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Mechanisms Accounting

November 23rd, 2013

This article series 'Differences 1C: Enterprise 7.7 by 1C: Enterprise 8', I want to pay attention to changes made in the applied mechanisms of the platform. Basic Delivery Platform includes all the contours of the program, necessary to implement timely, accounting and calculating the rfp. The platform added an unprecedented part of the 'Go', which allows us to implement the transition to related information, such as movements documents in the register alias attached to the elements directory. The updated version of 1C: Starting in August, can cause not only documents, but other items such as manuals, plans, invoices, etc. Removed limitation on the number of levels of system directory where the parent may lurk as an object reference, as well as a group. Implemented support for the subordination of directories across multiple objects, such as: elements, groups, groups and elementy. directory, it is possible to attach multiple table parts responsible for the storage of a variety of additional data having the same structure. Added the possibility of predefined objects directory specified when configuring the platform.

Added ability to ban the posting of operational mode for the document. Added ability to assign the table portion of the document, which gives the option to save the various data that have the same structure. Movement of the document, were able to form both in his posting, and specials. Processing, as well as added support for the movement document different dates, different from the date of the document. Review on this change in application engine program created by 1C over, and in a forthcoming article will review the data storage mechanism and the mechanisms descriptions of the characteristics.


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