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NG Chernyshevsky

December 28th, 2011

By the middle of the XIX century the dominant print publication is a monthly literary community, whose main figure is not an editor or publisher and a leading critic, publicist, which defines orientation of the media. Private newspapers almost was not, and only in 1838, there are "Provincial Gazette". In Russian society at that time there were three main currents: the conservative, liberal and revolutionary-democratic, each of which had their own publications. Interests of the liberal-conservative reflect, above all, the magazine "Russian Gazette", published in 1856, MN Katkov, and speaking for abolition of serfdom in the autocracy and the rule of landed nobility. Since 1861, Katkov is actively praveet – against Herzen and Chernyshevsky condemned the Polish uprising of 1863, positioning itself statist.

And in "Russian Gazette" and in the newspaper "Moscow News", which Katkov leases since 1863, he criticized the anti-Russian European policy, the internal strife of the liberals, unmasked sedition. On liberal standing position of the newspaper "the St. Petersburg Gazette," "Our Time" magazine and "Notes of the Fatherland," Krajewski, but the most significant impact on the society was a democratic journal "Contemporary", continues chaired by N. Nekrasov. Already in the mid 50s Nekrasov has taken steps to revive the magazine after the reaction pressure 1848-1855 period, including drawing on the contributions it LN Tolstoy, IS Turgenev, IA Goncharova and others venerable authors and opened the comic section "Jumble," which "made its debut," Kozma bars. Since 1854 in the "Contemporary" begins to work NG Chernyshevsky – and as a literary critic and a publicist and politician, who started struggle for the democratization of the "Contemporary".

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