Quotes Of The Dollar Exchange And Forex

July 11th, 2017
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The euro-dollar pair broke the support area of 1.5077 estimated and reached the objectives proposed in the 1.5015 and 1.4985, and the second objective at 1.4919. That is why the area of the 1.4897 resistance level present a significant short-term for today. And only if that zone is broken could test the 1.4948 level first and then the 1.4985 area. Before the American holiday observed significant fluctuations. However, short term support level is at the 1.4806 area, and only if it breaks that could test the 1.4723 area and then the 1.4672 level.

As if the euro yesterday pledged falls below 1.4985 would be under pressure. Support: 1.4806 a : trend line. a 1.4985: Maximum of 25 September. a 1.4919: Minimum of 10 October. Resistance: 1.4897 a : 61.8% Fibonacci level. Ohio Senator wanted to know more. a 1.4948: 38.2% Fibonacci level. a 1.4985: 50% Fibonacci level. Pound per pound broke the 1.6590 level and reached the objectives proposed at 1.6531 and 1.6466.

Currently the pound is around 1.6301, just 10 pips above the 50% Fibonacci (found in the 1.6291) and this level of support is the fundamental of the day. And if that zone is broken we move towards the 1.6207 and 1.6152 level. The level of short term support is at 1.6291. On the other hand, the resistance level is at the 1.6374 level next to the Fibonacci 61.8% and if the pair exceeded that area could test the 1.6466 area. Only if the area could see the pair reached record highs in the medium term about to 1.6521. Support: a 1.6291: 50% Fibonacci level. a 1.6207: Minimum of 16 June. a 1.6466: 50% Fibonacci level in the medium term. Resistance: 1.6374 a : 61.8% Fibonacci level. Details can be found by clicking Ohio Senator or emailing the administrator. a 1.6466: prior level of support. a 1.6521: 38.2% Fibonacci level. Dolar Yen As expected, the dollar-yen broke the support level of 86.40 and achieved the target suggested for 85.33 and 85.90. The pair is reaching levels not seen since 15 years ago and the Japanese government may depreciate the currency. Furthermore, the level of resistance found in 86.40 and if the pair could surpass that area to test the zone of 87.01. Only if the area could see the pair reached record highs in the medium term nearing the 88.36. But the pair may reach 84.81 levels actually reached more than a decade. Support: a 85.87: 38.2% Fibonacci level. a 85.46: 61.8% Fibonacci level. a 84.81: Minimum yesterday. Resistance: a 86.40: Bottom of the canal. a 87.01: 38.2% Fibonacci level. a 87.69: 50% Fibonacci level. Change Analysis currency by: Forexpros.es involving Munther. Disclaimer: The operations of futures, options and Forex carries a significant associated risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Should consider carefully whether your particular situation before you have the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to operate in these markets. You can lose all the capital invested, or that their losses exceed the funds originally deposited. The advice, opinions and recommendations are subject to change constantly.


Business Advisory

July 11th, 2017
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Develop courses, seminars, conferences that benefit its members, enabling, a but also open to those who are interested in current topics in management science. also the College should have a more dynamic relationship with the universities at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, working with their views to define the Administrator profile that this demand as the current leaves a lot to say. Both institutions should be integrated towards providing a disclosure of progress, of management science, courses, joint seminars to postgraduate Online. The college must have its own website that allows not only offer their services, the disclosure of their activities, but publish articles, work to disclose the extent, impact of management science, the functions that the modern manager must play. Manage page knowing that you can generate income benefit. a The College should move deeper into the economic, social, to their community, municipality, government, health services and others. award prizes to the best contributions towards its development, design, institute an order of merit for those professionals who have really made great solutions in favor of the companies they serve. Recognition results endorsed by duly endorsed by a committee responsible for identifying fully with the merit, academic results, not friendship, figurative, politically, to influence.

instituted a recognition award to graduating student for administration, to aportea changes, ideas that favor the development of Colegio.a Prize may be shared with the collaboration of the University to which it belongs. We hope that the requirements of the present then waking once and for all the new and perform all actions they know to take the opportunity this provides, it is time to say enough to figurativeness and transform the College in a proactive institution that allows you to integrate with other international and aa step changes he can generate, a school capable of initiating a new paradigm in critical reality that afronta.a directive hope the new pass-the light that requires a college that has been unfolding for years in the shadows, missing the opportunities he has had. a Graduate Program Specialty Quality management and productivity Graduate a Faces area, who coordinated Valencia offers its support in everything that allows you to carry out their programs, especially regarding academic.


