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September 30th, 2022

The great humbug of the primitive Christian church So that you understand with exactness what she represents in fact the concept today known as Christianity, will be necessary to come back its primrdios, will be necessary that you make a long trip through the time; twenty centuries to be accurate. Coming back to the origins of the primitive church it only is that we can understand the Christianity in all its extension, in this way we will only be able to understand it as a whole. We are in year 30 of the call was Christian and after a long period of auto-reclusion in the isolated peaks of the Hermon mount, Jesus de Nazar finally is ready to initiate its mission in our planet. To the hour it had fond and the race human being was gives to receive the greater from all the gifts never offered until then. The great secret was gives to be disclosed to the man. Good the new of the love, the tolerance and the pardon was to a step of being delivers we through the message of this wonderful man; of this God in form human being. Taught Foiz us since our more tenra infancy that Jesus was born God, and lived as such, until its departure of this planet. Continue to learn more with: Sen. Sherrod Brown.

We were always convenient, to think about the boy Jesus as a child all special one with its pretty blond cachinhos, its sparkling blue eyes and that pretty white light in the high one of its head as we were accustomed to see in some engravings. Either perhaps difficult we to imagine it playing in the land with its coleguinhas and making pranks as any normal child. You can seem strange, but she was accurately as soon as happened. Jesus was born, grew little and lived until more than thirty years of age without having the lesser notion of who It really was.


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