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June 2nd, 2013

Rios 20 m Sara is a rag doll who travels the world passing from hand to hand. He has had 60 carriers and has visited over 80 cities in 18 countries on four continents: London, Prague, Egypt, Thailand and China, among other destinations. The key to the project is the interactivity with his followers through its web. Sports and hobbies are fostered and places that otherwise we would not have the curiosity to learn, discover say its creators. Takes two and a half years traveling the world and measures more than 40 centimeters.

, a rag doll that runs through countries and continents passing from hand to hand, has revolutionized the traditional concept of travel experience where the links created on the Internet can reach. This doll has already had 60 carriers (travelers who has accompanied) and has visited over 80 cities in 18 countries on four continents. The key of the project lies in the interaction of with his followers on the Internet, where through its website advises of his trips and shows pictures made by holders of in places as disparate as London, Prague or Madrid, and countries such as Thailand or China. is also present on social networks like Twitter, Facebook or Tuenti. Creators of surpasses the illusions that we had in the beginning, assures Angel Tellez, one of the creators next to Mariano Munuera. We were looking for an original project to develop online and able to express our knowledge, adds.

The interest by transcends the computer screens: causes that carriers are personally known to stay and having a time, indicates Tellez. Another of the surprises of this initiative is, according to Tellez, the personal relationship that arises between all fans and. Carriers, once you pass him, Miss him and follow him as one who follows a real friend.

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