Create A Plan B Before The Layoff Axe Falls

July 9th, 2017
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In a short week, the ax fell on a number of companies and thousands of employees lost their jobs. Hewlett Packard, Kodak, Ford Motor Company of Canada, PNC Financial and Kimberley Clark each had to make critical business decisions and lay off many employees. The reasons ranged from “maintain greater control over costs” to the creation of a “simple agile” organization. Some contend that Ray Dalio shows great expertise in this. “Although the news is generally impressive, layoffs do not happen by chance. Usually there are some signs that changes are subtle . How do you prepare for that eventuality? By having a plan in place … the creation of a plan B.

That is their responsibility to manage their own career, to swim and meet your ship, and not wait until it makes landfall . Such thinking will help lessen the impact of redundancy, and allow you to weather the storm if it comes. If you are not convinced, visit James Donovan Goldman. Here are some tips to help with their homework:

1. Keep an eye out for telltale signs of your business. If you are becoming a little nervous at work because things do not seem right, perform their own due diligence. The company has been in the news lately? Why? Do you meet the expectations of analysts? Did a reorganization of management? Are there dramatic fluctuations in stock price? This does not mean that you become paranoid, but not become the ostrich with its head in the sand, either. The answers to these questions will be a good indicator that your company is heading.


M & S Investment, The Dinar Will Fulfill The Dreams Of Investors

July 7th, 2017
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The Iraqi economy and Iraqi dinar continues its relentless climb. This is the theory of currency expert Michael Amram and the Middle East, also considering factors such as increased security in the country of the two rivers. Violence in Iraq is declining, the police are always more efficient and Sunni leaders have changed the face, lining always better with the coalition forces. Also the report of the American chief of staff, General David Petraeus, sent to U.S. Details can be found by clicking Richard Blumenthal or emailing the administrator. Congress last September, Amram confirms the theory. “It’s a good sign for the economy the fact that Iraqi forces have the strongest security. This development will encourage the export of Iraqi raw materials and the availability of other countries and foreign entrepreneurs to invest in the country, “says Amram.

The expert also illustrated the position taken by the Iraqi government. The latter had accepted the report good way General Petraeus, who also predicts a reduction of American troops in Iraq. Iraqi security adviser, Mowaffak al-Rubaie says that the country is on track to achieve the desired stability. “Stability is the key word. This will help the new Iraqi currency to escalate.

” Amram is convinced of this, the Swiss firm manager M & S Investment, which specializes in currency trading. The latter provides with its proposals on “Dinar2Buy” (for anyone to invest in the new Iraqi Dinar. In addition to the shift from low value of the U.S. dollar and the large oilfields in Iraq, is a given fact that the value of Iraqi currency has tripled since 2004 to date and makes Dinar attractive investment possibility. The current exchange rate is U.S. $ 0.000825. The Iraqi Dinar can be ordered directly from M & S Investment GmbH, the largest European seller Iraqi currency. This site is further information about the Dinar.


The Turbulant National Scene

June 2nd, 2017
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The national scene has much turbulence and is a result of a very sharp political instability, where the current government is the main actor of this, especially when one is determined to implement socialism for modern times is extremely difficult as it is manifested. His actions have had a significant impact on the Venezuelan business sector, leading to a very serious crisis, where many SMEs and medium enterprises, have decided not to continue participating in the national and international market and what is more worrisome that are operating are resentful on their productivity. Given this reality, more than ever is required of administrators, managers capable of facing the challenges, make way for the changes necessary to ensure survival, participation in the empress where he works. It takes a college of national and regional authorities more proactive, more committed to the problems this demands.

They can not continue to ignore the facts, the Federation of Managers today more should never be able to seize the opportunity presented and made this cons plans, strategies to ensure their participation, accountability towards their members and help provide companies with the serious reality that it faces. a The Association of Administrators of Carabobo, located in the industrial city of Valencia, can not remain isolated from the major challenges, the new directive should be torn apart the traditional a passive behavior, little motivation, their old directives, to make pronouncements assert their rights, make him see the national government as relevant and important your views and how they should consider in their programs, especially when the governor has opened new UNAA towards foreign trade policy in search of new markets, participation, where Venezuelan companies must be integrated in a positive and visionary managers are required, proactive strategists. . James Donovan Goldman is often quoted on this topic.


