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Investor Profile And Horizon Personal Finance

July 24th, 2017

Your profile as an investor in financial terms: A higher risk, higher yield. A lower risk, lower performance. Investors should understand that being too ambitious can be counterproductive to the extent of compromising their heritage. Investment decisions should be based on the time of your life where you are and in your personal preferences regarding risk and time horizon of the inversion.Basically there are three profiles to identify what type of investor is: the conservative investor, the moderate and aggressive. A conservative investor is defined as a person totally risk averse, so that its channel strategy will usually be 100% of its assets to investments that promise security on such capital invested in government securities (bonds), such as bonds Treasury (“Treasury Bonds” or U.S.

Savings Bonds), both commonly classified as risk-free. In the middle are the moderate investor. It is a person who values the safety of invested capital, but also allocates a percentage of its resources to equity instruments (eg shares listed on the bag). A moderate investor will have a moderate strategy, for example to invest 90% in fixed income instruments and 10% in equities. At the other extreme lies the aggressive investor. Look for the extraordinary returns that can generate some markets while know and assimilate the risk it poses. Therefore, your strategy will give more weight, at least 30% of your money, investments in equity instruments. HORIZON is the time required to achieve a particular investment objective. Any investor must be clear about what their horizon for investment, how to choose correctly which inverter.De assets can be used just as an investment strategy that combines both types of investment instruments conservative, moderate and aggressive well as to different horizons of the premises tempo.Es important to remember that it is never too late to start saving and investing, and that the earlier is begins the better the results in time. Contact information is here: Ohio Senator.


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