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Deputy Prime Minister

March 11th, 2018

The first vice Minister of the country, which ensures that the Government has to be the first to go to the root of the problem has announced it. Ministers thought initially that the measure was a joke. Zimbabwe is one of the countries with the highest rate of HIV positive, with 1 in every 7 people infected. All the men of the Cabinet of Ministers of Zimbabwe will be circumcised to give example and try to reduce the rate of persons infected with the AIDS virus, in a country in which 1 of every 7 people are HIV-positive, he announced the Deputy Prime Minister of the country, Thokozani Khupe. As leaders in Government, we must set an example so when we go to the root of the problem (of AIDS), you can understand the importance and the benefits of the exercise (of circumcision), told Khupe government newspaper Sunday Mail, who admitted that Ministers thought he was joking when he told them the measure.

Zimbabwe began a national circumcision campaign two years ago, and it is estimated that about 30,000 men already have been subjected to the small surgery, centered in recent months especially in the largest in 13 years. According to medical studies, circumcision can reduce the number of HIV infections in up to 60%, so that the Zimbabwean authorities are intended to circumcise 1.2 million men by 2015. Our goal is that nobody dies by HIV or by diseases resulting from AIDS, and we can only achieve that when our leaders start to mark certain guidelines, said Khupe. Presented the last June and developed by Unicef and the World Bank study indicates nearly 2,500 young people contract HIV every day around the world, and sub-Saharan Africa is the region most affected by this virus on the planet. Source of the news: Ministers from Zimbabwe will be circumcised “for example” in the fight against AIDS

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