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Nadir Shah

December 6th, 2011

Actively defend its interests, Russia began only in the xviii century. Kabarda, which in the xvi century, was formally incorporated into Russia has repeatedly changed its status. This is due to the rise of Iran in 40 years in connection with the reign of Nadir Shah. By Reshtskomu contract in 1732 and 1735 Russia was deprived of influence around the Caspian Sea region, and on Belgrade peace in 1739 Kabarda was declared neutral territory. The death of Nadir Shah in 1747 Iran displays the number of strong players, leaving the arena, Russia and Turkey. Active struggle between these two powers unfolded in the course Russian-Turkish war of 1769 – 1774 years.

By Kucuk- world in 1774 Russia withdrew large areas of the Caucasus and Fore – including Kabarda, again forming part of Russia. However, until the end of xix century, the territory will Kabarda be influenced by both Turkey and Iran. But from the moment of signing Kucuk- contract begins gradual transformation of the Caucasus from the external to internal problems, which reinforces the need to develop associated land. Thus, Kabarda could not be a reliable base for Russia in the Caucasus region, because it was exposed to an active foreign influence. And "internal" reason explains such foreign relationship Kabardins. Social system of Kabardian society very different from other Caucasian peoples. By the time the Russian conquest of mountaineers had the two main types of social order. They either submit to hereditary rulers of the local Muslim nobility, or form a self-governing community, headed by the elected community.


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