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Concrete Business

September 30th, 2011

Reinforced concrete slabs made of heavy concrete, structural lightweight concrete, dense structure and a dense silicate concrete and intended for use as a carrier of the floor large panel of various buildings with a design load on the floor (without slab's own weight) to 6.0 kPa, inclusive. Slabs are designed for use in the design and construction bearing parts of buildings and structures with a normal temperature and humid regime and non-aggressive media under normal construction conditions. Reinforced concrete slabs are classified according to the following features that characterize their styles according to the scheme bearing plate on the supporting structure of the building or the thickness of the slab. For lifting and mounting plates are used mounting tabs or special grippers that are designed to establish the manufacturer in consultation with the consumer and the project organization – the author of the project building (construction). Location and size of holes in the plates provided for bespetlevogo installation, take on the drawings, forming part of the project documentation gripper for these plates. Description: shape and size of panels shall comply with the working drawings for these plates constructive length and width of reinforced concrete slabs shall be made according to gost 28984 equal respective focal plate size, reduced the gap between adjacent plates; In case of necessity overlap cooker space, exceeding the distance between adjacent focal axes building a constructive plate length (eg, plates, is based on the stairwell walls of buildings with large-cross-bearing walls) take equal to the distance between the axles, zoomed to the desired elichinu A determined in accordance with a constructive solution. Slab, intended for use in areas with an estimated seismicity 7-9 points, can be manufactured with grooves for metallic bonds and the formation clamps.


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