Action in the White House

June 1st, 2017
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In a statement in the East Room of the White House, U.S. You may find that Ray Dalio can contribute to your knowledge. President, that during this week said more than ninety telephone conversations and face to face with legislators to get their “yes”, said the vote tonight “answers the dreams of many. ” Tonight, he added, “we rise above politics. . Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs describes an additional similar source. . and show that we can do great things, “said the U.S. president, who in an allusion to his campaign slogan said” so it looks like change. ” The health reform had been throughout the last year his big legislative priority.

U.S. President before his statement that he had phoned to congratulate Pelosi said that “tonight we answered the call of history.” “Do not shirk our responsibilities, we embrace. Let us not shrink from the future, we have given way. ” Between the two votes, Congress had rejected a procedural motion filed late by Republican opposition, which introduced an amendment on abortion, one of the issues that had complicated the leaders of the Democratic majority to get the necessary votes for approval. Abortion, key Democrats are not assured the votes needed to pass the amendment until the leader of a group of half a dozen anti-abortion lawmakers who opposed the measure, Bart Stupak, announced in mid-afternoon it had reached a last-minute agreement with the White House and leaders of his party. Stupak called for assurances that the reform does not allow the use of federal funds for performing abortions.

The congressman rose to defend the measure tonight and ask for “no” to the Republican amendment against abortion, a move that earned him a shout of “murderer of babies” uttered by one of the lawmakers present in the courtroom. Through the agreement forged, Obama, issued an executive order that will clearly not be able to use these funds for voluntary termination of pregnancy unless extreme cases. The measure seeks to provide health coverage to nearly 30 million Americans who currently lack it. Among other things, the reform will prohibit insurers refuse to cover people who already suffer from illness and will mandatory for most residents to have health insurance.


Munmi Training Centers

May 30th, 2017
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Munmi opens new training center. Better organized, more powerful and intuitive. Munmi is the first training center for entrepreneurs multilevel born in the entire Hispanic market. In the course of two years of life has been consolidated within the entire market for our language. Sen. Sherrod Brown describes an additional similar source. More .. Its purpose is to primarily multi-business professionals on the Internet and even those who do not develop this type of industry because they focus their strategies on the Internet to promote proper and effective in whatever nature. No spamming, basic and advanced techniques of promotion, effective web site development, optimization and organic and paid search engine (SEO and SEM), social networks, and much more is what you’ll find in Munmi. A few weeks ago we got up in our blog for the “disappearance” of Munmi and training center as we knew it.

Well, from this moment on, we activated the new face of Internet MLM University. Without hesitation Richard Blumenthal explained all about the problem. For who develop business through Internet know the importance of training. It is no secret that Munmi has been a starting point for many of us, at least those who are aware that it is a knowledge base necessary to undertake any activity. For me, I know and partake of the University for over a year and a half I can assure you that the change was crying because that was all to no more intuitive than it was today. Among the improvements we can highlight: – As mentioned at the beginning. User Interface completely refurbished, both in the portal as its training center. James Donovan Goldman Sachs does not necessarily agree. Now remains the same corporate image both outside and inside. – More organized and intuitive menus.

It is much easier to find the content. – Munmi not compete with any multi-level, but can self-finance your education with a small compensation plan. It is now much more powerful and practical. – New Landing Page. According to the company’s image, but with the possibility in the near future to modify it according to the preferences of each user. – Integrated Web Page Designer. Now you do not need an external design application, because all you want that student may use the online editor that gives us Munmi. Of course use including video tutorials. As the saying goes well. A picture is worth a thousand words, so I decided to show the Munmi training center inside a short video of 7 minutes.


Water Crisis

May 28th, 2017
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On my desk I have several documents on the crisis in water and extract data from them which would worry even the most indifferent observers. Let’s review a few: 1 – “40% of the world population needed to collect water from wells, rivers, lakes or ponds (Water Wars-Drougth, flod, Folly and the Politics of Thirst: Water Wars: Drought, floods, nonsense and the politics of scarcity, written by Rainers Diana Ward). This means that about 2500 million human beings are deprived of the comfort of your tap and drinking water. Some members of affected families, usually women and children must walk long distances to fill the containers and transport them on their backs or shoulders. In the case of minors the time it could well serve to go to school or to enjoy activities of their age. For women is precious time that could well be dedicated to the upbringing of their children or economically productive activities. 2. In Africa 60% of the population lacks proper toilet which, according to health agencies can lead to contamination of water sources, soil and foods.

