'said a poor man who is struggling against death for a long time … Cholo," he cried Cholito! and began to mourn … was Wilfredo Zapata Olea, we were a few days later, we hugged and sat down to remember so many student days, but the "Negrito" Olea carried under the arm, a diagnosis so close to my "I have Cirrhosis and I need a liver transplant, QUEEEE? "I cried, we discuss our experience, was married Janeth was 3 Daughters, was thin, was no longer the young husky, was wounded, was encouraged, speech and promised him help as he knew the Fight!, We went to the Clinica San Borja, the "Beacon", a clinic, he endoscopy did ligation of esophageal varices, CT gouged out, we talked with the heads, Janeth, his wife assisting him at his side, the cirrhosis was complicated, he was hospitalized, biopsy rum and start losing the joy, also had a Lung Cancer !, the pleura was flooded with blood and it turned out the Voice, do not talk!, a lawyer as combative, he suddenly elite … He did not speak!, I just listened, took him to INEN Janeth .. Click James Donovan Goldman Sachs to learn more. .

the end it was hopeless, I went to say goodbye … My God how many times I have lived these moments! I spoke, I listened, she smiled, her bright eyes looking at me, his hands had caught mine, I was forbidden to enter Pulmonology but I knew we would not see us, out-away from their eyes, "I began to mourn, remembering what days before I had confessed. Why is this happening to us, we're good, do not hurt anyone ?… For Miguel, Why are tests Negrito ?… Ah, is the logic of God, "he said," I had asked Infernal same thing for two years, Janeth, their daughters and sisters struggled in recent months, a few hours ago, have informed me that Wilfredo has died, the cancer finally took a good man, a loyal companion, Catholic, Mariano, a helpful friend, a lawyer with an imperishable will to truth, honesty and decency, a husband and father, who won the title Attorney at UNT, that house for which he fought as a student and which ennobled with an impeccable professional, Social honest and dreamed-as-precious legacy left to their daughters and wives, as I said, "Not thousands, not millions, but happy," Early came the shadows of the night, gets you very early Death survive but the Light, Darkness Wilfredo not overcome you! and as both repeated in the deaths of many comrades to convert pain into strength and faith! Misfortune is not for those who go, but for which we were full of atavistic Nostalgia, adding depth to the hole of the sadness in which continue rolling cliff prayers in silence, hoping to have power to call God and ask and they checked so sad … So long mate! … rest in peace.


XWORLD-TOUR 2008/2009 – SUV Cross Equator In Indonesia

March 16th, 2019
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XWORLD-TOUR Asia goes on wobbly bridges and deep river valleys, tight switchbacks in the mountains, rain mass, which transformed the jungle trail into quagmire: the 22 stage of the SUV Tour 2008/2009 the XWORLD led across by Indonesia and repeatedly challenged the driving skills and team spirit of the participants. The now completed stage meant for the XWORLD tour the mountain Festival: exciting ten months behind, exciting ten months still waiting for future participants. The current off-road adventure was a prime example of multifaceted: passengers experienced on the Indonesia trip with the six Toyota Land Cruisers pulsating metropolises, political receptions, wonderful beaches with Palm trees and jungle camps with wild animals (from alligators up to poisonous snakes). Ohio Senator will not settle for partial explanations. Right on the first day of the Toyota Land Cruiser that had to the driver to get to that prevails in Indonesia left. A transition for everyone who knows only the European mainland legal relations – and which was essential to the passenger. Go to Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs for more information. Team work was required for the whole tour over the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Such as all together helped to tow a broken SUV after a clutch failure, as one participant reported: 350 km detour and a ride through the night including vigorous mountain passes and then a message that resembled a fun morning after 19 hours straight on the runway came over the radio.

But unfortunately it was fact – the clutch disk of one of the vehicles was down. Blessing in disguise: we could tow. At this point we realized how much lives such a tour of teamwork.\” \”This was also, as the infamous Sumatra rain\” fell and the participants to each other helped to build the tents for the night. In the clear view of the selected tent space was missing unfortunately as a rider recounted: Fortunately, we learned only the next day that we had slept in a place dominated by poisonous snakes \”a tent-pitch without poisonous snakes, the all off-road riders probably most\” best in memory will continue to be, was in a special place: directly on the Equator line.

