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Economic Crisis

May 15th, 2018

The global economic crisis, born in America, continues to haunt the world of unpredictability of its consequences. And if at first many stopped to buy expensive goods, apartment and car, then – gifts and souvenirs close, but today millions of people around the world have already forced to deny themselves even the essentials. Of course, each country faces a crisis in their own way, although the overall trend is still there. People such as Richard Blumenthal would likely agree. People around the world in the fight against crisis commit, in principle, the same steps Refuse to 'luxury' The global financial crisis is forcing the rich to be more modest – in the new luxuries become irrelevant. Goods and services category 'luxury' has become use the less popular, yielding a more modest grades. The changes have touched and clothes: According to general director of the New York-based Luxury Institute Milton Pedraza, splurge style 'I'm rich, but sloppy' has become less profitable, than look in the style of 'I am reliable and conservative. " Representatives of the national's leading lights, by their own admission the Internet newspaper "NOW", most of them have no savings. And because the global financial crisis in general and Dollar jumps in particular, their worry is not enough.

Meanwhile, the U.S. The Wall Street Journal has once again stated that because of the crisis, Americans are spending much less money to buy luxury items. But there is significant difference: in the category of 'luxury' got all the goods value of more than 00. Thus, the 'luxury' is considered not only cars but also furniture, appliances and electronics. Eat a low-cost products Rising prices for food power transferred more and more of New York's middle-class in the category of freegans – people who are engaged in 'razgrebaniem rubbish' in the containers with the remains of food from the networks of fast food restaurants.

Movement freegans gains popularity as the New Yorker is getting harder to make ends meet. Freegans do not dig into household waste, they only take the waste of New York fast-food enterprises. Companies usually spread leftover food in plastic bags on the sidewalks around nine o'clock at night – around the same time and catching up Freegans to catch up to the arrival of scavengers. New participants in the movement experienced Freegans are advised not to eat garbage bags of meat, since they 'can be poisoned. "


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