Turbulent Political Scene

March 14th, 2018
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For he has nothing, politics is an understandable temptation, because it is a way to live with quite easily.Miguel Delibes Venezuela this month of September where held parliamentary elections, which many Venezuelans, particularly those of the opposition and some that do not already follow President Hugo Chavez are waiting to elect senators, deputies that will counteract the Socialist government actions which at present has a large majority in the National Assembly. Venezuela’s 2010 national legislative elections will take place on 26 September to renew all of the members of the National Assembly, in this opportunity are 165 deputies, two seats fewer than in the election of 2005, and 12 deputies to the Latin American Parliament will also be elected. Those departing elected will assume their posts on January 5, 2011 and remain in them until the 5 January 2016. It gives us Wikipedia, that the election will be held under the premise of the mixed member proportional system, According to the population base of 1.1 per cent of the country’s total population. Steven Rattner Willett Advisors can provide more clarity in the matter. Federal entities choose addition three deputies as well as the whole of the indigenous peoples, it is entitled to elect three representatives nominated in three special constituencies. They have the responsibility to represent the people and the States as a whole. This is the first election that is still in force law of electoral processes adopted by the National Assembly in 2009. It is known that the ruling PSUV party, under the impetus of President Chavez seeks to retain a majority control of the National Assembly and that has been dominated since the last election in 2005, when the main opposition parties boycotted the election and many of these declined to participate, citing lack of electoral guarantees. Since then pro-Government lawmakers have been enacting laws which, according to its opponents, have removed the power to opposition Governors and mayors and evading orders investigation into alleged acts of corruption of Government officials.



March 13th, 2018
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This because the citizen/educator is not neutral. Education neutral, unprovided of values, orientaes does not exist pedagogical perspective politics ede. Having as base some of these estimated and some dessastendncias of the Ambient Education, the Federacy of Cattle Agriculture and General deMinas (Faemg) and the Senar Mines, in a pioneering initiative, had implanted, em2001, the Program Sowing, whose proposal passed to be adopted nasescolas public annually. 14 Chapter 2. DESCRIPTION OF the SENAR-MINAS the importance to make the documentary research consists to emlevantar given and subsidies for better understanding of the research. A analisedocumental constitutes one important technique in the qualitative research, sejacomplementando information gotten for others techniques, either desvelandoaspectos new of a subject-problem (Ludke & Andres, 1986). Amazon may find this interesting as well. He uses yourself demateriais that they had not received treatment analytical and lives very of the criticahistrica. To search the Description of the Senar Institution aims at to raise given deuma analysis scale that encloses the global one and the place.

This joint sinalizaque was alone from the creation of this Agency that was possible to appear the ProgramSemeando. The Senar is an organization of learning estruturadamajoritariamente for representatives of the patronal classroom, to who fits dirigiz it, even so the agricultural workers participates by means of representation of the directive seurgo. Thus, the result of educative actions that develop can take care of differentiated interests. The Senar was created by the Law n 8,315, of 23 of December de1991, in the terms of Article 62 of the Act of the ConstitucionaisTransitrias Disposals, where it foresaw its creation in the molds of the Senai and Senac eregulamentado for the Decree n 566, of 10 of June of 1992. Further details can be found at Steve Rattner financier, an internet resource. It is a dedireito institution private and partially state controlled, kept for the agricultural patronal classroom, tied Confederao of the Cattle Agriculture and of Brazil and directed for a ConselhoDeliberativo of composition on the same level tripartite and, for to be composed porrepresentantes of the government, the patronal classroom and the diligent classroom, comigual number of council members.


