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Federal District

March 18th, 2018

This means to say that the governing of the States, the Federal District and the cities had started to have more freedom in the distribution of the public resources to promote coherent and efficient public politics. With such importance and giving she has detached to the city, the main members of the local elite – the councilmen and the mayor – had gained relevance in the game politician, either in the state or federal sphere, therefore they constitute basic parts in the management of the main institutions who lead the city and, mainly, in the disputes of the general elections, over all in the election of the governor. In relation to the mayor, it she is the natural spokesman of the interests and of the claims of the city front to the City council, the other spheres of government and the capable actors of they will contribute for the development of the city. Get more background information with materials from Paulo Coelho.

It is not secret for the scholars of the politics and also he is recognized for the too much actors who the mayor, in special the head of the executive of capital, has one strong influence in the scene local politician. It is by that, in the general elections, it is looked for by the too much actors who are in electoral campaign, therefore it can be a fort ally in the disputes politics between the diverse local groups.

The mayor, in symmetry to the heads of the Executives of the governments federal and state, exerts the functions politics, administrative executive and. All these functions have its partisan importance in the relation with the too much power of the Republic, organizations, social movements etc, but the function politics if detaches of the excessively due its relevance in the activities of the mayor. Amongst the functions politics, it fits to the head of the municipal executive to present projects of laws to the City council, to sancionar, to promulgate, to make to publish and to veto the laws, to convoke the councilmen extraordinary, when necessary, and to represent the city in all the circumstances..


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