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August 29th, 2021

It catches a knife. It takes, knocks down it, mounts and is giving of cloth with the knife in its face! Luiz to laugh very! It rolls in the soil! Clio: – We go! This babaca leaves there! Sixth and I finish act They arrive at house of Carlinhos and only find it and drunk! Clio: – Carlinhos! What it hears? Carlos: Clio! I fought with the rose! – Luiz, my brother! Clio: – Where it is? Carlos: – I do not know! It left there! Luiz looks at for Clio and the two perceive that it does not know of the accident! Clio decides to count! Clio: – Carlos! He had an car accident little! Carlos looks at for Clio distrustful and starts to cry! J starts music ne regret rien Carlos: it was! It was! Clio: it was itself my love! It only cries, in the soil! Carlos: – The guilt is mine! I fought with it! Luiz: the guilt is alone of it. The guilt is not its! Carlos raises stuned! Carlos: – why you say this? (he catches Luiz for the collar) Then Luiz speaks: Luiz: – it was namorando with the Juan, excrement! she hears – me! Carlos: Clio! It is really? Clio: It is! Certain time I saw the two if kissing! Luiz: Carlos! It died it together with. The two came arguing! It was pregnant of it! They came of a motel! Luiz cries in the arms of the friends. In end it it discovered the value of the friendship! Luiz: – then! What he will be of us? Ne continues to touch J music regret rien! (All seat with Carlos and take whiskey with it and it says): Carlos: from today on in the three we will live together and nobody nor nothing will separate in them. My friends, after whom he happened in my life.

After having conquered to be able, women and money, the only thing that was the friendship. My true friends who had never abandoned me. Clio: – which is my brother arrives of speech. Or you still are politician? Carlos: – my love! Politics! Never more. The three friends if hug and stamp the commitment!


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