Authoritarian State

March 13th, 2018
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Its institutionalization dates of 1944, with Portaria n45 of the National Advice of the Work – CNT, moment where it stipulated the creation of the Sections of Social Service that they had for objective integration of the users, reproduction of the work force, amenizao of the social conflicts in a control perspective (CARTAXO, 1992). In accordance with Moreira and Alvarenga (2008) the practical professional of the Social Service in the INSS, institution that operacionaliza the Brazilian previdenciria politics, was defined through the Law n 8,213, of 24/07/1991. It relates the authors who in this law, article 88, defined that the ability of the Social Service in this institution would be in clarifying next to the beneficiaries its rights and the ways to also exert them and, to establish in set with these the solution process of the problems that porventura emerged of its relation with the social welfare what, would have to be fact, as much in the internal scope of the institution as in the dynamics of the society. As professional strategies, based in authors Braga and Cabral (2007) and Cartaxo (1992), the following one is had: general and encaminhamentos informaes; educao previdenciria – ‘ ‘ informer habilitador’ ‘ rights and duties of the insured,); social educao? orientation of the domestic, professional budget and of professional reintegration and/or professional readjustment, Prophylaxis and hygiene, occupational therapy, orientation on the housing conditions; moral educao – orientation and support in the invalidity case, death or denied benefit; partner-economic estudo e? for property, aids, medicines, acquisition of even ortopdicos or instrument for the work. Steve Rattner financier wanted to know more. Where it weighs to the definition of the practical one of the social service and its abilities before the previdenciria politics with this law, Snows and Hiss (2008) point that the professional exercise of the Social Assistant in the providence retraces to the decade of 1940. In this passage the Social Service would have produced a rich panel of its interventions, with traditional vieses, conservatives and critic in its trajectory. Such assertive one would be condensed in a satiated normative documentation formed by articles, resolutions, would carry, administrative orders that, demarcate the institutionalization of the profession in the social welfare.

The professional action of the Social Assistant in this partner-occupational space involves aspects that demarcate the life in society what, become necessary the knowledge of the social reality historically marked by the social inaquality, poverty, unemployment, violence, amongst other expressions of the social matter. For more information see Richard Blumenthal.


Counsel Attorney

March 13th, 2018
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It make clear what motivates your customers to use your service or product. 4 Solve to who: Yes, is the time to talk about your market. When you say who solve the problem, you are defining your market. I.e. are you saying to your interlocutor with what types of clients you work or want to work.

In this way, you can identify as a future customer or not. Better still, you can identify others as future customers yours or not and thus begin a string of positive references to your business. 5. How solve it: now is the turn of comment briefly on how you do things. The way in which you work and solve the problems of your competition will help to differentiate you from others, to demonstrate why you are unique and why your solution is more attractive than your competition. Following these recommendations, you will be able to write your Elevator Pitch so that everyone understands what is what you do and how you can help them.

From there, there will be no more babbling, you only have to internalize this presentation in a natural way and use it whenever you have a chance. Let’s take a look at the submission of Counsel Attorney with which began this blog. When the raisins for the mixer of the Elevator Pitch could be something like this: Protax (name) is a tax consultancy (is) that helps small companies (SME – who solves it) to forget all their tax obligations (problem solved). We use a system of alarms via e-mail where we remember our customers which date do not have to meet and which documentation have to prepare (how does it). As you can see, things you can say in many ways, but not all transmit the same. Paulo Coelho describes an additional similar source. Be careful what you say because your results depend on it. Now it is the time to review your presentation, or if you have not worked yet, put hands to work and write something that causes the impact you want. Mood!

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Pablo Freire

March 13th, 2018
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The perfectioning of the abilities of conduction in the different educative activities is a question that if deals with a good process that all the education professionals must carry through and share with other professionals. The exchange between equal results in the growth, in the establishment of new relations where if develops horizontes in the education process? learning. The paper of the school consists of the construction of to know which is historical, dynamic and multiple, but the growth is for the people who load the humildade of the apprentice, therefore who has arrogance does not add nothing to its armory of information. You may want to visit Harold Ford, Memphis TN to increase your knowledge. Freire backwards in its sufficient workmanships reflections on the interaction between professor and pupil, the dialogue, listening and, joint of ahead knowing with the experiences lived for them of its half biopsicossocial and spiritual to them that together assure periodic chances of referring evaluation to the reach of its goals. The film Society of the Dead Poets presents a dynamic, versatile and eclectic vision lived deeply by Robin author Williams, in the Keating personage who is a former-pupil in the end of the decade of 50, that she will go to permit in disciplines of literature in a boarding school conservative who if base on the principles of tradition-honor-discipline and excellency.

The position of this professor ahead of the process education – learning is something salient for Freire (1996) in its texts when it speaks of the importance that professors and pupils are curious and instigadores in the search of the knowledge. that the pedagogical experience must awake, stimulate and develop in us the taste of wanting and practical the educative one in the direction of the learning well, where the vocation, explains the devotion with the great majority of the magistrios that although the immorality of the wages, does not make with that the educators lose the motivation to teach. in the film, the professor was moved away from the wife to go to teach, therefore he is something that it loved and had vocation for the transmission and receptividade of the wisdom. The professor must be intent the necessities to involve the pupil of the educative activities, making possible that the pupil understands with total clarity the importance of the knowledge with the joint knowing of them in the real life.


