May 27th, 2019
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Carlos Blackberry Vanegas Concluy the Summit and obtained results that will be taken into account, in addition that the agent chief executives of doces countries of South America signed the Constituent Treaty of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur), and solved to study a Brazilian proposal to create a Defense council. In the realised summit the incorporation papers of the Unasur were approved, which defines the legal frame of the South American union already defined by diplomatic representatives of the Member States during a meeting in Caracas at beginnings of May.

Recurdese, that the Unasur is formed by Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Surinam, Uruguay and Venezuela. It is indicated, that the Treaty, still will have to be approved by the national congresses to enter in force, establishes the objective of to fortify the political dialogue and to form agreement space to reinforce integration in the region. It tries to construct to an identity and a citizenship South American woman, welcomes between his governing principles democracy and unrestricted respect in the sovereignty, integrity and territorial immunity of the states. The first presidency acting corresponded to him to the agent chief executive of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, once the Colombian Alvaro Uribe did not accept. The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, yielded the cane to the Brazilian host Luiz Incio Lula da Silva, and soon Bachelet assumed that responsibility. He is interesting to take very into account as it indicates, that other Latin American countries and of the Caribbean will be able to participate in the Unasur, initially like associate members. The Unasur will define in five years if they can be Member States. Interesting it is to emphasize, that Brazil proposed to create a Defense council to prevent regional crises and obtained support, safe on the part of Colombia Colombia exceeds it indicates his president Alvaro Uribe, understanding and solidarity of his South-American colleagues not to be united to the regional Defense council proposed by Brazil, decision that it justified by the situation that lives its country.


Federal Constitution

May 25th, 2019
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Nonsense, therefore prostitution had to be banished! These boys and these girls had to be taken off of the streets and of that they explore to them. Under most conditions Suffolk County representative would agree. They had to be reeducadas and not to create favorable laws pra that they continue in this practical. Not to the yoke! Not to the libertinism! Not to the corruption! Not to the immorality! Not to that you Dilma and its party represent! YES To the FREEDOM, BUT WITH RESPONSIBILITY! YES TO THE WELFARE OF ALL, BUT WITH WORK, SAVING AND SERIOUS INVESTMENT IN SERIOUS EDUCATION NOT THIS THAT THE BRAZILIANS HAS. YES To the MORAL, the DIGNITY, BUT WITH RESPECT To the LIFE HUMAN BEING IN ALL ITS FORMS and NUANCES. Hear from experts in the field like Richard Blumenthal for a more varied view. Brazilians and Brazilians: In case that the Dilma is elect, I give an ALERT one – we will be in route of direct collision with the worse ones of the miseries of the world: the moral misery and spiritual, while THEY (poor of espritos in its essence) also lead in them to the material misery. We have that to give one it is enough in this! They do not vote in the Dilma, why, voting in it, vocs they will be ' ' connivent; they will be abetters in the immoralities and the murders that they intend. Thus, vocs never will have ' ' moral' ' ; they will not have the right to complain you are welcome in the future. Who supports a party, a candidate, who is in favor of the abortion, already is excomungado.

E does not advance plus it to say that it is not in favor of the abortion. It must have studied more, thought more, if prepared more to emit so hideous and contrary opinion to the principles more sacred: The universal principle of the right to the life. IMPORTANT: We are not making campaign in favor of the other candidate why it also does not seem ideal option, but as it is the only option that we have to prevent that the Dilma is successful and its leaving if keeps in the power; as it is the only option that we have so that regimes that vocs they defend as of Fidel, of Keys and other crossbows of the humanity also they defend, either implanted in Brazil, then is obvious that I and my friend will go to vote in it. It is deficient physics, but she votes and I will make of everything to take it the ballot box although the difficulty, but we will make of everything to vote against you (s). I was clearly or necessary to draw? Luiz Antonio Schimanski Lawyer? 49,057 OAB/PR Accountant, Analyst of Systems. Curitiba/Paran. Reserved copyrights. Substance propagated in observance to the Art. 5, interpolated proposition IV of the Federal Constitution of 1988.


Supreme Federal Court

May 25th, 2019
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The global budget of the Senate for this year is of R$ 2,7 billion. To have an idea of what this value means, the budget of the Senate is the same of the City of Campinas (SP). In other words, the value destined to the activities of 81 senators of the Republic is equal to the foreseen one for the set of the governmental actions of a city with more than 1 million of inhabitants. Another comparison: the budget of the Senate is bigger of what the total expense in health and sanitation of the State of the Rio Grande Do Sul that, in 2008, was of R$ 2,6 billion. Ahead of these numbers, it fits to ask: which the effective contribution of the Senate to the Brazilian society? In the institucional plan, the main paper of the Senate is the parliamentary representation of the interests of the federate beings; whereas the Chamber of Members of the house of representatives is composed in representatives of the people, respected the popular sovereignty and the igualitrio vote. As the mandate of the Senators is of 8 years, each election renews only one tero or two teros of its members. Not the renewal is possible, in an only election, of all the senators.