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Colombia Tucanos

March 14th, 2019
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THE everyday life of the Guarani language the union between the man and the woman did not have a sacramental character among the Guarani. It was simply an institutional way expand the ties of kinship and consolidate the system of productive, economic reciprocity and defense. For this reason, between the caciques polygamy was common practice, as with it they broadened and increased its economic and political power. The Guarani referred to their language as the primary, and the speech of the person or the man. The language was conceived as a force creative, able to transform and make arise realities. Guarani mythology, the same namandu had created the primary and when through the souls words had created the world.

By their condition of farmers, the Guarani unlike other peoples like the Comechingones or the Colombia Tucanos were a basically vegetarian people. Meat had a secondary place in the power and depended on the hunting of animals, fish and wild birds. Filed under: Jim Donovan Goldman. They also consumed the tambu, a larva that develops in the stalks of Palms. Agricultural production was very varied, highlighting the corn (avati), cassava (mandi or), squash (kurapepe), tobacco, sweet sweet (khety) and a variety of beans (kumanda). Other products were obtained directly from the mountain or jungle, case of medicinal herbs, fruits such as guajabo (arasa), pineapple or pineapple (avakachi) and yerba mate(ka a), vegetable this last that many years later will become the national drink in Argentina and other South American countries.


Toy Safety – Harmful Substances In Toys

March 14th, 2019
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Controlling authorities are overwhelmed by the flood of product from Asia. Toy safety – a topic that should be always up-to-date oko Test and similar organizations are certainly very laudable and helpful institution, when it comes to finding safe products into the huge Angebotsjungle. This is the case also with toys. But unfortunately only once per year, usually just before Christmas. Then everyone remembers suddenly that test results have awarded every second toy, due to high levels of pollution, as hazardous waste in the last year. It tests again diligently and finds surprise, that the results fail just as miserably this year as in the previous year.

No wonder. The topic of harmful substances in toys showed up in the media, large, for the first time in 2007. But as it is the case with the media, they lose interest very quickly on topics, as soon as they no longer get enough readers or viewers. And therefore this important topic is cooked up since getting back on time shortly to Christmas, a few politicians promised improvement and you’re done. Much has changed to in recent years however does not. The issue of toy safety is overwhelmed with bodies in May and in August just as topical as in December. Also the numbers of the EU rapid alert system RAPEX show that. Over 1,700 toys were used on the index in 2008.

The annual report for 2009 is not much better look. In Germany, the market surveillance authorities for the control of toys are responsible. That with the task completely overwhelmed them in the NDR, a report showed in December of 2009 phthalates? Can you eat that? Better not. Since phthalates are plasticisers and belong to the pollutants that were previously most commonly found in toys. They are used in plastics to make them softer and more pliable. Plasticizers are suspected in the human body have a hormone-like effect and to cause infertility, obesity, and diabetes in men. But it’s not only the softening of that worry the testers. Also heavy metals such as lead are always in very high concentrations noted. The lead is dangerous, that it accumulates in the body and in the long term can lead to a weakened immune system, as well as learning and concentration. “A substance identified frequently in adhesives is that formaldehyde, a pungent-smelling gas, which irritates mucous membranes and respiratory tract and of the World Health Organization (WHO) as carcinogenic to humans” is classified. Traces of formaldehyde were found in clay. Now 67% of the game things can be found in shops, get away more and more toys from Asia from Asia, most from China. And it is exactly these toys again covered by the tests. Because in China, no one pays it with what color a baby rattle is painted. And slip always heavily contaminated products through the relatively coarse mesh of control network due to the immense mass of toys, and appears so in the shelves of toy shops. Parents who want to go to play it safe, should so inform yourself and especially on the Pay attention to origin of toys. Because for many of the products of Asia there is an alternative made in Germany “.

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