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July 8th, 2012

I was born the civilization together with. In the primrdios of the first human accumulations I already was, gift, desvelando me for the maintenance of the order there; giving to the necessary protection and tranquillity, without which any material development to the flock of souls would be impossible that if it formed at that moment. I am twin sister of the Religion. Meetings, on behalf of the peace, we impose certain morality to the desregramentos of the spirit and restrain the abuses of the meat. We complement ourselves. The teachings the holy ghosts of that one serve me of base to lastrear the arduous exercise of the craft was instituted that me. I have pride to descend directly of the Moral and the good customs, elements in constant sedimentation for the daily attrition of the people, as the constant march of the aspirations and the incontido desire of progress. For this reason my name drift of vocbulo Greek politeia and the Latin politia.

Both of equal significao: government, administration of the city. The same etimolgica root (you polish = city) of my baptism, also of and its children Eirene (Peace), Eunomia (Disciplines) and Dik (Justice) , beyond receiving stimulatons from the god Prometheus. In the Tmis goddess and its offspring with Zeus, I search inspiration to act acertadamente, respecting the oscillation of plates of its scale and the fecundidade of its cornucpia. In Prometheus, I look for to imitate the example of aid deloused to all the men, exactly having for repayment probably the same perpetual punishment. During my trajectory, for many times and at distinct times and nations, despots unprovided of legitimation and, invariably, hated for its people, they had tied me it engonos and they had manipulated my craft wide, aulando me agains.


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