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Mendoza: A Surprising Range

January 27th, 2011

There are certain places or regions with attractive identifies a more specific or more specific as the beach or the mountains, where one knows what to find. But there are regions like Mendoza Capital and its surroundings that we offer a range of options unthinkable. From the geographical, cultural or even what industry. Here we list some of the options to enjoy this rich region started off touring the city of Mendoza, its striking ditches on the sidewalks, the pin San Martin (designed by landscape architect Carlos Thays) with Andean Zoo and Cerro de la Gloria (where the spectacular Army of the Andes ) in honor of the Padre. The picturesque Independence Square which houses the Modern Museum of Art among others. Area highlights: 1) Wineries: The industry’s most rampant in the area, perhaps along with tourism, which has strong influence in this region, a large number of wineries located on the outskirts of the city, many of them open their doors to tourists who come to see the big barrels, taste some wine or just learn more about this exciting industry, tremendous growth in recent times.

You can visit among others, the Chandon Winery, Bodega Luigi. Zooming out a few kilometers from the city are. 2) Health Tourism: The Baths of Cacheuta: a climate center, which is used in the summer resort with a water with pools of different temperature and infrastructure ideal for a sunny day. Where to find the mythical a Hotel a classic in the area. Since the mountains are located inside different cities to visit and enjoy: 3) Adventure Tourism: a summer village with beautiful mountain landscapes, the same is intersected by the Rio Mendoza, an ideal river rafting, you can also make different of trekking, horse riding, paragliding, camping and mountain biking. 4) History: Uspallata, a beautiful city that was one of the highlights of the epic San Martin, being a post royal road of the Vice-royalty.

In the area are the so-called “vaults”, which are colonial buildings of mud dome-shaped roof that apparently were erected in the eighteenth century, for the exploitation of metals such as gold and silver. It also comments that these domes melted the metal to make weapons of prominent Army of the Andes. Nowadays a museum and was declared a historical monument. 5) Ski: winter sports center with hotels and variety of services to Ski or Snowboard practice, a mountainous landscape that is painted white in winter to the delight of visitors. 6) Climbing: Travel almost to the border with Chile, Latin America is the mecca of the sport. Aconcagua, a mass of almost 7000 meters high, this area is called a the roof America , with specialized park rangers, guides and equipment to develop this complex and risky sport. 7) Tours: no doubt are two different options but we must not fail to do is to know Christ the Redeemer (on the border with Chile) and the Puente del Inca, of incredible beauty. These are some alternatives that offers this thriving area. There are many more things to discover, but that’s another trip. For more information enters.


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