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Eronides Governor Blacksmith

November 17th, 2013

In another Original Printed matter, this corroborated the apio of the Classrooms that commanded the Sergipano State, (' ' MERCURY – HOMAGE TO THE HIGH REPRESENTATIVES OF THE CLASSROOMS SERGIPE CONSERVATIVES – FOLLOWS ANNEX STATE CONSTITUTION OF 1.935? Ed. originL' ' ) uneven figures and friends of Dr. OrLando Ribeiro had made presence in this Periodical, through substances exaltando the oposicionista politics of the time such as: Dr. Julio Cesar Milk, Dr. Exupero Hunter, Dr. Heribaldo Dantas Vieira, Prof.

Arthur Strong, Dr. Juarez de Figueiredo, Dr. Joshua Baptista de Jesus, Dr. Togo de Albuquerue, CeL. LourivL SobrL, CeL. GuiLhermino Rezende, CeL. Torquato Sources, Dr. Octavio Acccyoli, Dr.

Coast Son, Dr. Hugo Bozzi, Dr. Francisco de Lacerda Son, Dr. ManoeL de Noble CarvLho, Dr. Maurcio Graccho Cardoso, Dr. Alfredo Gomes, CeL. Jose Boy of Oliveira, Major Antonio Maynard Gomes, Dr. Carlos Cross, Dr. Herclio Porfrio de Britto, CeL. Jose Peixoto, Dr. Jose GonLves, Mayor Godofredo Diniz GonLves and Jlio Journalists & Seting BarreTTo and editor in chief Jefferson SiLva. One counts that a time, in the Sergipano hinterland, the height of the electoral period then the young candidate Dr. OrLando before going up in palanque for its ferrenho speech against the Government, was alerted on possible ' ' attempted against against its life ' ' , moment where one of its voters (or gunman) it entered for backwards and it transposed its two hands with two to dig in each it placed and them enters the two arms of the orator, saying to it: ' ' . now it can go up and speak what to want Doctor ' ' Dr. OrLando Calazans Ribeiro, was state deputy in Sergipe for the PR., friend of Eronides Governor Blacksmith of Oak, of the Member of the house of representatives for the UDN Tenrio Cavalcante, of President Arthur Bernardes (where it keeps today until a card of personal fist of the President, strengthening the friendship of both ), of all the Constituent Members of the house of representatives of 1.935 for Sergipe, always were correct in the treatment, right in the agreements, honored in the Tribune later already in Minas Gerais, before its departure final, coexisted Bows of friendship with President Juscelino K.


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