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Iranian Oil

February 11th, 2014

The fear that the Iranian oil fell at the hands of the nazistas hurried the exit of the father of Pahlevi. The Allies had perceived that the son could be more passive and to accept the occupation better. They were certain. The government of x Pahlevi Prayer was a man centraliser. In its government, they were gifts its circle of allies. Those that made opposition were pursued. It arrived to be accused by international agencies diverse times for disregarding the rules of the human rights in the country.

To each year that passed, it increased its personal richness, what it contrasted with the poverty of the population. In the decade of 1950, it implanted a series of measures that was known as ' ' Branca&#039 revolution; '. Through it, it modernized the economy of the country and ocidentalizou many customs. Pahlevi moved in a wasps’s nest when making an agrarian reform with lands of the religious leaders. The opposition of this segment increased.

Moreover, much of the practical occidental people, as the flexibilizao of the clothes in the woman, as well as the maquiagem, films, musics, games, were seen as half of deteriorizao of the Iranian culture. The series of reforms really made with that the Iranian economy grew, however, this improvement was not felt by the ample majority of the population. It was increased income concentration and the popular idea, stirred up for the religious ones, of that everything that was occurring for the distanciamento to the Islamic customs. In the measure where the poverty if spread, the number of people was multiplied who if came back to the basic values of the Isl. The Revolution Meanwhile, the opposition forces if agglutinated around a name? the Ayatola *** Ruhollah Khomeini. This religious xiita (let us remember that 89% of the Iranian population are xiita) was exiled in Iraq. Shortly after Saddam Hussein to assume the power in this country, x Pahlevi Prayer requested that Khomeini was banishes, similar to diminish the influence of it in the Anger.


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