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Mediterranean Diet

January 25th, 2023

The main ingredient of the Mediterranean diet is olive oil which is used for all meals either at breakfast (bread with oil), midday (salads) or at night. (Similarly see: rusty holzer). Bread, cereals, vegetables, vegetables and fruits are foods that should form part of the daily diet of children and older since they are a source of vitamins and allow us to maintain our ideal weight. The energy contribution greatly, as with athletes, comes from the consumption of pasta, rice for its rich in carbohydrate composition. Another of our sources of supply is milk, especially at early ages since they provide us with a high protein level. Along with the milk, dairy products like yogurt also represent an important element in the food pyramid. Seasonal products also play an important role in a balanced diet that is consumed at its best. Meat and fish complete the food chain along with moderate consumption of other products like egg. Blue fish is recommended once or twice per week already that protective properties against cardiovascular diseases are attributed to him. Water is the beverage par excellence in the Mediterranean, like wine, to be taken in moderation (1 cup for women) and 2 for men. Perform physical activity according to the ages and capacities of each.


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