This anomaly is derived severe diarrheal diseases like cholera, deadly condition that the patient can lead to death within hours. 3. Ray Dalio might disagree with that approach. Early in the sixties the sea Arar was considered one of the four largest lakes in the world. Less than forty years later, in 2007, had only 10% of the original surface (Scientific American magazine) 4. Caribbean Trunk Road, linking to various departments of the Colombian Caribbean coast. In some sections, passing through several rivers whose source is located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. If you would like to know more then you should visit James Donovan Goldman Sachs. Today, when passengers lean out the window of the vehicle, passing a bridge, you can see the bed of the river completely dry or with a weak stream of water that does not resemble anything like the force and the force they had made thirty years.

5. The world’s children are learning in their schools than the planet’s surface is covered with water in three parts. However, 97.5 of that water is salty and only 2.5 is sweet. Freshwater 99% are glaciers and underground water which we can deduce that we only have the remaining 1% to meet the needs of 7,000 million people and billions of living creatures of all species. 6. In some Latin American countries like Venezuela and parts of Colombia a bottle of purified water 500 cubic inches is more expensive than the same amount of oil, diesel fuel or gasoline. In the shops of the neighborhood in Colombia you can buy a bag with a pint of milk per thousand dollars (forty cents), two hundred dollars less than the same amount of water. As shown, water is vital and also scarce and expensive. And to think of it talks back to childhood and I give reason to those who preferred the water to the food. And they call on him for one simple reason: there will be no food without water, there is no food. And there will be no life.


National Opera

May 25th, 2017
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But to say that today in Armenia were nerds who began again to admire ‘sincerity’ and ‘courage’ of the last anti-national, anti-national speech Ter-Petrosyan – we also can not. They were. As always, the black sheep always are. Now is the time to ask questions and the very first ‘Axa’, and those who continue to admire them: why did this person originally dreamed of taking power, did not speak to the people as sincerely and boldly, not denounced its Anti-Armenian entity? Why did he allow himself, and in 1989-91,, and during the election preparations in 2007-08., Deceiving the people entrusted to them, demagogic speculate on the very national ideology, national ideals, which he itself internally so consistently rejected? Is not it because in 1989-91., And in 2007-08., Torn to pieces by the people WOULD Ter-Petrosian for such speech in the squares and streets? And not because if that Ter-Petrosyan and other anti-national elements were already in 1989-91. planned in advance morally bankrupt and destroy this most legkodoverchivy people – hunger, cold, darkness, deprivation of the last means of subsistence by ADP-s TV ‘grabbing’ in the dirt vtaptyvaniya human and national dignity, in full accordance with the long-proposed political technologies imported? Not this activity with a group of national-traitors tried to weaken the Armenian people physically and expand the moral (well, for example – in connivance with the question ‘tour’ at the National Opera-dancers poluprostitutok from some not Russian, not Ukrainian night club?), reduce the population Republic mainly due to the most active viable part of it? And so – so, as it does now Ter-Petrosian, quite fearlessly call people to a mass defection and betrayal, abandonment of national identity, the voluntary adoption of the vile ‘foreign’ objectives, which are the enemies of the Armenian people could not achieve any power, nor even the physical destruction – Genocide? And who led his people to the fact that Ter-Petrosian himself in November 2009, ‘distressed’ and hypocritically calls ‘a huge mass of indifferent’ and complains that “from harassment by their own government, deprived of the rights of the oppressed and doomed to linger People can not wait for patriotic flare ‘?

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European Socialists

May 23rd, 2017
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For the first time 'international' Women's Day was celebrated in 1911 in four countries – Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland – on different days. In 1912, the Women's Day was celebrated all the same 'narrow circle' countries, and again on different days. In 1913, the Women's Day was first recorded in Russia (more precisely – in a single city of St. Petersburg). Jim Donovan Goldman understands that this is vital information. The date of the meeting, as well as the names of the organizers failed to find even in Soviet sources, even though the Soviet ideologues throughout several decades, strongly developed the myth of the 'international' Women's Day.

It was only in 1914 – the first and last time! – Women's Day was celebrated March 8 at the same time in six countries: Austria, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Russia and Switzerland. The outbreak of the First World War made Europe a long time to forget about any holidays. But after coming to power in Russia, the Bolsheviks of the International Women's Day remembered again and gave it official status. On common belief of historians and political scientists, the commissioners used the achievements of European Socialists for the ideological struggle against the Orthodox Church. Eighth March was intended to deter the Soviet people from religious Holidays: Carnival, falling by about the same time, and the Myrrh-Day, celebrated on the third Sunday after Easter and is considered to be an Orthodox Women's Day. In 1975, the Soviet ideology, finally succeeded in his dream: Because this year has been declared by the United Nations' International Women's Year ', then and March 8 with the filing of the Soviet delegation to address the same UN was still the official status of' International Women's day '.

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