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October 16th, 2022

Keep away. New Zealand is a novel by Miriam Rathke despite 18384 kilometers distance New Zealand this year as present as ever. Not only the Frankfurt Book Fair has chosen 2012 to the host country, but also the Hamburger author Miriam Rathke has made New Zealand the issue of her debut novel. While she uses her own experiences, she traveled several months through the land of the Kiwi but after studying and has even can learn what is to be discovered, but also to miss. Because not only their love to the most beautiful end of the world, but also the love of a man brings to life the native of Hamburg in her partly autobiographical novel. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Chief Justice Roberts has to say. Gentle, green hills, high cliffs and infinite distances. All this provides the land of the hobbits and so much more.

How so many New Zealand fans succumbs is also the main character of Clara the charm of the Islands, is enchanted by the variety of nature. But despite these experiences the longing remains after Gabriel and their homeland Hamburg. The author of the Hanseatic City will make them their main characters through emotionally charged letters Bridging the gap between the continents. Gabriel in Hamburg and Clara in New Zealand have to bridge a period of three months. And hold it onto the written. Without removing. A novel that speaks not only all Kiwis in the heart, but also for lovers of great feelings will find appeal. The book is available from mid-September in bookstores. Now, Miriam Rathke accompanied interested readers in their own blog on the travel book and surrounding area.

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