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Navarrete Gorjn

December 16th, 2012

These two firings are translated in a truly showy event that causes that the police, with powerful firearms, compulsive and indiscriminately begin to shoot against the occupants of the second truck. The dead fire is so devastating that it produces a crazy number of and wounded, and a thing is well clear and is of manifesto: two police are hurt of smaller gravity by cutting weapons that are identified like machetes, whereas all the hurt deads and were fleeting and were touched by firearms. All the witnesses who entrevistamos agree in indicating that the police acted compulsively, fry prepotently and by irritation, without responding to moderately logical schemes, since she does not consist that they responded to an attack with firearm, against they. () It is the red truck (which was not baleado) in that the greater number of members of the OCSS travels. One does not notice that they offer resistance. The blue truck () however, must like travelers to a majority number of settlers who go of purchases or to take care of subjects personal in Coyuca de Bentez. Two supposed member ones of the OCSS that travels in the canvas that was in the ceiling, is those that they descend machete in hand, and apparently throws blows against the police.

The others do not take part and some from which they descend defend hiding itself underneath the transport. A firing or explosion, and practically all the police in unison begins to shoot. One affirms that in past days the police had been attacked and thinking that the same would return to happen they use its arms against disarmed people, since does not consist convincingly that the occupants of the truck carried firearms, especially who no of the police was wounded from bullet. () the high authorities of the government of the state of Guerrero, at the end of the month of June of 1995, before the obvious gravity of the masacramiento (sic) of disarmed civilians, and only two hours of the event, they began to create an artificial version of the facts (). Hilda Navarrete Gorjn, president of the Center of Human rights the Voice of without Voice, mentioned that the slaughter ” it is a case that stays in impunity.

We agree that the violation of the human rights, economic and social remains; the poverty circumstances have not improved for the community, as numeral 14 entrusts the CNDH in recommendation 104. ” There has been indemnification no due to the victims, the State has preferred to be put under the blackmail of dishonest leaders who really do not make justice in this caso” , it expressed. After 14 years of abuse, impunity, illegality and reprimand, Mexico continue living these acts, that not only let see the injustice in the country, but delay the democratic progress for a right, equitable and impartial country where all we see beneficiaries and not only those in the power, but what we must to do? against that they do not take care of the interest of the town, those that they only look for to be well among them, between compadres.


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