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Market Research Steps

April 9th, 2013

In all of my classes I always say to the students of the importance of that when we carry out any work, shopping, parenting and even to conquer a lady should do an investigation and I do. Well the idea is more professional then give them the step for the development of a market research more they don’t confuse it with a marketing plan that are very similar 1 – establish the need for information the researcher must understand, clearly, the reason for which the information is needed. You must set the need for specific information on research, it is critical and difficult to research process phases. 2 Specify research objectives and the objectives of research information needs answer the question why are being carried out this project? They are commonly set in writing. Information needs must answer the question do you need specific information in order to achieve I objectives? It can be considered a detailed enumeration of the research objectives. 3 Determine the sources of data the next step is to determine if the data can get updated from internal or external sources of the hotelmanagement. If the data can be obtained from internal or external sources, the next step will be to collect new data.

4. Develop forms to collect data the content of the format in which the data are collected will depend on the data to be collected by means of interviews or observation. The process by which develop the formats for data collection, through interviews, is more complex; the wording of the questions, the sequence of questions, the use of direct questions on contra-posicion to the indirect and the format in general of the cuetionario are very important. 5. Design the first matter which must be taken into account when designing the sample is the sample the determine who or what is what is going to be included in the same.


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