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Nation Regions

May 16th, 2018

More than what to return the regions, the primordial attention is the negotiations, the revision of the statute to be applied or still the authorization for the consolidation. The country if showed creative, with ability politics and organization so that its strategy can intervene United Nations with the polar regions of decision of the Organization of (the ONU) and above all it searchs elements that fortify the bases. If it did not have this, it would be plus a movement bred that went to dissolve itself in the time and nothing it would be decided. All the Moroccans need to have conscience of that a great responsibility will be delivers in its hands and that the Saarianos the levels go to have a representation in the society in all (in the social movements, politicians and inside of the parties). He will be that the people is prepared for such joint and ahead of the phases of the reorganization and the progress of the society for a next future? Morocco considered the autonomy, but it has that to remain itself ahead smart of the regional forces that go to appear in the scene.

Because the recovery of the ethnic dignity will have to influence the public power for ample transformations. Although suffered desagregadoras external pressures throughout the years, the saarianos obtain to remain themselves joined under one same national feeling. In end, them they had decided that when will have a conscience more stoned politics, they themselves will inside form its associations and organizations of the different regions of the kingdom, with sight to internally argue the problems that affect the country. However this depends, however, of the maturity and the opening of this society. Sanctioned for the confidence of the forces of the parents and corresponding to the apelos generalized ones of my fellow citizens, I only believe sacrificing the just rest the one that had right, joining with the society with firmness by the way to continue serving to the Nation. Leading optimum of in the ones building a strong nation, joust and it pacifies. Consolidating the partisan barrier, converting the sovereign law to create in the next generations the taste for the practical one to the peace instead of discord. Lahcen EL MOUTAQI


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