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Insist Voter

June 27th, 2012

Which the origin of the politician where we deposit our vote? Of where they raise, for where goes? Who is it? Its resume? The voter in its grandemaioria nor bind exactly. The politician adores everything this and is little selixando for our opinion, any that is it. I also see centenasde politicians engalfinhados until the neck in actions at law. Elesfazem what they want! Beyond what these ' ' pesquisas' ' they eleitoreirasinfluenciam excessively in the favourite target: The majority. The more acomodadoo voter will be, more accepted all passively. If it forgets that todossomos victims, all we we suffer, either with the lack of security, deficit education, chaotic public health, beyond, of the many taxes, etc. The staff is if becoming indebted excessively. Speaking in he would mdiadeveria it to this to divulge the amount of cars that the banks take for month, because not heim? Exactly knowing which to the reply I ask thus exactly.


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