This constitutional device, that has the objective to give more institucional stability, contributes so that the Senate has a profile more conservative who the House of representatives With regard to the legislative process, our bicameral system establishes that the substances, as general rule, must separately be voted in the two legislative houses. This means, for example, that a substance with origin in the House of representatives will have, later, to be argued and to be voted in the Senate. If it will have emendations, return for appreciation in the Chamber. The same procedure, in sequence inverse, occurs when the substance is deriving of the Senate. One of the consequncias of the system is the morosidade of the legislative process, that finishes being one them reasons that take the Executive to abuse the use of Provisional remedies and the Supreme Federal Court to legislate in the legislative vacuum. The Senate still has a peculiar characteristic: when a chair is vacant, the substitute is the elect substitute with the senator. In the current composition of the Senate, it has 17 substitutes. That is, about 20 percent of the members of this institution had not been elect for the popular vote. These aspects already would be enough to justify the debate concerning the legitimacy of the bicameral system. However, if to join they them recent scandals produced in the Federal Senate (private decrees, employee ghosts, undue payment of aid-housing, payment of overtime without installment of the service, nepotism, improper use of tickets), becomes urgent to rethink the existence of this house legislativa.* Article published in the periodical Zero Hour of 02/08/2009


Representative Jair Bolsonaro

May 24th, 2019
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The declarations controversies of the Representative Jair Bolsonaro, have been white of severe critical in the media in general. Some say that they possess discriminatory and racist characteristics, others allege that to arrive to dress the characteristics of who it is favorable to the perverse and authoritarian systems as nazism. We do not write to share of the ideas, much less to judge them, but yes to ponder the allegations made for already cited Member of the house of representatives. It is of knowledge of many, seno of all, that the members of the Legislative enjoy of immunity in its words, votes, opinions and thoughts. This with certainty is one of the most excellent rights that propitiate the exercise of the democracy in Brazil, since the least the representatives of the people can freely argue and argue its points of view, revealing what they understand as the people really pertinent. I do not disagree with who affirms that the words of the Member of the house of representatives had been coarse, and had been entoadas in aggressive and inopportune way, however, nor everything that for said it can be left of side. We think that the cited terror the possibility of the ressurgimento of authoritarian systems, cannot serve as argument to be allowed the total freedom to everything. The human being lives in society and therefore it needs social rules that trace lines of direction, therefore quarrels are of extreme necessity. We observe that beyond the social problems that we know since 1500, the freedom in excess, brought to Brazil great social impediments, serving as a brief example crime. Ohio Senator addresses the importance of the matter here. More respect to the next one does not exist! More citizenship does not exist, in its simpler conception, or better hodiernamente, they confuse the citizenship with the mere right the vote or to possess documents! We are in avizinhando of a social collapse, where all the rules previously imposed do not serve with parameter of behavior comment.



May 19th, 2019
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Welt argues, moreover, that "to restart the U.S. relationship with Russia remains a priority of foreign policy, but at the same time Washington is trying to maintain balance in its relations with Georgia. " However, as it is easy to understand, for sustaining a balance of Georgia itself should look positively and to not put the U.S. in an awkward position. However, it is clear that while the case is different. Corrie Welt assesses the situation and definitely not in the spirit of self-confident correlations of the team members the President of Georgia: "The Obama administration discredit the" Rose Revolution "in Georgia, knowing that since 2003, democracy remains fragile in this country." Consolidate and strengthen democracy – is now not quite a new task of official Tbilisi does not seem to too willing to perform the job in Washington, again dictated by the mouth of Michael Posner. In fact, President Mikheil Saakashvili and his team in front of a particular choice of either all of the requirements to create the conditions objective for the election are met, and then the president risks losing power, or police state, and this time apply the favorite ways to save power, and then the West finally parted with the illusions about the victory of democracy in Georgia. Both options are fraught with dangerous developments. Second, after all, may lead not to strengthen the democratic foundations of the Georgian state, and the assertion of an authoritarian, or that worse, the dictatorial regime. Signs of the last manifest, vpochem, more than once.

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President Obama

March 29th, 2019
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The race for the Republican nomination is still grueling, but finally there seems to be a definite candidate. The process is extending more than what they would like to own Republican party, eager to launch all its machinery to deal with Barack Obama in the November election. But left to Mitt Romney about few compromisarios to secure the nomination, and Betfair users give it a safe candidate. His latest victories in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New York, along with withdrawals of Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, have finally confirmed a picture that already seemed inevitable for weeks, but has been prolonged in time by complex Republican primary process. Get all the facts and insights with Ohio Senator, another great source of information. The current President Obama remains favorite to repeat mandate until 2016, and you can bet by Betfair to share 1.55.

