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American Market

February 13th, 2011

To see all the data at a cost of each product only one second, will require one month of continuous work. Hardly someone you want to experience such a pleasure to themselves. Actually to solve this problem refer to the so-called 'market segmentation'. In simple words, each type of financial instrument refers to a particular segment. There is a market ownership (equity). Here most active is the market for corporate shares (stock). There are also market bonds (bonds), which is usually divided into the market of corporate bonds and government debt securities.

Also, the best known is commodity futures markets (commodity), where there are transactions in futures, not only for goods but also on the currencies and indices. And finally, you should call the market of available foreign exchange transactions – the market Forex. There are other, more minor, but this case is not so important. As in all of this and figure out what to choose? Usually it is a private matter, so utterly difficult to advise here. As a rule, investors and traders that are worried about their capital, preference for the stock market and futures. Some are drawn to currency trading.

Here we must draw attention to one fact: the chosen market segment is very closely related to what area you prefer to trade. If you are going to trade futures, in Russia, you will hardly where to turn, unless you are going to specialize in one or two financial instruments. Most developed market futures are now on the right America is where you can find even trade contracts on the temperature. The same can be said about the stock market. Once you have at least a pre-decided what to trade, to think and think over how to get data from the market and how much it will cost. The question is important, and in any raze should not be removed from the accounts, since it can easily be visible and taken before the decision. To make it clear what it is, imagine imagine such a picture. You set out to trade on European stock market. How much you will be able to find sources of information? And how you manage to find programs that can be considered as alternatives? In Anyway, a lot of effort will be spent. At the same time the American market information is quite enough – even from her easy to disappear! We should never forget that everything in this world is changing. The fact that you still yesterday seemed worth povagi, tomorrow may already be seriously taken. Then you must check out his views on the market, perhaps even change the rhythm of the trade. That's what investors and traders are constantly 'roam' from one broker to another. It is for this reason that the answer to the question by whom trade should not be treated as immutable and unchanging ultimate truth. Pomnete: all the world is changing and the market – too! Therefore, we must change with it if we want to trade successfully!


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