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Global Polarizaton

July 10th, 2024

Obama has given up the line of military superiority to pursue the life of the empire, comprising the world’s polar situation and resorting to multilateral-ism, such as Honduras or in between the lines of his speeches, for example, in Istanbul and Cairo. Hence its position of supporting Zelaya, Latin American case and try to wash your face old U.S. of being behind every coup in Latin America. To this should help the leftists outdated and does not engage in a Crazy absolutely false and language to be accusing him of complicity or interference in what happened in Honduras. The drunk left does not understand the new United States foreign policy, whether or not it is valid for both the actor and the rest of the world. Washington wants to do partnerships and is tolerant of differences and considers new ways to exercise its traditional leadership. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachss opinions are not widely known. The issue is whether the exercise of such a policy will weaken it or not, will result or not, will mark the beginning of the decline of the empire.

There are those who say, cynically, that a rule that does not exercise its power comes into the chute of history. U.S. turns input pragmatic and it is not bad, perhaps only for those who still dream of their participation in the overthrow of leftist governments in our continent. Their loss of influence here is obvious, and I do not mean the existence of some government protesters. I mean the dissolution of his direct influence, as we now see requesting services from Brazil to appease the intemperance of Venezuelan dictator against Colombia, although the juggler who is Lula raise his voice against the gringo bases in that country.


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