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Airport Of Panaba City Of The Piau: In Progress

June 29th, 2012

As consultation with the INFRAERO, on the course of the workmanships and possibility of functioning of the International Airport of Parnaba, receives it the following news, considered positive for the persistence to create a company NOAR who goes to make possible regional lines and to integrate the Brazilian Northeast with popular means of transportation, dream of Santos Dumont, wanted to see the people having access aviation as half of transport, it he is protector of Brazilian aviation and significant for world-wide aviation, it had a will to see to popularize its I invent with poor in everybody. It follows the reply in integrates of the responsible one for the positive information for the people of Parnaba.

Subject: Airport – commercial flights. ‘ ‘ Prezado Sir, In attention to the Story of here treat Attendance, heard the northeast Regional Supervision, International Airport of Parnaba/Mayor Dr. Joo Hisses Son, by means of the following forwarding registered in the System of Ouvidoria, thus was informed: ‘ ‘ It was concluded, in janeiro/2010, the magnifying of the Track of Landing and Take-off and Luminous airway lighting of this Airport, considering that the INFRAERO is responsible for Infraestrutura Aeroporturia.

We also inform, that the Government of the State of the Piau, by means of the Secretariat of Tourism, is keeping contact with the regional airlines, aiming at to reestablish the regular flights for this locality, as propagated substance. SUBSTANCE: ‘ NOAR must make airline for Parnaba and cities of the NE – in 21/02/2010 09h20 – All know of the difficulties of aerial interconnection between cities of the states of the Northeast region, also Parnaba the Teresina and $fortaleza. The subject comes back to be negotiated. Presented in the meeting of the week of the CTI (Commission of Integrated Tourism), with the governments of the nine states northeasterns made use to the concession of tax benefits so that the NOAR acts exclusively in the region.


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