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Russian State Fisheries Committee

February 7th, 2012

A draft of such innovations have criticized human rights activists, the idea of comparing with the Ministry of Natural Resources 'squealing'. However, a similar system existed in the Soviet Union, where the student militia went on the fight against poachers. When a court to impose fines offenders, 25 percent of the funds paid to students. The same system with the 70s operates in the U.S., where some citizens are living through such awards. Discussion of planned improvements is on ECOportal.ru (). Russia plans to put a moratorium on sturgeon fishing Russian State Fisheries Committee proposes to introduce five-year moratorium on sturgeon fishing in the Caspian Sea for all littoral states. Russia will soon formally invite the neighbors across the Caspian Sea – Turkmenistan, Iran, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan – to announce a five-year moratorium on fishing sturgeon.

"Today, sturgeon are on the verge of extinction, this fish is a relic, she was 30 million years, and if nothing is done to protect it, sturgeon have disappeared in recent memory '- chairman State Committee for Fisheries Andrew deadline. The official said Russia is ready to give up catching sturgeon of the Caspian in the current year. However, for the moratorium, the consent of all five littoral states: Russia, Turkmenistan, Iran, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. As adviser later said the Department of Conservation and breeding of aquatic biological resources the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Ministry Tariel Mammadov, Azerbaijan is ready to support the Russian proposal for a moratorium on sturgeon fishing. In Europe and Russia returning migratory birds into the European territory of Russia after the winter in warm areas are beginning to return for migratory birds.

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