Despite The Economic Crisis Online Communities Are Booming

July 13th, 2018
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Evaluation of community study 2009, conducted by pludoni GmbH Dresden, January 31, 2010 – to capitalize on this success, must companies that understand the behavior and motivation of the increasingly active Internet users. Innovations can be accelerated through Internet-based networking enormously, resulting in that social software in 2010 will be one of the most strategic investments for companies. Web 2.0 technologies that have long reached a large spread in the private sector, allow an active communication and a culture of open dialogue between companies their employees, partners, and customers. The community was conducted by Enrico Hanisch study within the framework of a Diplomaarbeit on behalf of pludoni GmbH,. The pludoni GmbH is specialized on community management in the B2B area between HR and business leaders to the direct recommendation of candidates.

For example belong to the communities and. “Communitystudie 2009” aimed to an in-depth overview of use and Perspectives of online communities in German companies to deliver. In this context, it was analyzed, which business objectives help companies through the usage of communities what are the driving forces behind the introduction of this technology, and is evaluated as their usage. Also interested in success factors for use by communities in the economic environment and an analysis of the evolving profession “Community Manager”. The result of the poll that showed that the majority of the companies surveyed in enterprises is an important investment in the future was not surprisingly. In addition, online marketing tools in the marketing of online communities play a much more important role than the traditional marketing measures. On the success and measuring the impact of online communities, the hypothesis could be confirmed that non-monetary variables (improved customer relations, employee satisfaction, etc.) is more frequently used as monetary figures.

(increased sales, cost reductions, etc.). Clear the hypothesis that companies that are in a traditional offline business network member, later assess the importance of online communities for business success was confirmed. As the largest impeller with the introduction of online communities within companies conducting business and the marketing department showed. Read more about the study here: node/1010. pludoni comes from Esperanto and means “pass”. We will share our experiences, our knowledge and the results of our ongoing interest in new Internet technologies, communication networks of or direct, immediate, simple to make. Since 2008, we manage communities. The goal of our members and partners is to strengthen the economic power of the industrial regions of Germany for entrepreneurs across corporate boundaries. We are intensifying with our skills, to develop, to make communication efficient online reputation of companies and technical platforms again and again on the increasing demands the users to adapt. Trust and appreciation are our decisive factors. Communities managed by pludoni are organized, hosted, and maintained by modern standards. Enterprise 2.0 solutions make transparent company, support confidence and consistency of all those involved. We are prepared for them. More info at, and. contact: pludoni GmbH of Jorg Kapoor of Pillnitz Highway 73 b 01326 Dresden


Eternal Hardwood Classics

July 13th, 2018
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The traditional material for wall low-rise buildings is a tree. Wood as a material has many important advantages. Wood fairly easy to stick together, easily connected with nails, screws, etc. She is well handled and lends itself to decoration. In terms of the ratio of the density and strength of wood can be compared with metallami.Steny home should be durable, have good sound insulation qualities that have, perhaps, less weight, provide permanent facilities in the temperature regime required for the building. The strength of wood is defined types of wood, density, moisture content, presence of defects.

Humidity is the free and bound. Feature of the free moisture is that it evaporates from the tree very easily. To test this, it suffices to recall that the rain soaked wood dries fairly rapidly, for several hours. Bound moisture, by contrast, evaporates slowly, and in order to dry the wood, without resorting to the aid of special technology, can take a few years. Malousyhayuschie: spruce, fir, cedar, white poplar, pine and others Sredneusyhayuschie: oak, elm, beech, aspen, ash, black cottonwood, small-leaved lime, etc. Silnousyhayuschie: Norway maple, hornbeam, larch and birch. Since the density and moisture content of wood is closely linked its ability hold a metal mount. The higher wood density, the higher the resistance to pulling out a nail or screw.

Humidity makes driving nails into wood. Hardness – the ability of wood resist the penetration of solids. Widespread in Russia have long been used for tree construction. It is perfect for areas with any climate. And today, this traditional material is often used in the construction of the beautiful and warm houses. Its special features allow you to achieve a high level of indoor comfort. In recent years, suburban housing market, many new materials and technologies. However, the wooden houses are still the most popular among individual developers. Much of this popularity is due to the fact that in our country, forest is the cheapest building material.

