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Electric Abortion Renato

January 7th, 2018

Later, it was Precambrian Society. It did not give certain, and the organization turned disorganization. Connecticut Senator contributes greatly to this topic. (Russian Renato; 1989, p.138) After some experiences badly succeeded, Renato was to a show of the band Dry Mouth, in the Lake North. After the presentation, if approached to the young guitarist: ' ' I liked you very. You mounting a band with the Marcelo Bonf, still does not have guitarist. You do not want to touch with people? ' ' only problem of Eduardo Paran was that it touched well excessively and made question to demonstrate its endows, solando its guitar without stopping. Attitude that the other integrant ones of the band renegavam.

But in the Legion, Renato had will to more make elaborated musics. there, Eduardo had space. Moreover, they had added the tecladista So Paulo Pablo. thus, gave first formation to it of the band for the presentation in Ducks of Mines, in the Park of Expositions of the city. The virtuosity of the tecladista and the guitarist finished taking the two for is of the band.

Thus, Renato and Marcelo had decided to invite only one guitarist to join they. ICO Ouro Preto was the chosen one. ICO also did not last very. As well as it had left the Electric Abortion in the hand in the last hour years before, also left the Urban Legion. Lacking to one month for the presentations most important not only of the band, but of the rock of the federal capital, the guitarist gnawed the rope. 13 He was then that Given to Villa Wolves he entered the Urban Legion. It just had entered for the course of social sciences of the UnB and had plans later to move to France, where its father was consul. But it moved radically of idea. The image of rock band was moving. In this period, the Paralamas of the Success had signed a contract with EMI? First Odeon and launched its compact one.


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