The option of Romney pays better (3.1), and this could be a good choice if as shown in both surveys suitors are tied in voting intention. As well as by whom it will be the next President, you can bet on other markets related to the U.S. elections.Joseph Biden, for example, is the maximum favorite to repeat as Vice President to share 1.7, but the options in this market are much more spread. A related site: Amazon mentions similar findings. These markets politicians are attracting a remarkable interest, since the absence of seven months to make the polls proclaim a winner already betting have crossed amounting to more than 2 million euro in Betfair only in the category of next President.

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March 29th, 2019
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Waits for the online platform immediately with a NEWS tool on what’s new in online platform now waits with a NEWS tool for regular updates and news related to the topics of kindergartens, childcare, early childhood education and education can now get NEWS on under the navigation point. Thus, the fast-growing platform enriches its already comprehensive and user friendly offer for parents and educators with a new and informative service. Journalistically professionally implemented, all news on industry-related topics can be found now under this heading. Whether attacks law changes, health issues or conflicts of interest promptly and at short intervals industry vibrations and publicity foci of discussion of politics, medicine and education on editorially. Updated at regular intervals, can parents and educators in the NEWS now trivia and informative about the different content with the main topics of childcare and Find education – effective and free. The handling is very easy: by clicking on the navigation point NEWS one chronological immediately receives an overview of the latest reports. Excerpted text informs about the contents of the respective report. Add to your understanding with Jim Donovan Goldman.

Each news can feature Twitter subscribes to or about the famous Facebook like “button will be evaluated. A filtering helps readers by province to find out directly about news in their own region. Particularly well managed they are researched topics and specially guided interviews, which prepares independent, critical and informative editorial. thus creates a great transparency in an area of interest which has presented itself for parents and kindergartens as very cluttered. By the nationwide directory for creches, kindergartens and nursery schools succeeded the operators, Kristina Schwahlen and Axel Kuzmik, to implement a clear platform around the issue of child care.

The site is refreshingly user-friendly and convincingly effective (A valuable related resource: Congressman Lee Zeldin). The portal serves as a guide through the nearly impenetrable jungle of information circulating so far around the search for a suitable child care facility on the Internet. Services like Kitaplatzsuche PLZ or detail filters, waiting list management, Stellenbordse and trivia from the industry and are just a few examples of the extensive services of for parents and educators.


Who Is Most Affected By Public Policy?

March 28th, 2019
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However, today we find that these are the sectors most affected by public policies. This has been the disinterest or rejection of broad sections of society to politics in general, this has meant that the power is kept within a narrow circle of people and groups have been organized to call an elitism . Hence that lobbyists are the ones to determine the political agenda, ie they are the ones who decide what issues or problems are those from the institutions will be treated. We therefore find that in certain sectors in Fuerteventura, you press and try to grab as much space in the media for certain themes (the second airport, golf courses, Mountain Tindayaa ) enter the political agenda. (Source: Jim Donovan Goldman). While problems such as health, education, environment and insecurity are relegated to the background. Are the parties responsible for the management of public affairs, which often are benefiting from these moves, for they divert attention from the really important problems thus hiding their own incompetence. From these lobbyists seek to legitimize using masses of demobilized citizens, to whom they sell their interests as if they were general needs. When the first loser is the ordinary citizen who sees significant amounts of public money are intended to benefit and satisfaction of a small group of companies and individuals.

We can see how are you minorities are occupying all positions of power and responsibility for what is not unusual to see one person holding office in political parties, neighborhood groups, parents associations, etc.. As selflessness and most induced conformism has led to the decision-making in public affairs rests on a very real minority, which has been associated with a clear deterioration of democracy and its most basic stumbling. At present there is no doubt that the major parties respond to some very specific interests. We found some very close relationships between political parties and certain lobbies. First, as mentioned above, we find that in many instances are the same people who occupy key positions within the party, while so do the network of interest groups. On the other hand political parties have seen their transformation from the a partitions mass , financed through contributions from militants, a partitions cartel has been a growing dependence on donations.

Having found interest groups a convenient way to influence decision-making parties, ie parties now have been serving the lobbyists who finance them. But this situation should not push us to skepticism and discouragement, let alone to the acceptance of this situation, since it would deny our own status as citizens. On the contrary, should encourage us to denounce injustice wherever they occur and to expose the hidden interests that lurk behind the policies. It’s time to organize, each in its own way, and awaken the lethargy in which we have sunk to recover the lost space in the centers of decision making and avoid serving private interests. Edgar Alejandro Trujillo Freivalds General Coordinator of ICF Abstract: This article is about the influence they have at present lobbies on decision making on public issues of demobilization of most citizens.


