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April 18th, 2014

Thus: … democratization of the public is about a social possibility of access to the culture of the favored populations less, that the public politics aim at from years 60, particularly for the opening of the houses of culture and the development of the action or still the concern with the not public one (pg 78). In this way this question of the democratization constitutes object of common quarrel for politicians and sociologists, representing two possible directions practical and the theoretician. aesthetic 1.2Percepo Under this aspect the author comments that Bourdieu opens a way interested for the social use photographs of it, the boarding statistics is completed for a more qualitative method, to the base of interviews in depth, that after that it will be used by sociologists of the art and the culture in its works of field. Thus: ' ' the sociology of the reception precedes the sociology of the taste, questioning not them aesthetic preferences, but the conditions that allow to see to emerge a judgment in terms of beauty (or feira, of art or no-arte' ' (pg.82). In this way, as much the objective properties them workmanships with the receiving mental pictures, and the pragmatic contexts of reception are requested in the probability to see an object in aesthetic terms qualified, the description of these changes, and the explicitao of its logics, supplying to sociology a rich program of research in possibilities.

artistic 1.3Admirao In accordance with Heinich, the sociology of the art if inclines to a sociology of values ' ' . it is that the art if becomes object of well bigger investments of what those of that if they occupy the specialists traditionally, when is interested for the origin, for the felt value and of obras' ' (pg 84). Thus an aesthetic one meets not only in the register of values as possible qualification of the workmanships, or of its authors, parallel to the moral, sensitivity, the economic rationality or the feeling of justice.


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