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Brazilian National Congress

May 14th, 2012

225 of the Constitution of 1988, for the laws in the 6,803/1980 and the 6938/1981, for the Conama Resolutions in the 257, 258 and 263 and for the law of Ambient Crimes (law in the 9,605/1998), approved for the Brazilian National Congress in 2008. (GODEFROID, 2010, P. 69). 3. Consideraes final In this production of the knowledge we can reflect on the global heating that must be understood as resulted of the extreme launching of effect gases greenhouse in atmosphere, over all the carbon dioxide (CO2), gases that become the planet each hotter time for making it difficult the exit of the received radiation. A possible form to control the emission of these gases would be the substitution of fosseis fuels of origin (as oil, coal and natural gas) for called fuels clean (as alcohol, biodiesel, among others), beyond controlling the deforestation of the forests. Our objective in this production of the knowledge was based on the reflection on the causes, consequences, some curiosidades and mainly to emphasize on the writs of prevention to decelerate the global heating inside of the content studied you discipline in them of the one of this module.

The reduction of the global heating can be obtained will have scrumbled the emissions of gases that are directly on to the effect greenhouse, is enough that to agreements and protocols and laws as the cited ones previously are signed and placed in practical, therefore thus the future generations will only be able to enjoy of a planet not so chaotic as what we will be able to see in case that has not measured significant.


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