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French Curtains

July 10th, 2018
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Incidentally, the fabric is useful not only for dress ups, it will be an excellent option for decorating the spacious corridors and halls: fired on wall fabric drapes well as visually separates the empty space, and more recently tissue, along with wooden and bamboo curtains, blinds composing, often used instead of doors to separate interroom space. Sewing curtains – a significant responsibility and a choice only for you, do it yourself, or to trust the designers. Nowadays there are many movements and styles in the design of the curtains, as well There are many types of curtains and themselves, we describe the main ones:-Classic. Benefit from the experience of decorators and designers gathered for centuries, will fit perfectly in almost every room based on the selected fabric. Classic is a classic, and it is in vogue ever! French.

They appear as separate sections, formed of flat, semicircular folds tissue. For French curtains is generally used, lawn, lightweight transparent tulle in different colors and shades or silk light shades. It is necessary that the fabric used was soft and formed from a nice, beautiful eye folds. Richard Blumenthal may find this interesting as well. These curtains are perfect for bedrooms and living rooms where there is antique and classic furniture. -Pleated and Venetian blinds.

If until recently the blinds used exclusively for offices and working spaces, the use of new materials and approaches to design blinds sometimes began to appear in living rooms, starting from the interior design. Pleated is the kind of blinds, they have appeared in Germany and they are a tissue, mounted on a special profile and use the cord, chain or electric gathering in the thin folds. -Roman. Represent a flat sheet of fabric in it at different distances from each other by spacer strips are sewn, giving them look great in both flat and raised in the state. Most commonly used in small volume window, you can use in the kitchen when using synthetic fabrics. Blinds and pleated blinds from Germany

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Furniture Design

July 8th, 2018
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The term "classic" comes from the Latin classicus – a model, the rate order. Classicism prevailed in Europe in the XVII-XIX centuries. It was based on the desire to revive the ancient Greek ideals of beauty. Many of the rules and canons classicism inherited from the ancient art. Europe declined from excessive luxury, pretentiousness, as embodied in the architecture of the Baroque and Rococo, and asked the simple and clear, noble forms of the period of antiquity.

For Classicism typical clear and direct lines right symmetrical forms, the severity of proportions. All of this creates a feeling of solidity, stability, monumentality. In the manufacture of furniture are beginning to use technology marquetry. Gold and bronze is considerably smaller than during the reign of the Baroque and Rococo. Chairs upholstered fabrics with floral pattern. (As opposed to Sen. Sherrod Brown). Form backs are becoming stricter in their decoration of ancient motifs appear: swords, helmets, shields. Furniture of the classicism – a work of art: applied carving, gilding, inlaid with rare woods, mother of pearl, bronze. Classicism is unthinkable without the stucco and sculpture. Read more from Connecticut Senator to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

Empire (Late Classicism) introduces the furnishing military symbols: flags, helmets, swords in the bas-reliefs, and stucco carvings, gilt hands. Classic interior requires expensive, high-quality and natural materials: wood, stone, silk. Very organic look columns with bronze capitals, fireplaces, marble. Colors are used quiet, subdued. Suitable warm colors: all shades of brown, camel, olive, as well as soft cool shades. The walls have a flat surface can be covered with cloth. Wallpaper and carpets must be a single color or with understated pattern. Furniture austere and elegant. Interior in a classical style requires good lighting, most often used chandeliers made of crystal, transparent stone or an expensive glass. Better solution would be bronze or gold-plated chandeliers with shades that mimic a candle. The classic situation involves a lot of mirrors visually expand the room. Dominant in the classic color – white. White furniture can be decorated with gilt, upholstered in textiles pastel tones, harmonizing with the color of the walls. No less popular option – furniture the color of natural wood with a bronze finish and blue-green or pink upholstery, and the same fabric used for curtains, bedspreads. Textiles should be combined with the form of upholstered furniture and the color of the wood. In the classical setting appropriate silk, satin, cotton, brocade. Very ennobling room curtains drapes with complex, severe drop-down pleats, with tassels. Paintings decorate the walls is the same size, symmetrically hung on walls. Today, despite the many avant-garde solutions cuisine, the most popular cuisine in classic style. It is warm and cozy. In most cases the furniture is made of wood: oak, beech, birch and acacia. In economical version of the natural materials used for manufacturing frames the facade, the rest of the kitchen furniture is made from mdf, veneered valuable types of wood. Classics people choose solid, conservative. The richness of the classical interior underlines the high social status of the owner, its respectability.