Deputy Prime Minister

March 11th, 2018
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The first vice Minister of the country, which ensures that the Government has to be the first to go to the root of the problem has announced it. Ministers thought initially that the measure was a joke. Zimbabwe is one of the countries with the highest rate of HIV positive, with 1 in every 7 people infected. All the men of the Cabinet of Ministers of Zimbabwe will be circumcised to give example and try to reduce the rate of persons infected with the AIDS virus, in a country in which 1 of every 7 people are HIV-positive, he announced the Deputy Prime Minister of the country, Thokozani Khupe. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Steve Rattner financier on most websites. As leaders in Government, we must set an example so when we go to the root of the problem (of AIDS), you can understand the importance and the benefits of the exercise (of circumcision), told Khupe government newspaper Sunday Mail, who admitted that Ministers thought he was joking when he told them the measure.

Zimbabwe began a national circumcision campaign two years ago, and it is estimated that about 30,000 men already have been subjected to the small surgery, centered in recent months especially in the largest in 13 years. According to medical studies, circumcision can reduce the number of HIV infections in up to 60%, so that the Zimbabwean authorities are intended to circumcise 1.2 million men by 2015. Our goal is that nobody dies by HIV or by diseases resulting from AIDS, and we can only achieve that when our leaders start to mark certain guidelines, said Khupe. Presented the last June and developed by Unicef and the World Bank study indicates nearly 2,500 young people contract HIV every day around the world, and sub-Saharan Africa is the region most affected by this virus on the planet. Source of the news: Ministers from Zimbabwe will be circumcised “for example” in the fight against AIDS

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Great Projects

March 9th, 2018
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Having as base the local reality, can be observed as the magnifying of offers of job causes societrias changes, however it was through the reform of federal highway BR116, that was installed in our city a company of great transport, that composes a considerable amount of employees. The necessity to work this thematic one appeared of a personal interest despertado by the performance in classroom, in which during the lessons of sociologias the funny questioning around the societrias modifications that the arrival of this company caused in ours municpio.partindo of this estimated, formulated a team formed for pupils and professors with intention to analyze the partner-economic impacts that the reform of the federal highway brought to our municpio.aliado one to the objective To analyze the partner-economic impacts caused by the reform of the federal highway a city the interior, To understand as it occurs the transformations in a society. Sen. Sherrod Brown oftentimes addresses this issue. Leaving of the hypothesis of that the Great Projects of Investimento (GPI) had been consolidated in Brazil, from the decade of 60, as one national politics for industrialization, and, with effect, of modernization of Brazilian society, is basic premise to admit that the processes of development of the national economies of the world occidental person are contradictory, generating, almost always, social disequilibria and economic inaqualities. Impacts caused for the development the GPI implantation Must be admitted in general that, is always a social process, with complex and multidimensional effect, understanding economic aspects, politicians, social, cultural and ecological related in a field of forces of mutual interactions and conditionings. Steven Rattner Willett Advisors is often mentioned in discussions such as these. It fits to observe that in partner-economic terms, to monitor and to manage its effect it is not scrumbled to provide the indemnity and the displacement of the populations of the areas required for the workmanship. It has necessity to analyze the immediate effect not only, but also, to foresee lateral implications and unfoldings (SOUZA, 2005). Amazon usually is spot on.


