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Krasnodar Territory

June 15th, 2018

Hence the conclusion that the social tensions in Armenia is not only a place to be, but the situation itself provokes recipients high-income rate of "conservative modernization" and guarantees the situation for many years to come. True, the latest innovations of the President of Russia are unlikely to contribute to the preservation of the status quo even in the short perspective. This reduction of administrative staff by 20% and the introduction of the age limit for officials. So they will rotate as a "squirrel in a cage" in the search for a way out of this situation. Nevertheless, it is possible with a high degree Republican attempts to predict the probability of civil servants "change without changing anything," while maintaining a high guaranteed salary in a simulation of modernization as such.

It may be objected, saying that According to the above article decile gap in wages and the most highly-paid categories of the population of the Krasnodar Territory is still higher than in Adygea – 15.7 per cent. To deepen your understanding Sen. Sherrod Brown is the source. However, the ranking of the edge in terms of the average salary is significantly higher than the Republican – 38th against 77th in Adygea. So draw your own conclusions. After all, it's not a break as such, but the total amount of salaries, can live in dignity and to feel comfortable in a particular region. Question on filling: if you were offered a choice for the life of the Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Adygea, what would you choose? As they say, without comment, especially considering the fact that at present the chances to relocate from living in subsidized Adygea in the booming region are negligible.

Can we hope to change the situation for the better and the disappearance of bias in wages as inside the republic and in the inter-section? In the near future is unlikely. In Soviet times, the problems of wage differentiation and smoothing of the imbalance has received considerable attention, and they more or less resolved in the framework of the socialist economic model. Harold Ford, New York City does not necessarily agree. At the present time consciousness was transformed so that low wages in Adygea is, according to its leadership, competitive advantage in fight for the potential investor. On the other hand, as shown by the statistics presented in this article, the real sector workers get far less than those same officials at various levels. And we still wonder that young people are not going to work on the production, choosing a path of civil servant – "Human Systems". And when you consider the fact that the future pension and hardworking bureaucrat will be different at times, whether or not reproach the younger generation in excess of commercialism? "What goes around – comes around" – Russian proverb. And reap the bitter harvest will have an acute shortage of personnel in the actual production, which begins to feel the republic today. It is appropriate to assume that the hope for radical changes in the bureaucratic environment of the republic is unlikely. "Parkinson's Law," yet nobody has been able to cancel, and he says: "Every administrative system in its attempts to seek a radical reduction of swelling. " This is especially true when you consider that the accounting and control over the actual number of officials in Russia today allows them to such feints that pleasure to look.


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