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May 24th, 2011

"For 10 years we have learned to see better. Our eyes have seen the individual neurons that are 'included' in the brain, watching the inner life of cells and monitored live for embryo development. They spotted planets similar to Earth, they saw the water on Mars and 'photographed' first moments of the universe after the Big Bang '- the newspaper writes. However, despite all of the outstanding achievements, science has made our lives happier and more secure. Indeed, we are living longer, but the number of people who cut short his life at a young age continues increase. We have spoiled the environment and can not bring himself to change his attitude towards nature. Well, of course, the invaluable contribution of science to improve our ability to destroy each other.

No matter how we tried to improve and modify the conditions of our lives, it does not diminish our suffering. The formula of quality of life and remained inaccessible to reason. Continuing to make new discoveries, we are increasingly concerned that they will be applied in detrimental to humanity. It became apparent that no amount of knowledge and technology development may not reduce the manifestation of evil and selfishness. Man in himself, we have not been able to upgrade. Technogenic development is not exhausted, but we are almost have reached the barrier. The question 'why do we need all this? " becoming increasingly important, emerging from the evaluation of most of our research.

Where do we find such a science that will help a person gain confidence in tomorrow and find a happy life? What science can help us enter into harmony with nature, to perceive the world and ourselves in it, as a whole? But for this we need to disclose other properties of nature: instead of egoistic forces receive – recoil force, the fundamental law, which exists in nature. And for this we have to learn to build their attitude toward the world in the likeness of the law of equilibrium that exists at all levels of nature. This will give to the target, knowing right direction. Giora Stark source – online newspaper One World


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