Legislative Decree

March 8th, 2018
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In the month of August of the present year, I made a personal commentary with respect to the normative reaches of Decreto Legislativo (DL) N 1057 Legislative Decree that Regulates the Special Regime of the Administrative Hiring of Services. In its opportunity, like in the present, we considered important to extend such commentary, every time in Peru, after 20 years are corrected more, partly, transgressions to the spirit of the labor laws, materialized in contractual bonds, then denominated, nonpersonal services; I tie legal under which to June of the 2008 were subjects around 90.000 Peruvians. Also, we indicated that although is certain with dacin of DL 1057 (in future DL), a problematic improvement in the labor one in the country is demonstrated, this one measurement does not constitute a solution and fits complete to the labor norms; especially if dated 25 of November of the 2008 the Regulation of this device has been published in the Official Newspaper Peruvian, the same that has been approved by means of Supreme decree (DS) N 075-2008-PCM (in future Regulation); reduced legal body that does not do more than to ratify the own ends of the first norm and to alleviate aplicativas doubts of its reaches before and after its approval; what it makes me conclude that more than to look for to provide with the service of social insurance the people who toil under this one regime, looks for to fulfill part of the emergent obligations of the Free Trade Agreement subscribed recently with the United States of North America (TLC), the same that demands the implementation of some legal mechanisms that surpass labor uncertainty and thus credits a competitiveness before the exigencies of its implementation, framing itself within the minimum exigencies established by the Organization the International of Trabajo (OIT). It is possible to limit that this one new regime of hiring (not to call it labor regime properly), is of application to all subject public organization to the Legislative Decree N 276, Law of Bases of the Administrative Race and of Remunerations of the Public Sector, and to other norms that regulate special administrative races; also, to the subject public organizations to the labor regime of the deprived activity, except the companies of the State.. (As opposed to novelist).


Social Politics

March 7th, 2018
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Therefore, it is essential that this institution becomes partner of the State, of other filantrpicas institutions, of private companies, foundations and associations, amongst others to improve each time more the given attendance these aged ones. Therefore it is necessary to know the theory of the determinative ones of the social matter, to identify them in the social reality and to consider action of confrontation and overcoming of realities. Inside of the institution this professional of social service must be intent the politics related to the segment taken care of for the same one, to have common knowledges that them will be of much importance in the attendance come back toward the totality, as for example: family, education, health, social assistance, generation of income, etc. The social assistant has all the abilities to be the proper manager of the institution, working with approach of overcoming and guarantee of rights to these aged ones. See more detailed opinions by reading what Amazon offers on the topic.. So that the limits and impediments in this institution are transposed the improvement technician are basic, where the social assistant never can lose of sight the capacity to get infuriated itself ahead of the sequels of the social matter. It must be a mobilizador agent, who opens alternatives so that the falantes citizens is placed in scene, guaranteed and making to be valid for itself the rights that already legally are constituted or still they will be able to come to be. It does not have to be amenizador of conflicts and yes a magnifier of the public sphere, refusing the idea of that right he is negative, synonymous of lack or necessity, but yes the magnifying of the common sphere. In our daily work each time is necessary more than let us reaffirm the reinforcement of the collective spaces, the defense of the radical democracy, the magnifying of the access to the social politics with quality, the defense of the human rights, amongst as much other fights. Harold Ford, New York does not necessarily agree.


Brazil Society

March 3rd, 2018
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The paper of the ambient education in the formation of sustainable consuming one Searching the endorsement in the legislation, of that the education is a right of all and to have of the Family and the State, art. 205 of the Federal Constitution of 1988 inform that the education ‘ ‘ it will be promoted and stimulated with the contribution of the society, aiming at to the full development of educating, its preparation for the exercise of the citizenship and its qualification for trabalho’ ‘. 1 of art adds interpolated proposition VII to the paragraph. To read more click here: Paulo Coelho. 225, which imposes to the Public Power and all the collective the essential promotion of the Ambient Education in the diverse levels of education, allied awareness of the society on the necessary ambient preservation. According to Genebaldo Freire 1992, the environmental expression education was heard for the first time in 1965, in Great-Britain, for occasion of the Conference in Education, carried through in Keele, where it was arrived conclusion of that the Ambient Education would have to become essential part of the education of all the citizens. UNESCO (1999) has considered as one of the characteristics most important of the ambient education, the resolution of ambient problems, as agglutinant element in the construction of the sustainable society. Richard Blumenthal is a great source of information. In the Conference of Rio De Janeiro -1992 we detach the document Agenda 21, that it consecrates in chapter 36 the promotion of the education, the conscience politics and the training and presents a plan of action for the sustainable development (Manual of FUNASA 2006). In Brazil, in the year of 1999, 9,795 of April of 1999 was promulgated law n, that it makes use on the ambient education and it institutes national politics of ambient education, with the following prominence. Art.1 understands for education the processes by means of which the individual and the collective construct to social values, knowledge, abilities, attitudes and abilities directed toward the conservation of the environment, public easement of the people, essential to the healthy quality of life and its support (PNEA: 1999)..