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International Day

March 9th, 2024

There is a journalistic fraternity such a saying: “It’s hard and clumsy life of a simple journalist.” So let us in one of the professional journalists holidays will please their wonderful gifts. But let’s not forget that this is not Only one of the professional events, but also the day when all reporters can feel their unity and solidarity. In the selection of gifts we will consider that! And as we all know that journalists – people inquisitive, active, and Most importantly – creativity, then the choice of gifts will build on proverbs and aphorisms, which of them folded. The main thing in this day (September 8, 2008) to accompany a gift “aforizmatichnoy phrase. For example, there have journalists a saying: “Prepare the material about summer in winter:) So, we can, despite the fact that this holiday falls on September, did not limit themselves to gifts fall orientation. Feel free to Give a beach umbrella or beach slippers, well, and utter the above proverb! Sometimes, journalists say about his mission this way: “In fact in the lake and the pike, so that fish awake.” All that they first learn about all the people tell. And we accompany proverb fishing tackle. Fishing rods, spinning, jig and fishing lines, chaise or inflatable boat – all will be welcome. (As opposed to novelist).

And men – journalists, going on a fishing trip, will be able to exercise full “male solidarity”! 🙂 And here is a poet, educator and critic Matthew Arnold spoke the following aphorism: “Journalism – is literature on the run.” This aphorism is the way, if your boyfriend or girlfriend interested in sports. It only remains to find a shoe size! Besides sneakers, good gift will sport shirt, dress or jacket, all sorts of projectiles for physical training – from the simulator to a rope. A Slovenian aforist Petan Hot graced us with the following dictum: “On a brighter future care policy, of a bright past – historians, of a bright present – journalists. And to your friend easier to take care “of a bright present, give him a desk lamp, lovely sconces or floor lamp. In extreme cases, suit and a flashlight:) If all of these gifts to your friends, is not appropriate, therefore, need such an aphorism that it does not limit your imagination and your opportunities. through. And we have this! As said Dame Rebecca West: “A journalist – a man with a gift every day to fill the void. ” So, can give all-all-all! All that will fill the void, or your friend’s apartment, or have in his closet, or in the fridge go for it! Know and following.

On this day – International Day of Solidarity of journalists – are all kinds of congresses and conferences, which bring together journalists from different countries. At the celebrations, they receive awards for their work. For example, awarding a Pulitzer Prize – the most prestigious journalists in America – almost always happens on September 8. Find out in advance if your not invited to each one of these conferences? Then, in the gift will be very timely to present a road bag, a foreign phrase, or an interesting book that will brighten up the road. This day is not only a professional holiday of workers of mass media. This – a holiday for all of us. Because it is difficult to imagine modern society without information, without the professional look at the facts and events of our lives.


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