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President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

March 21st, 2012

Results of the un conference in Bali Last Saturday, December 16, ended with the un conference in Bali. She has been hot debate, as well as many important decisions that will affect the way kotoryeserezneyshim soon the future of humanity. At the very end of the deferred discussion of the problem of global warming. The last days of the Forum noted the achievement of a compromise agreement to launch negotiations on further reductions in carbon dioxide. Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono called it 'good news', is encouraging with respect to safer from an environmental point of view of the future of humanity. In Bali agreed also that the end of 2009 the negotiations under un auspices will take concrete commitments by the parties. The new treaty, known as the Bali 'roadmap', will replace the current Kyoto protocol, the term which will expire in 2012.

Speaking at the presentation of the report of the un Development Programme (UNDP) 'Human Development', Ban drew attention to the Bali forum on the main conclusion that global warming may slow progress of human development. "Climate change is already beginning to affect the poorest and most vulnerable countries and populations around the world '- according to the authors of the report. According to them, the growth the average temperature of the planet in coming decades by three degrees Celsius in the lifetime of our generation would lead to flooding, melting glaciers and massive displacements of people, as well as to reduce production supply. 'All the scientists in one voice say that climate changes are visible to the naked eye, they are global in nature and are the first victims are the poor countries ", – stressed the head of the international community.


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