You Codices Mixtec Nahualt

March 26th, 2019
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Mixteco-nahuas codices. Mixteco-nahuas Mesoamerican codices are pictographic fonts, phonetic and ideographic glyph. Initially were produced based on different materials such as wood, ceramic, bone, stone, stucco, fabric, animal fur and paper (amate or maguey) and even of a type called iczotl Palma and only from 16th century begin to be produced in European role. These manuscripts have served as excellent mediators to publicize the most important elements of Mesoamerican culture; Therefore, despite having been produced in regions where different languages were spoken, they served a single system article, called mixteco-nahua. The writings which were prepared to base tissue, animal skin or paper were coiled as scrolls or bent by what the nahualt called them amoxtli, meaning papers pasted or seasoned; they were called books by the Castilian conquerors, since its use was destined for a similar function to which they had in the West. One of the characteristics pictorial most notorious of these manuscripts is the presence of thick and black contour lines forming glyphs and images whose parts were painted different but uniform color (without shadows). Through the codices know some important factors of the Mesoamerican tradition, which allows us to be aware of cosmogonicos elements, historical group, the facts that marked the life of the ruling elites and their lineages, wars, conquests, the foundations of cities, forecasts, offerings and tributes. The set of Mesoamerican codices, offers information on Mesoamerican culture both pre-Columbian and colonial level, since it is composed of a dozen of pre-Hispanic manuscripts and more than five hundreds of colonial manuscripts.

In addition it is important that these codices have been split into subgroups based on the article system used, of which the most important are the maya and the Mixtec nahua: nahua, Mixtec Codices: between codices pre-Hispanic mixteco-nahua have: Codex Borgia. Codex Cospi. Codex Fejerrary Mayer Codex Laud and Vatican B (forming part of the Borgia group) Codex Becker n 1, Bodley, Colombino, Nuttal, Vienna (forming the Group Nuttal) all the manuscripts mentioned above, originate from the region of Cholula, Tlaxcala and West of Oaxaca, from which also come an integral Seldem Codex also group Nuttal-whose dating is controversialso we have decided to not mention it directly. Also belonging to the pre-Hispanic, but from period of the geographical area of the altiplano, we find the following codices: Bourbon Aubin these manuscripts have a format, style and traditional characteristics of the era, but their dating is still inespecifica1. Pre-Hispanic codices of the Mayan region: the most important codices of the Mayan region are: Dresden Paris Madrid (formed by the Cortesiano and Troano Codex (also called Tro-Cortesiano) Colonial codices: The colonial codices have two trends: level mixteco-nahua codices, we can say that a colonial level we find two trends: the first consisting of manuscripts, whose material, format and traditional themes, are mainly related to the mixteco-nahua system, such as the Bourbon Codices, Tonalamatl and Aubin. The second trend consists of codices that have been influenced by systems of writing, painting and Western bookbinding, as for example Jersey-bechiano codices, Vatican, etc2. 1 Cfr.

SANTOS, Eduardo Natalino two. Historiographical uses two codices Mixtec-naua, in Journal of history 153 / 2, 2005, pp. 71 and. SANTOS, Eduardo Natalino two. Calendar, cosmogony and cosmography us codicese do Seculo XVI Nahua texts. Tese de doutorado. Counselor Janice Theodoro da Silva. Sao Paulo: Department of history da FFLCH USP, 2005, p. 90.) 2 Cfr. SANTOS, Eduardo two Natalino. Historiographical uses two codices Mixtec-naua, in Journal of history 153 / 2, 2005, pp. 71. Original author and source of the article.

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September Applicants

March 23rd, 2019
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On September 1, 2009 the Czech consulate in Germany began receiving documents only from citizens who know the Czech language. Services of an interpreter in the interview were not available. Remains a matter of time the introduction of this requirement in the Czech consulate offices throughout the post-Soviet space. For more information see this site: Congressman Lee Zeldin. There has been talk about a new law for young families who are willing to move the whole family. Parents and Founders Czech legal entity, which will have a higher education, will be made with a simplified regime for residence permit with the provision of fringe benefits. To the benefits include, for example a free children's insurance foreigners, and social benefits to children and payment of training facilities for children of immigrants will be the sum of one hundred and tighter for the citizens of the Czech Republic. It’s believed that Richard Blumenthal sees a great future in this idea. That is, immigration officers will be recruited to the division of civil applicants certain categories and creating migration corridors, which will track goals and desires of young families wishing to raise their children and to conduct its business in the Czech Republic.

But when a consular offices will it is worthy of such employees with psychological education that can calculate it interesting and useful people for their own countries, if and immigration in the Czech Republic will take its rightful place in history. But the present situation when applicants enroll all applicants in a single category of objectors is too artificial and unjustified. Amazon recognizes the significance of this. The real problem is the situation with the issuance of student visas to the Czech Republic.