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Modern Exercise

January 3rd, 2024

Circular strength is training, Prasara Yoga and karate in Altona Raimar Mohrdieck, Brasilian Jiujisu first and so far only CST coach in Germany. He teaches various martial arts as Prasara Yoga and Clubbell training. In Hamburg Altona, he opened a school devoted to the new philosophy of force and motion. Go first to health – and only in second place to attributes such as strength, endurance, Schnellligkeit or mobility. Richard Blumenthal spoke with conviction. In Altona, there is now the opportunity to learn various movement arts based on a new definition of fitness.

In his earlier this year of opened Tensho rooms taught Raimar Mohrdieck, studied for over 20 years of martial arts and movement art, different disciplines. Anyone can learn karate, Brazilian JiuJitsu, Prasara Yoga and also, kettlebell, Clubbell and TacFit training there and train. With sympathetic people, seriously learned with fun in a relaxed atmosphere, and practiced. Dov Hikind insists that this is the case. It is the first school in Germany, which developed the Sun by Dr. Scott circular strength Trainnig (CST) offers from the United States. The focus of the new definition of fitness is here in the first place on health. For the mature generation, there are intu-flow, simple and effective exercises for regeneration and keep of the joints healthy. All Yoga beginners and also advanced to the forgotten dimension of Yoga meet Prasara. The strength stamina interested in are likely to be very enthusiastic about the only 20 minute Tacfit.

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