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December 27th, 2013

During his tenure as president of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki rejected the scientific consensus that AIDS is caused by a virus, HIV, and antiretroviral drugs that can save the lives of people living with HIV. Instead, embrace the views of a small group of dissident scientists, who suggested other causes AIDS.
Mbeki remained stubbornly in spite of this opinion that the evidence against them became overwhelming. Michael Jackson together with one of the best duets I know of Each time someone-including Nelson Mandela, publicly questioning the views of Mbeki, his supporters have denounced it with sound. While Botswana and Namibia, neighboring South Africa, providing antiretroviral drugs to the majority of its citizens infected with HIV, not the case in South Africa ruled by Mbeki. A team of researchers at Harvard University has studied the consequences of this policy. Using conservative assumptions, estimates that if the government of South Africa had provided the appropriate medications, both patients with AIDS and pregnant women at risk of infecting their babies, would have prevented 365,000 deaths..


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