July 7th, 2018
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In a time of much innovation in the area of louvor of the churches it is opportune to reflect concerning the function of the adorador as well as all the procedures that involve this ministry. Here it is the question: until point the musical evolution is beneficial, which the certain limit for ‘ ‘ progresso’ ‘. It will be that with all these innovations are having a mixture between the saint and the profane one? Ez. 42:20 Is on this and other subjects related to the worship and the louvor that we will go to treat in this congress. Gain insight and clarity with Sen. Sherrod Brown. Levita: Of where then it comes the concept of ‘ ‘ levita’ ‘? We take for loan of Israel and the Old Will. Originally, ‘ ‘ levita’ ‘ it means ‘ ‘ descendant of Levi’ ‘ , that he was one of the 12 children of Jac. The levitas had started if to detach enters the 12 tribes of Israel for occasion of the episode of the gold year-old calf.

When Moiss went down of the mount and saw the people delivers to the idolatria, was fulled of anger and charged a positioning of the Israelis. At that moment, the descendants of Levi if had revealed to serve only the Mr. (Former 32:26). Moiss after to intercede for the people goes down of the mount with the two boards of the certification, hearing Joshua the voice of the people who cried out said: it has howl of war in the arraial, Moiss answers: not it is howl of winners nor of the loosers, but howl of that sings is what I hear. Former 32:18,26. From there in ahead, the levitas if had become ministers of God. Amongst them, some were priests (family of Aaro) and the others, its assistant. Although the priests were levitas, he became habitual to separate the two groups.


Ernst Stahl

July 7th, 2018
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Total runs February 1, 2014 but still significantly to slow the conversion in Germany, especially in view of the few remaining working days. The changeover to occur in time and do this as smoothly as possible, the major project of SEPA by the laggards must be tackled promptly”, calls Dr. Ernst Stahl, Research Director at ibi research. The complete study of SEPA implementation in Germany”as well as a SEPA checklist are available under the following link free download available: to latest numbers to developing SEPA in Germany make available to the survey continuously every six months be repeated. There are certain Topics treated closer around payments in Germany.

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Right Lawyer

June 26th, 2018
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Lawyer – a mysterious Professional with 7 seals how do I get a good lawyer? I don’t know that. There is actually no patent recipe to find the right lawyer for themselves. It comes, as is often the case the lawyers it on. “It depends” is no excuse of lawyers, not wanting to set. The lawyer takes apart have the sentence “it depends”, E.g. in it and on it. Get to the right touches such as the question or have under the law, what we know is a huge difference.

They can be convinced of the quality of your work performance such as as a craftsman, if it is not the DIN regulations, “an expert in the process skin” your performance around the ears; you or your witnesses can (or want to) do not remember the events supporting you! Then you may be right, at Court you will not get but your right (say, your account balance). Or, Have clearly what is also confirmed by the experts and the witnesses. worked correctly only: you have asserted late claim at Court, and your party gets only “limitation”, then you will only lose your process, because your claim is barred. In this case you have no right. In this case, law was given however. And immediately the question arises, what is right? You could and you has written books on this issue. It is relatively easier to read books about it. You don’t need to make, your lawyer in a long-term study has done this.

I will write something in another post about this wide subject. And already I’m digressed I the right lawyer, from the subject, think. There are many ways to find a lawyer. There is the possibility to search the Internet for a lawyer for a specific area of law. If you know which special jurisdiction relates to your thing, no problem.


Jailbreak? Yes Or No?

June 21st, 2018
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What does the term ‘ jailbreak’? Jailbreak may refer to the removal of use restrictions in information processing devices that are properly locked by the manufacturer. Originally, the term comes from devices that Apple’s use own iOS operating system. For example, the iPhone or the iPad. Reason: Apple follows a strict Closed World “-business model, there are other vendors of software and programs not welcome guests.” Using the appropriate software the firmware or the OS is modified when a jailbreak, unlock previously locked features or additional software can be installed by third-party on the device. With the jailbreak security mechanisms be overridden so that prevent that not from manufacturer authorized software or applications can be installed and used. So mostly even free, can install through a jailbreak of their smartphones apps from other vendors, for example users of iPhones. This would be without Limited to users only on the Apple’s iStore. A jailbreak is also the prerequisite to the binding of the SIM card to a specific phone providers such as O2 or T-Mobile in Germany, to pick up.

This is possible but not for all devices, as this, the current version of the modem firmware on the device also called a base-band depends on. Is this even allowed? Now the question arises, this approach is actually legal? The situation in Germany and the EU is not uniform. In any case, a jailbreak phone users definitely loses its guarantee. The corresponding clause to find is in any terms and conditions of the manufacturer. Also important – dealers who offer devices with jailbreak and sell, make punishable in Germany. A jailbreak has not only advantages.

