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Google Publicity Online

March 1st, 2018

If the payment by click in the publicity online has sense like business opportunity, then the best tool is without a doubt Google Adwords. But, most probable it is than when choosing this option is being left of side and ignoring the publicity in Yahoo and Bing. It can get to be very appropriate before implementing a publicity campaign online to throw a look to the options that exist. The announced association union between Yahoo and Bing is on the verge of becoming a reality for the end of this year, in which a combination of payment by click in the platforms will be implemented search, that will offer small companies that want to announce an alternative different from Google. Microsoft with its Bing finder hopes that the association offers an increase in the volume of searches, besides attracting advertisers with its platform of publicity online. For Bing it is necessary to gain a great amount of advertisers to provide a experience of quite significant publicity. Not yet it is known for sure if the union between Bing and Yahoo is successful, then without a doubt Google has been in means much more time and has a platform of much more robust publicity online. The result can get to be a saturated market, mainly for the market of the key words determined.

It is important to consider that Google and Bing arrive at different public. Google is the finder by defect for the majority of the people, reason why the publicity in Google has a greater impact as far as public talks about. On the other hand Bing, at the moment, also can get to present/display a high level of traffic, since from him access to the MSN hearing can. As far as statistics, the quota search of Google in past May was of around a 64% in comparison with the 12 percent that registered Bing in searches. Nevertheless, the new society between Yahoo and Bing can get to bring a traffic combined of more of 30%, almost half than Google it registers with services like Webmaster Tools, publicity online Adwords and Adsense, East etc. traffic level that add the two companies of Internet can give a hard blow to the campaigns of publicity of Google. Microsoft is betting strongly by its future in the search and in the publicity online, also it is investing without repairs in a platform combined for advertisers, who are beginning to be an attractive option beyond Google Adwords.


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