Through the jailbreak and change of the file system is blocking certain security measures. As a result, the Smartphone is more vulnerable to viruses or malicious software. In addition, the system is clearly unstable. Also the battery life can be this also drastically shorten. Andre Schonauer of my Pyhone repair


Travel Help For Cardiac And Cancer-stricken Children

June 21st, 2018
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Clinic looking for online and more with the animal sympathetic doctor Leo Lionheart by Soapbox design Lauterbach, December 02, 2009 – fresh went online with is an Kliniksuchportal Soapbox design developed for cardiac and cancer-stricken children. The small patients appropriately, the Soapbox-makers have not sterile look of the database taken Dennis Wehrmann and Veronika Hertrich, but dressed it in friendly colours and with lovingly drawn characters. Focus on doctor Leo Lionheart, a totally trustworthy and likable acting lion in the white coat who is sprung Veronika Hertrich character range is here. Together with his two friends, Adlerin Hilde and turtle Paul, he indicates the visitors of its website via search accurately and easily understood the next clinic. The corresponding mail – and Internet addresses for contact and more information are included of course immediately. is guaranteed quickly found the right clinic and Fear can not come up with this beautifully designed portal, is sure Dennis Wehrmann, who is responsible for Web page layout and design.

Besides the main function of the clinic search, the website doctor Leo Lionheart offers a calendar of events. Here, all dates around the lovable doctor with the big mane are presented clearly. And there are plenty, because the German KinderZentrum for herz-and cancer-stricken kinder e.V. has provided a project on the legs with doctor Leo Lionheart, which is designed to help the small patients comprehensively. It should lead them not only to an appropriate clinic, but facilitate also the time in the hospital, offer child-friendly explanations, reduce anxiety and promote recovery.

To help the Club achieve these goals, Soapbox design in addition to the Web pages of Lion doctor and of the Association ( has already designed a coloring book. The heroes are of course at home developed animal helpers doctor Leo Lionheart, Hilde Adlerin and turtle Paul. A team of professional puppeteers brought these characters also already on the boards that mean her little world, on behalf of the German KinderZentrums for cardiac and cancer-stricken children: with an own piece they conquer since hospitals and theatres. Clinic search and calendar of events, so are the core elements of the new page, there are still of course abundant useful information around the entire project. Easy to use, a wealth of information and a really appealing design is a real help for parents, the young patients and their doctors, explains Soapbox Illustrator Veronika Hertrich convinced, and smiles to confident your Soapbox partner Dennis Wehrmann. Soapbox design is an owner-managed Agency for design and design between Munich and Augsburg, Dachau. Activity focuses on the design and implementation of strong brands, logos, Business stationery, Web designs and illustrations. Media contact: Soapbox design GbR Walker & Hertrich at the Schlossberg 6 85232 Lauterbach contact: Dennis Wehrmann T + 49 (0) 8135 994237 M + 49 (0) 163 2367177

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Youngest Prince

June 21st, 2018
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This will be clearly in elapsing of history, therefore they will be asordens Dos Reis who in it appears, that three children had guided the routes of the protagonist.) fall to its, after an other, the incumbency to watch the tree (evolution. CHEVALIER, J. & GHEERBRANT, A.1996) of apples (fruit doconhecimento. Gold GRIMASSI, R. Perhaps check out Amazon for more information. 2004) (light illumination conhecimento.CHEVALIER, J. & GHEERBRANT, A.1996), that they were being constantementefurtadas.

To put, after an other, the children had failed in its vigil. Continue to learn more with: Harold Ford. Accurately the Youngest Prince, (maisnovo, that he is immature, inexperienced and socially devaluated. BETTELHEIM, B.1980), who the king did not trust, not adormece the midnight, as seusirmos. Thus, exactly not preventing the robery, it witness who o’ ‘ ladro’ ‘ she is, in the truth, the lendria Bird (freedom. CHEVALIER, J.& GHEERBRANT, A.1996) Golden. Only in this beginning, dossmbolos already we have beyond cited, two that they are crucial, therefore summarize, of certain form, history: I number it the three and hour midnight. Number three represents the totality.

Porexemplo, is the three faces of the Christian god, the Father, the Son and the Spirit saints, as well as is three main deuses Greek, Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, etambm the Hindus, Vishmu, Xiva and Brahma (CHEVALIER, J. & GHEERBRANT, A.1996). Also they will be the three objectives of the Youngest Prince, all elesdourados, as we will see in elapsing of the article. Already the half night is one hour detransio, when the night finishes, but not yet is day. Of mesmaforma, the Prince is not plus a child, but not yet he is a man, and contovai to tell this process of transistion. Thus, history continues with the Reimandando that its three children bring it to it Bird. One more time, after an other, they search this objective.